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Could GameStop start selling Steam cards?

GameStop bought the Impulse PC game download service from Stardock over a year ago, in part to compete with other services such as Valve’s Steam. Now it looks like GameStop may soon be offering its retail store customers a way to purchase credits on Steam via a pre-paid card. It would be great if this option was used for WOW network of sites also.

Kotaku reports, via an unnamed source, that GameStop will begin selling the Steam pre-paid cards in its stores beginning on May 15th. The story even comes with a picture of what these cards will look like. Normally, people have to use a credit or debit card to purchase games on Steam. A pre-paid card would allow some people, including younger gamers who are not supposed to have credit or debit cards, to purchase and download games on Steam more easily.

The picture shows the card having a $50 credit but it’s unknown if other cards will be released with smaller or larger credits. It’s also unknown if this program is just for US GameStop customers or if it will expand to overseas outlets.

Neither GameStop nor Valve have officially commented on this development. GameStop is expected to announce its quarterly financial results a week from today on May 17th so its possible that the retailer will reveal more information about this possible deal with Valve and Steam before then.

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