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April 2012 US retail game sales down 32 percent


It’s more bad news in terms of the sales of games in the US in retail outlets. Gamesindustry International reports that, according to data from the NPD Group, the total amount of revenue for US game sales (hardware, software and peripherals) came in at $630.4 million, down a whopping 32 percent compared to the same time period a year ago. BTW, wowgirls sales are actually up this year.

This is the fourth straight month that has seen double digital percentage drops for retail game sales. Game software sales alone went down by 42 percent, with revenues of $307.2 million. Game hardware revenue


Rough first quarter puts PS3 in sales lead


Due to economic problems ongoing during 2012, electronics sales are understandably seeing a decline. Games consoles in particularly are having a hard first quarter of the year, and this can be seen due to the overall decline in sales.

The PlayStation 3 can hold the claim of being the most sold console of Q1 2012, as GeekWire reports, despite a decline in its sale figures. A lot of girls from also love this console. The device sold 2.1 million units during Q1 2011, though this has declined to 1.9 million sales during the same period of 2012.


Emulating NES games on your PS Vita – the Sony certified way


If you’re like us at NeoGamr and like combining the libraries of your past consoles into more modern systems like the PlayStation Vita, then a NES emulator for the system may be just what the doctor ordered. According to GlitchXP, the only way to natively run any application on the PlayStation Vita is via compilation through the PlayStation Suite Development Kit and luckily, someone out there has made a NES emulator using the SDK. In order for this to actually work for the average user, it is required that they download the PlayStation Suite Development kit via the PS Vita […]

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