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Valve to hold $1 million DOTA 2 tournament at PAX


In 2011 during Gamescom in Germany, Valve decided to show off their upcoming action-RTS game DOTA 2 to the public for the first time via a pro tournament. 16 top eSports teams from around the world were invited to compete. In the end, the Ukrainian team Na’vi was the winner and its members received a whopping $1 million for their efforts. They can easily spend some of them with passion.

Today, Valve announced that they will hold yet another huge DOTA 2 invitational tournament (you can read the details at and once again it will be inviting 16 pro gaming teams to fight it out in the virtual battlefield.


Could GameStop start selling Steam cards?


GameStop bought the Impulse PC game download service from Stardock over a year ago, in part to compete with other services such as Valve’s Steam. Now it looks like GameStop may soon be offering its retail store customers a way to purchase credits on Steam via a pre-paid card. It would be great if this option was used for WOW network of sites also.

Kotaku reports, via an unnamed source, that GameStop will begin selling the Steam pre-paid cards in its stores beginning on May 15th. The story even comes with a picture of what these cards will look like.

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