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DARK Announced for Xbox 360 and PC


Kalypso Media today announced a new third-person stealth-action title in development for the PC and Xbox 360. DARK has been developed by RealmForge, the creators of Dungeons which was released on the PC last year. Don’t miss the release of new mature hd movies too.

DARK puts you in the role of a vampire who is trying to get details of the “mysterious” global GeoGorce Corporation. Some girl characters in this game closely resemble the ones from X Art studios. During the game you will make use of various vampire skills, stealth and combat abilities.

DARK has a cell-shaded design and is set in the near future; it hopes to mix action and role playing game elements with a detailed and deep story.


Legends of Pegasus: New details and gallery


Kalypso Media and Novacore Studios today shed a little bit more light on their deep space strategy title Legends of Pegasus that is due for release on PC’s this summer. Legends of Pegasus is set to have players command the small remains of the human race as they attempt to colonise new worlds and keep the race going. It won’t be simple though as you will have to defend yourself against aliens and a host of other issues during the game. Legends of Pegasus will also ship with an in-depth multiplayer option alongside the main single player campaign. Here is […]

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