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NeoGamr is your go-to source where we provide unbiased, honest reviews, buying guides and recommend the best gaming products on the market.

Our Story

When it comes to reviewing popular games and gadgets, NeoGamr has a global expertise. We have been covering the latest games for several years and persists the legacy with worldwide editions around the clock and exclusive coverage.

Founded in the year 2019, we have been striving hard to bring almost everything you need to know about the gaming industry from the latest game releases to reviews. In addition to gaming, we put forth entertainment news and related culture.

We provide the list of the best gear for gaming enthusiasts and people who look forward to saving time and fatigue of figuring out what to buy. Our endorsements are made through in-depth research, reporting, and cross-examining by a proficient team of scientists, reporters, and researchers.

We make sure to write unbiased and extensive buying guides and reviews to help you with making an informed decision. Being a trusted brand, we notably follow the standards and ethics and maintain our editorial independence from any corporate operations.

Our recommendations are exclusively made by the editorial team without the involvement of any revenue team. Our editors and writers are not made aware of any business associations. 

We bring together a diverse team of creative minds in an inclusive, open and cooperative environment where everyone fits and feels comfortable speaking up to share their perspective.

With a shared vision and mutual respect, our team brings you unique content that reflects the readers, values, and our hard-working employees. We look for what is best for most gaming enthusiasts. The selections are made by our team who do research and test wide-ranging products for weeks and months and compile balanced informed with years of experience.

Our Team

NeoGamr has first published their writings in 2019. Since then, our writers have been continuously covering all things related to PC games and gaming gear. Today, we are an international team spreading across the world. Here are the professionals who make NeoGamr happen today.

Logan Williams

Logan Williams

One of the popular game journalists, Logan Williams started his career in 1990 writing reviews for the NHL Hockey. Acknowledged as the director-in-chief, he presented the monthly video game publication with millions of subscribers and still counting. From the very humble days of the ASCII version of Star Trek to discovering the Intellivision games during the golden age of video gaming, he immersed himself in gaming adventures. He is sharing his passion for games around the world and the reason he gets up from the bed every morning. Whether it’s afternoon or midnight, its gamer hours!

Gregory Rosales

Gregory Rosales author

Gregory Rosales has graduated in Journalism and has been publishing his work for the past decade. In addition to working as an author at the NeoGamr, his career highlights include editing mainframe-server magazines and writing copy for subscription-renewal cards. Since then, Gregory has spent several hours on writing the best content over gaming and gear – the most popular ones! While he is not playing games, he is often found testing the best gaming gear since he is fond of gaming collection as well.

Bobby Segura

Bobby Segura Author

Bobby Segura is a gaming enthusiast who enjoys everything from the Vagrant Story to Assassin’s Creed. His interest in games ongoing with the NES but he didn’t participate in the next generation of consoles until and unless his brother informed him about an officially licensed soccer game called Madden for Sega Genesis. His interest in gaming soon transformed into passion and he started working as an author of NeoGamr.

Michael Sills

Michael Sills

Michael’s fascination with gaming started in the NES days. He truly fell in love when holding a SNES controller. Subsequently, he plays video games and manage the content on various social media platforms that have achieved a tremendous amount of success. Before joining the NeoGamr, he contributed to many outlets such as Official Xbox Magazine and GamesRadar on a freelance basis.

Tyler Holman

Tyler Holman

When Tyler Holman is not writing about cloud gaming, gaming desktops, and other hardware things, he is incredible in doing the stuff – The Sims. Also, he is fond of playing horror games that would give people no less than a nightmare. He very much likes narrative adventures and that surely reflects his personality. He enjoys immersive sims and RPGs and is frequently found reviewing Hitman games. He is primarily responsible for technical editing. Isn’t it amazing?

Harold Lytle

Harold Lytle

Harold Lytle joined the NeoGamr in the . The platform was a great opportunity for him to perfectly combine his two favorite hobbies i.e. writing and gaming. According to his parents, he had an interest in gaming since he was a toddler and before he could speak. He sparked his very true obsessions with video games. He also likes The Gilmore Girls and Columbo. No one can direct the gaming content better than him – Incredible!

How Do We Work?

Our writers and editors have no connection with companies that may have established affiliate relationships with our corporate team before making their picks. If readers decide to purchase the products we review as a result of our comprehensive research, assessment, interviews, and testing, that’s their individual preferences based on the given information. After our team does research work for several hours or weeks, the next step is to test the products practically. We think that’s an effective system to keep us committed to serving our readers first.

Besides, we invite you to fact-check our articles which warily outline the logic and effort we put in to research, interview experts and test the gear. Every review or buying guide takes even hundreds of hours. Each guide explains all the evidence we present and why we make our picks so you can make a wise decision. Everyone wants to buy the best product when there are many choices available on the market. Our all-inclusive buying guides are comprehensively reviewed by our experts and update the products every time we find something better for you.

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