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Best Settings For Fortnite 2023 [Boost Your FPS & Performance Now]

best fortnite settings

Fortnite is a battle royale title released in 2017 that took the throne of one of the most popular and most played multiplayer games from its competitor PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and is still strong as ever.

On the surface, the game is a generic third-person shooter without any complex spray patterns like in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Aiming is not hard in the game, but the building is. Combining the gunplay with the building adds a lot more depth to the game.

If you are looking to ace the battle royale match, having the best settings is just as important as eliminating your player during an intense battle. These settings can easily be the difference between winning and losing.

Every person wants to have the best possible settings to get the best performance possible in Fortnite to grab the Victory Royale crown.

With that in mind, I have compiled this article with the necessary information which you can follow and lay waste to your enemies next time you hope into the match.

Best Settings For Fortnite

By best settings, what exactly do I mean? Well, everything. It includes every option that you can adjust to not only get the maximum performance from the system but also keybinds that professional players use to be the best at the game.

Fortnite is a competitive game, and for a competitive title, you need the best performance, not the graphics. The extra 10-15 FPS can be the deciding factor between the Victory Royale and the second or worse place.

With that being said, let us get to the best settings that you want to have in Fortnite for best performance.

Video Settings

Video Settings are the most crucial factor for getting the maximum performance out of your hardware and getting the highest frames per second during the match.

We will be looking at how we can optimize the video settings to get the maximum possible frames per second that your hardware is capable of rendering.

Question: What monitor resolution and refresh rate most pros use?

Over 90% of professional players play the game on 1080p with over a 144Hz refresh rate. 240Hz paired with a 1080p panel is the favorite choice of the majority of the players.

What are the best video settings that I can use?

After researching, below are the best video settings that you can follow for getting maximum FPS in the game:

Display Settings

Display Settings of Fortnite

Window Mode:Fullscreen” is the most recommended window mode that ensures the maximum frame rate possible out of all window modes. If you are a content creator, you can set the window mode to “Borderless Fullscreen”.

Resolution: Set the display resolution according to your monitor’s native resolution. If you face lower FPS due to an older GPU, you can try lowering the resolution. For example, if your monitor is 1080p, set the resolution to 1980*1080.

Frame Rate Limit: Set the value to Unlimited.

Graphics Quality

Graphics Settings for fortnite

Quality: If your system can run the game at high resolutions with ease, you can set the value to “EPIC”, or you can also set the value to “AUTO”.

3D Resolution: For low to mid-budget systems, you can either set this to your monitor’s native resolution. If you have issues with FPS, you can lower the values.

View Distance: To get the maximum FPS with any rig, the recommended settings for View Distance is “NEAR”. If you have a high-end system, setting the View Distance to “MEDIUM” or “FAR”. At the cost of a few FPS, you will be able to detect enemies from a distance.

Shadows: Set the shadows to “OFF

Anti-Aliasing: Turn Anti-Aliasing to “OFF”. This setting has the biggest impact on FPS. If you have a high-end system, you can set it to “EPIC”.

Textures: Set Textures to “LOW

Effects: Set Effects to “LOW

Post Processing: Set this setting to “LOW

Advanced Graphics

Advanced Graphics Settings For Fortnite

Vsync: If you have a high-end rig or a medium/low budget rig, turn Vsync to “Off”.

Motion Blur: Set Motion Blur to “Off

Multithreaded Rendering: Set Multithreaded Rendering to “On

Game Settings

Game settings are settings related to gameplay including, combat, movement, and building. You can go through with each setting and set it as per your needs. Like “TOGGLE SPRINT” you can turn the setting either “On” or “Off”.

Image of Fortnite Game Settings

You can test each of these settings in the game and set the values as per your requirements. The notable settings that will affect your gameplay are:

Matchmaking Region: Set the matchmaking region to the closest server with the lowest ping or you can try to use a trusted VPN that can help you find the closest server. You can also set the Matchmaking Region to “AUTO”.

Sprint by Default: Setting Sprint by Default to “On” will make your character always spring instead of running. You always want to sprint in the game.

Confirm Edit on Release: Set the Confirm Edit on Release to “On”. This option will automatically confirm an edit as soon as you leave the select button edit. This would allow the players to edit faster.

Game UI (HUD Options)

This segment is for configuring your HUD to your desire. The Game UI setting contains several options that you can tweak and adjust to your needs. Some of the popular and important settings are:

Image of Game UI Settings of Fortnite

Reticle Ammo Indicator: Set the “Reticle Ammo Indicator” to “On” will show an ammo indicator that will tell you how much ammo you have left in your weapon. If you want as little stuff on the HUD, you can leave the option to “Off”.

HUD Scale: It is the multiplier that adjusts how much space the HUD is going to cover on your monitor. You can adjust the scale and test different values and check which percentage scale you want your HUD to scale.

Some people want more game areas on their map than HUD, so they set the value to a lower percentage than the default value (100%).

Show Spectator Count: You can set the Show Spectator Count to “Off” if you get nervous while being spectated. Otherwise, let it “On”.

Quest Progress: Having too much information on your HUD can be distracting. You can set the Quest Progress to “Off”, and it will hide the progression of any ongoing quest.

You can set the rest of the settings to “On” as they provide crucial information related to your character’s HP, MP, ammo, inventory, and so on.

Mouse And Keyboard Settings

This section allows you to adjust your mouse and keyboard settings. Almost every game developer allows the player to adjust the mouse and keyboard settings. In this section, adjust the following for the results in-game:

image of mouse and keyboard settings

X-Axis Sensitivity: Adjusting the X-Axis Sensitivity will adjust how fast your mouse will move in the horizontal (x-axis) direction. Higher values will make the camera move faster when you are looking left to right.

Y-Axis Sensitivity: Adjusting the Y-Axis sensitivity will adjust the mouse sensitivity when moving in the vertical (y-axis) direction. Higher values will make the camera move faster when you look up and down.

These values highly depend on the DPI of your mouse. If you use your mouse with high DPI settings, my suggestion is to test different lower percentages starting from as low as 5%. Also, make sure to keep a 1:1 ratio between both axes.

Keep following the guide as I will be discussing mouse settings in detail.

Controller options:

Follow this section only if you play the game with a controller. There are four controller presets made by Epic Games, which you can use, plus they also provided an option to create your controller preset.

These four presets are:

My recommendation is to make your custom preset. You can customize your controller preset after selecting the Wireless Controller Settings.

Sensitivity Settings

Sensitivity settings of fortnite

Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplier: This multiplier is applied when you are in build mode. Do not confuse this with mouse x and y-axis sensitivity. Setting the multiplier with a lower value will prove counterproductive.

You want to have this multiplier set as high as possible. My recommended build mode sensitivity multiplier: 1.7 – 2.6x

Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier: This multiplier is applied when you are in edit mode. The recommended ratio for setting the edit mode multiplier is 1:1. You can set the same multiplier for Edit mode as well: 1.7-2.6x

Use Advanced Option: Set the Use Advanced Option to “On” will unlock advanced controller options. By accessing the advanced settings, you can configure your controller with more adjustable settings.

It would take another whole article if I started discussing each of these settings. Try testing and experiment with different values to find the most suitable settings for your controller.

Audio Settings (Personal Preference)

Hearing is an essential piece of information that can be the deciding factor, especially in competitive games. Imagine you are in close combat against your enemy. If you have the proper settings, you can hear your enemies’ footsteps and kill them with ease.

Image of Sound Options in Fortnite

Below are some of the important settings in the Audio section that you can adjust to your liking:

Sound Effects: These are the in-game sound effects like gunshots, footsteps, and so on. You might want to turn this setting loud enough so that you may not have trouble hearing your enemies coming clearly and prepare for any potential trap.

The percentage can vary from system to system. You do not want it loud enough either too low.

Voice Chat: Adjust the slider of this setting to a certain percentage so that you can easily hear the voices of your teammates in the game.

Sound Quality: Make sure to set the quality to “High” so hearing any sound will not be an issue. It may impact the game’s performance.

Licensed Audio: The other setting that you can adjust is the “Licensed Audio”. There are three options from which you can select:

  • Play: The game’s audio is played normally. It is the default setting.
  • Mute Others: It will mute the licensed audio that other players play.
  • Mute All: This option will mute all licensed audio if you or anyone plays it.

Keyboard Controls

This section of settings allows you to configure controls of your keyboard settings. You can use the default preset or the old school controls for Fortnite.

It is recommended that you should set your custom preset. This section is also a lengthy topic that I will not be getting into much detail of.

Each player has different preferences, and you will yield the best results after you go through each of these settings and set them accordingly. When you are deciding the keybindings focus on your playstyle and comfort.

For starters, try changing each of the settings and test them out in the game. If you can comfortably press that specific keybind in a match, do not change and move on to the next keybind.

Your priority should be the building keybinds, as they are necessary to master if you aim to become the best at the game.

I will discuss the keybinds later in this article.

Wireless Controller Settings

Not to be confused with the controller settings section, this option allows you to configure your controller. As previously mentioned, there are four presets to choose from. The majority of the players play with the “Combat Pro” or “Builder Pro” controller configuration.

Image of custom controls option in fortnite

If you know your gameplay style and the keybinds, which you can press comfortably, you can edit your own “Custom” preset. Under the “Wireless Controller Configurations” select “Custom” and start tweaking each button.

There are two types of controls that you can tweak; Build Controls, Combat Controls. You can configure each of these types to your desire.

Below is the list of controls that you can edit after choosing “Custom”:

  • L2: Unbound
  • L1: Reset
  • R2: Select
  • R1: Unbound
  • D-Pad Up: Inventory
  • D-Pad Left: Unbound
  • D-Pad Right: Squad Comms
  • D-Pad Down: Emote/Replay
  • Triangle: Toggle Pickaxe
  • Square: Unbound
  • Circle: Confirm
  • Cross: Jump
  • L3: Unbound
  • R3: Unbound
  • Touch Pad: Map
  • Options Button: Game Menu

It is a lengthy discussion that I cannot cover in just a single section.

Account And Privacy

There is nothing much to discuss in the Account and Privacy section. There are a few things that you can apply to your account. The most important thing to make your account secure is by enabling 2-factor authorization.

By enabling 2FA you will make your account a lot more secure. Below are some options you can adjust:

Hidden Matchmaking Delay: Set the Hidden Matchmaking Delay to “0 Seconds” will remove the random delay during matchmaking. It will also hide the matchmaking status updates.

You can set the delay from 0 to 100 seconds. The delay is chosen between 0 and the seconds you have selected.

Mature Language Filter: Setting the Mature Language Filter to “On” will censor any repulsive, bad, and racist words, which you will see a lot in your pubs. If you have no issues with bad words, you can leave it to “Off”.

Notify Friends When Playing: You do not want to bother your friends every time you hop into Fortnite, right? Turning this setting to “Off” will not send a push notification to your friends on mobile devices as soon as you are in the main menu of Fortnite.

You can adjust the rest of the settings to your needs.

Controller Options

Follow this section only if you play the game with a controller. There are four controllers presets made by Epic Games which you can use, plus they also provided an option to create your controller preset.

These four presets are:

  • Old School
  • Quick Builder
  • Combat Pro
  • Builder Pro

My recommendation is to make your custom preset. You can customize your controller preset after selecting the Wireless Controller Settings.

PC Optimization & Settings

Unlike consoles, you can optimize your PC in-depth to squeeze the extra performance out of your rig for some extra FPS.

Unless your rig is capable of running the game with over 140 FPS effortlessly and have a low to medium budget PC, which the majority of the people do, feel free to skip this segment.

Windows is notorious for bloatware running in the background and using extra system resources that you want Fortnite to use. With that said, I have everything a person needs to optimize their PCs for Fortnite in this article.

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#1- Update Windows 10 To The Latest Version

Updating the operating system with the latest version is a solution to not just poor gaming performance but also an answer to several bugs and Windows related issues, like security threats, bug fixes, and more.

Make sure that your Windows 10 is up-to-date with the latest version. Updating Windows is easy and can be done in a couple of minutes. To check for the latest updates:

  1. Type “Check for updates” in the search box to open Windows Update checking utility.How to find Check For Update options in windows
  2. It will open the Windows Update window. On the top, click the “Check for Updates” buttons.Image of Check For Updates In Windows
  3. The prompt will check the internet for any pending update, including a new Windows version.
  4. Wait for Windows to complete download and installation of any pending update if it exists.
  5. If Windows prompts you to restart your PC, click the “Yes” button to restart your system. It will make the changes to take effect.

During updating, your system will restart a couple of times. For these updates to take effect, you will need to restart your PC.

#2- Disable OneDrive

If you open the Task Manager, you will find several applications running in the background, taking the extra amount of system resources.

OneDrive is one of these applications that tend to run in the background, and multiple users have reported it to suck up the internet, as well as the CPU.

Fortunately, if you do not use this Microsoft service, you have the option to disable or delete OneDrive. In some versions of Windows, you might not be able to delete OneDrive. In such cases, you can hide OneDrive.

How to Uninstall/Delete OneDrive

Here is how you can delete OneDrive in Windows 10:

  1. In the Search Box on the taskbar, search for “Add or remove programs”.How to find the Add or remove programs option in windows
  2. A new window will pop out that will contain all of the installed programs on your system. From the list, find and select “Microsoft OneDriveClick the uninstall one drive button
  3. Then press “Uninstall
  4. A prompt will pop up and will ask for confirmation. Press “Uninstall” and your system will delete OneDrive.

Disable/Hide OneDrive

To disable/hide OneDrive, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Select the white cloud icon in the taskbar and select “Help & Settings”.
  2. Then, click the “Settings” option.image of settings of onedrive pc
  3. Then from the new window, click the “Settings” tab and uncheck all boxes.
  4. Upon unchecking the box under the “File On-Demand”, a new popup will appear, and click the “OK” button.image of the option disable files on demand onedrive
  5. When done, click the “OK” button.showing how to disable the one drive
  6. Again open OneDrive Settings, click the “Account” tab, and then click the “Unlink this PC” link.image of onedrive properties
  7. A new popup will appear asking for confirmation. Select “Unlink Account”.unlink the account with onedrive
  8. Press “OK” when done.
  9. Now, open the file explorer and right click “OneDrive” and select “Properties”.
  10. On the “General” tab, under “Attributes” check the “Hidden” box and click the “Apply” onedrive properties
  11. This will hide OneDrive. Lastly, from the taskbar, right-click OneDrive and select “Close OneDrive”.Settings of microsoft onedrive

#3- Optimizing Discord

Some users on the web have reported issues related to Discord sucking up large amounts of CPU resources during gaming.

On a decent rig, using Discord during gaming does not have a noticeable effect on performance, but it impacts the performance of a low to medium-budget PC.

If you tend to play Fortnite with your friends, most people will likely use Discord for communications. Fortunately, you can optimize Discord without quitting the application during playing. All you need to do is:

  1. Open the Discord.
  2. Click on the User Settings button.Image of Discord User Settings Icon
  3. Go to  the “Advanced” tab under the “APP SETTINGS” section.
  4. Turn off the “Hardware Acceleration” setting.image of Hardware Acceleration Option of discord
  5. Close Discord when done.

Turning off hardware acceleration will prevent Discord from using the GPU, allowing your system to allocate more resources to Fornite.

You can also try updating Discord to the latest version and clearing the Discord cache files.

More Discord related guides:

#4- Optimizing Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a notorious but one of the most used web browsers in the world. The browser often hogs higher amounts of RAM when a user opens multiple tabs on the browser.

If you are already struggling with memory issues in Fortnite, you can optimize Google Chrome and prevent it from using a big chunk of RAM, which Fortnite could be using. The simplest solution is to just simply close Chrome from Task Manager.

But if you want to keep it open for some reason, you can disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome that will free up a decent amount of system resources that Fortnite can use. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Open Google Chrome from your desktop or from the Start menu.
  2. Click the three vertical dots and select “Settings”.Showing the Settings option of Google Chrome
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Advanced”.
  4. Scroll a bit down and under “System” section, find and turn off the “Use hardware acceleration when available”.image of Hardware Acceleration Option of Google Chrome
  5. Close Google Chrome when done.

#5- Check Your Laptop’s Power Mode

Fortnite is not a demanding game, and it can run on any low to medium budget laptop with integrated graphics even but, it will not be the same experience as a high-end laptop, and you want any extra FPS possible.

Laptops have different power profiles. You can select from these multiple power profiles. Low power profiles will allow the laptop to use less power to save energy, and similarly, a high energy profile will allow the laptop to run at maximum process state.

To ensure that the games that you run on your laptops run at full power, here is how you can change the power state of your machine:

  1. Search for “Power Options” in the search bar located on the taskbar.showing how to find power options in windows
  2. In the new window, select “Additional power settings”.Additional power settings option in windows
  3. If the “Power saver” or “Balanced (recommended)” power plan is selected, select “High performance”.Preferred power plan settings of windows
  4. Select “Change plan settings”.change power options in windows
  5. Then select “Change advanced power settings”.change advanced power settings in windows
  6. Scroll down and expand the “Processor power management”.
  7. Again expand the “Maximum processor state” and click “Setting”.
  8. Set the number to “100” and press “OKcustomizing power options in windows

#6- Clean Your Temporary Files

Windows creates temporary files whenever you use a specific app. Over time when the files start to pile up, it tends to affect the performance of the system considerably.

There are multiple ways that you can follow to clean the temporary files stored on your system.

Method 1 – Using Settings

I mostly use this method whenever I want to get rid of the temporary files. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Open Settings, by clicking the Start button on the Taskbar and clicking the “Settings” tab.Settings icon of windows 10
  2. Select “System”, from the right window panel and then select “Storage”.image of Temporary files scan of windows
  3. Let the system calculate the files stored on the storage drive. Then select “Temporary files”.
  4. From the list, check the boxes next to the files that you want to delete.Showing the Temporary files can results
  5. Click the “Remove Files” button after you are done selecting the files that you want to delete.
  6. Wait for Windows to delete the extra stuff.

Method 2 – By deleting temporary files manually

This is the shortest and one of the quickest ways that can delete temporary files in no time. Here is how you can do that:

  1. On your desktop, press “Win + R” to open Windows Run utility.
  2. Type the following without quotations and press Enter on your keyboard or press “OK”:
    %temp%type the temp command in run prompt
  3. Select all files and press “Shift + Delete” on your keyboard.
  4. Press “OK” to delete all files.

Method 3 – By using CCleaner

CCleaner is one of the popular temporary file deletion program that you can use. With a click of a few buttons, the program will free up space from your hard drive and delete it for you. It is a freeware that you can download from the official website.

After downloading, run the software and perform an “Easy Clean” scan. The software will scan and show you the list of files that can be deleted. You can also clean the issues related to “Registry”.

#7- Update Your Drivers

Updating your drivers to the latest version is highly recommended. An outdated driver can potentially cause the game to lose FPS. The newer versions of drivers often contain performance optimization, bug fixes.

You can update your drivers by:

  1. Open Windows Settings from the Start menu.
  2. From the new window, click the “Update & Security” button located at the bottom of the window.updates and security settings of windows
  3. Then, click the “Check for updates” button. It will be right on the top of the Window Update window.showing the check for updates button of windows
  4. Let Windows check for a new Window version. If a pending update exists, ensure to download and install it on your system.
  5. Then, right beneath the “Check for updates” button, click the “View optional updates” link.showing how to check the view optional updates
  6. Then expand the “Driver updates” section in the new window.
  7. Check any box with audio driver updates that are pending and click the “Download and install” button when done.
  8. Wait for the prompt to complete the download and installation procedure.

#8- Disable Useless Applications Running In The Background

Several applications and bloatware are running in the background while you use Windows. It is the only operating system that allows so many applications to run in the background for improving the performance of systems.

If your system is not a mid to high-end system, it will most likely suffer from these apps running in the background instead of improving the performance. Disabling these applications is a painful procedure and can take some time.

You can uninstall these apps instead of just disabling them, which is quick and probably the best answer to bloatware. If you do not wish to uninstall the apps, you can disable them by:

  1. Search for “Privacy Settings” in the search box located on the taskbar.showing how to find the Privacy Settings
  2. From the left pane of the window, scroll down, find and select “Background Apps”.
  3. Press the toggle button to turn off apps to run in the background.turn off the background apps in windows
  4. Restart your system to check if any application which you have disabled is running in the background.

You can also set the “Let apps run in the background” toggle button to “Off” on the top of the window.

#9- Enable Game Mode

One of the last but not the least thing that you can do is to enable the Windows Game Mode. Not to be confused with Xbox Game Bar. You can use the Xbox Game Bar, but it may cause a slight performance decrease.

Some people have reported a performance boost, while some reported about poor frame rate in many games. This feature is good as useless for high to mid-end systems.

PCs that are struggling for system resources might be able to take advantage of this Windows feature.

Enabling Game Mode prevents applications from running in the background, and chances are you might not be able to run Google Chrome, or Spotify, or any app that you frequently use while playing Fortnite.

You might be able to get better performance in Fortnite by turning on the Game Mode feature. Here is how you can enable Game Mode in Windows 10:

  1. Open Settings from the Start button on the taskbar.
  2. Select “Gaming”.gaming settings of windows 10
  3. From the left pane of the window, select “Game Mode”.
  4. Click the toggle button to “On”.
  5. Then click the “Graphic Settings” under the “Related settings” section.turn of the game mode in windows 10
  6. Click the toggle button for “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling” section to “On”.
  7. Restart your system for the settings to take effect.

Try running Fortnite to check if you are getting the extra performance by turning on the Game Mode. You can turn off the setting by following the same procedure.

#10- Animation Optimization

The last section of optimization that we are going to do is by disabling animations that are played whenever you act Windows. Windows 10 has a lot of features implemented by Microsoft that add more to the aesthetics.

Your system may suffer as these features come at a cost of system resources, which is not a big problem for decent to high-end computers. These fluid animations do enhance the experience of using Windows but also impact performance.

Fortunately, it is possible to disable these animations to perform the system a little boost which will surely add a couple of more FPS while playing Fortnite. Here is how you can disable animations:

  1. From the taskbar, search for Control Panel in the Windows search box, right beside the Start button.showing how to find control panel
  2. After opening Control Panel, find and click the “System” category.find the system in control panel
  3. On the left panel of the window, click the “Advanced system settings” link.advanced system settings
  4. Click the “Advanced” tab on the top of the window. Then click the “Settings…” button.check system properties advanced options
  5. Select “Custom” and uncheck all of the boxes or select “Adjust for best performance”.
  6. Press “Apply” and then “OK” when done.performance options of windows 10
  7. Restart your system if necessary.

Best Gear For Fortnite

Selecting the best gaming hardware is a versatile topic. The peripherals preferred by one person might not be liked by others. I have tried my best to gather the best gear that you can purchase to become the best at the game.


Logitech G502 Hero

Logitech’s G502 series does not need an introduction. It is considered the best FPS mouse by a lot of games around the world.

G502 Hero is known for its ergonomic design, large size, and customizability. It has a maximum DPI of 16,000 and has 11 buttons in total.

Below are the pros and cons of this device:


  • Attractive design
  • Customizability
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to hold
  • Adjustable weight


  • It might not be suitable for big handed and palm-grip players.
  • Designed for right-hand players

Razer Deathadder V2

A gaming gear list is incomplete without any Razer device. The Razer Deathadder V2 is the perfect gaming mouse for people with variable hand sizes and grips without losing its futuristic and minimal design.

Image of Razer DeathHadder V2 Mouse

Following are the pros and cons of Deathadder V2:


  • Excellent sensor
  • Attractive and ideal design for all hand sizes and palm-grip players
  • Ergonomic design and easy to hold
  • Exceptional performance in shooter gaming


  • It may not be suitable for smaller hands
  • Flimsy buttons


Steelseries Apex Pro TKL

The majority of the professional Fortnite players use this keyboard. It is one of the most used keyboards for good reasons. It is a gorgeous-looking mechanical keyboard that offers amazing customization.

image of Steelseries Apex Pro TKL Keyboard

The build quality of this keyboard is something you do not see in many keyboards.


  • Solid and aesthetic design
  • Amazing response
  • Full RGB backlighting
  • Aluminum build


  • Not suitable for typing
  • Dust collecting wrist-palm support

Logitech G Pro

Logitech G Pro is a compact and attractive mechanical keyboard. It is the second most popular keyboard among the Fortnite pro players and content creators.

image of Logitech G Pro Keyboard

Despite its small size, this keyboard’s performance will easily surpass your expectations.


  • Compact and lovely design
  • No extra keys to occupy extra space
  • Impressive performance
  • Smooth and easy to press buttons


  • No numpad
  • No wrist support


Alienware AW2518H

There is a wide variety of monitors that you can purchase from the market, and it is hard to get the right one. The Alienware AW2518H managed to take the heart of most professional players as the best 240Hz monitor.

Image of Alienware AW2518H Monitor

The monitor offers unparalleled gaming performance with a small delay as possible. Its super FHD screen will leave you in awe.


  • 204Hz superfast refresh rate
  • Amazing picture quality
  • Gorgeous futuristic design


  • 1080p
  • Average out-of-the box accuracy

ViewSonic Elite XG270QG

ViewSonic Elite XG270QG is the best monitor that I would recommend. It packs a lot of attractive features. It features a thin bezel IPS panel with as low as 1ms response time.

image of ViewSonic Elite XG270QG Monitor

It offers an amazing picture quality, perfect for single-player and multiplayer games.


  • Fast response and low input lag.
  • High quality picture quality
  • The attractive thin bezel design
  • 1ms response time
  • 165Hz refresh rate
  • 1440p


  • Better monitors with high refresh rates with lower price points.


Getting the right gear can get tricky when there are hundreds of options to choose from, and headsets are no exception.

There are several decent headphones that you can purchase from your local computer hardware shop or markets. Which one should you get then?

Below are two of the most popular headsets that Fortnite pros use:

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro

Designed and built for recording studios and engineers whose job is to listen to even the faintest of the sounds. The Beyerdynamic DT 1990 pro is a high-end headset with extraordinarily audio performance that is comfortable to wear for hours.

image of Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Headset


  • Excellent build quality
  • Highly comfortable to wear with smooth and soft earpads
  • Exceptional audio performance, with crisp bass and audio clarity
  • Studio grade headphones


  • Replacing the earpads can be difficult

Razer Blackshark V2

Razer Blackshark V2 is one of the highest-rated headphones available in the market waiting for you to purchase. It is a complete package offering little to no cons. It features great audio with extreme comfort.

image of Razer Blackshark V2 headset


  • Comfortable
  • Amazing audio performance
  • Affordable
  • Detachable noise-canceling microphone


  • Wired headset
  • Design not for everyone

Best Fortnite Keybinds

The building mechanic is a very important feature in Fortnite that makes it different from other battle royale games. Mastering the build mechanics can help you get out of a sticky situation.

If you are quick enough, you can even catch your opponent off guard by clever placements of traps during building. In short, the game becomes way more interesting to play if you learn how to build like a pro.

Now, to build like a pro, you need a lot of practice and keybinds. I would highly recommend going through each of the keybinds and setting a more personalized layout. A general tip before we get started, try turning on the “Always Run” option in the settings.

It will free your left shift key, which you can bind for building as it is one of the keys that can be easily reached. Let us take a look at the keybinds of some of the popular Fornite personalities.


Image of Ninja The Fortnite Pro Player
  • Building Edit: F
  • Roof: Left Shift
  • Floor: Q
  • Wall: Mouse button 4
  • Stairs: Mouse button 5
  • Trap: 5
  • Crouch: C
  • Map: M
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Harvesting Tool: 1
  • Use: E


Image of Tfue fortnite player
  • Building Edit: V
  • Roof: Mouse button 5
  • Floor: E
  • Wall: R
  • Stairs: Q
  • Trap: F
  • Crouch: L-Shift
  • Weapon slot 1-5: 2-6
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Harvesting Tool: 1
  • Use: Mouse wheel up


image fortnite player the Myth
  • Building Edit: R
  • Roof: D
  • Floor: Mouse button 5
  • Wall: Q
  • Stairs: V
  • Trap: Mouse button 4
  • Crouch: L-Ctrl
  • Map: M
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Harvesting Tool: L-Shift
  • Use: C

You can use these keybinds as a reference for your personalized layout. Make sure not to prioritize your build keybinds the most as our utmost priority to use these keys without even thinking twice during a match.

Here are my recommended keybindings:

Custom Scheme #1 – For Mouse with extra keys

This scheme is for people who have extra keys on their mouse. Feel free to test them out in the game and change them if you are uncomfortable pressing any of these keybinds during a match.

  • Roof: E
  • Floor: Mouse button 5
  • Wall: Q
  • Stairs: Mouse button 4
  • Trap: T
  • Crouch: L-Shift
  • Map: M
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Harvesting Tool: 1
  • Weapon slot 1-5: 2-6
  • Use: C

Custom Scheme #2 – For people who do not have extra keys on their mouse

If your mouse does not have extra keys and use your mouse just for aiming and shooting purpose I do have a keybind scheme for you which you can follow but make sure to test them out before you hop into the match:

  • Roof: E
  • Floor: F
  • Wall: Q
  • Stairs: V
  • Trap: T
  • Crouch: L-Shift
  • Map: M
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Harvesting Tool: Middle mouse button
  • Weapon slot 1-5: 2-6
  • Use: C

Best Mouse Settings For Fortnite

Choosing the right mouse settings that match your gameplay style and make the game a breeze is one of the important factors that can make you a decent player and highly improve your aiming skills multiple folds.

One of the crucial parts of the settings is choosing just the correct sensitivity settings. Before getting to the article, you might want to turn off mouse acceleration for better aiming performance. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Type “mouse settings” in the Search box on the taskbar.Showing how to find the Mouse Settings
  2. On the right pane of the window, select “Additional mouse options”.image of Additional mouse options
  3. Select “Pointer Options” and uncheck the “Enhance pointer precision” box under the “Motion” section.Image of Mouse Properties
  4. Click the “Apply” button and then “OK” when done.

Best DPI settings for Fortnite

DPI refers to Dots Per Inch. It means how many pixels your mouse will move for every inch. For example, if your mouse DPI is 800, it means it will move 800 pixels when your move your mouse one inch across your table.

Almost every person uses as lower DPI as possible. Having the correct DPI will play a key role in battles as it will decide how accurately you can aim and track your opponents amidst the match.

It makes the player move the mouse frequently and a lot instead of having a high DPI. High DPI makes the mouse move faster even with just a small flick which can easily ruin your aim and will make tracking a lot harder.

With that said, below are some of the DPI settings used by some best shooting games players:

  • Shourd: 400
  • Dr. Disrespect: 400
  • Ninja: 800
  • SypherPK: 400
  • Tfue: 400

Best mouse sensitivity settings

Analyzing the sensitivity of your mouse is a difficult procedure. Two or more players can have the same sensitivity, but if their mouse DPI is variable, the overall sensitivity will vary.

To solve this issue, players across Fortnite use eDPI to set the best sensitivity settings for their mouse.

For example, if your mouse DPI is 800 and your Fortnite sensitivity is 0.15, then the eDPI will be 120. It is calculated by:

Sensitivity * DPI

A vast majority of the professional players have low-sensitivity settings. The average eDIP value that most players use is around 45-55.

The average ADS (Aim Down Sight) eDPI is around 56-60. ADS eDPI is calculated by:

Sensitivity * DPI * ADS Sensitivity

Similarly, the suggested Scope eDPI is around 54-58. The Scope eDIP is calculated by:

Sensitivity * DPI * Scope Sensitivity

Feel free to test these values according to your needs, adjust them to the percentages you are most comfortable playing with.

Best Graphics Cards Settings For Fortnite:

Getting the highest possible frame rate can provide the players several advantages over players who are struggling to get a decent frame rate on their rigs. One of the huge advantages that a player gets with the higher frame rate is less latency.

Usually, having a higher frame rate than your monitor’s refresh rate might make the experience less enjoyable due to screen tearing, but the card does not have to wait for the CPU to complete its calculations.

The newly rendered frames will be on your monitor’s screen as soon as the CPU is ready.

This reduced input lag. Whether you have an AMD or Nvidia GPU, you might be able to fully utilize your GPU performance. Here are the best settings that I have gathered for team green and team red:

Best Nvidia Settings For Fortnite

If you have never tried to tweak settings for your Nvidia GPU before, there are a couple of optimizations that you can make. Considering these optimizations, you might be able to get a noticeable performance boost in Fortnite.

Here is how you can tweak your Nvidia GPU settings via the Nvidia Control Panel:

  1. Open the Nvidia Control Panel.Image of Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Expand the “3D Settings” section if it is not expanded, then click the “Adjust image settings with preview” link.
  3. Then select the “Use my preference emphasizing:” and move the slider to “Performance” and click the “Apply” button.Dashboard of Nvidia Control Panel
  4. Then again, under the “3D Settings” select “Manage 3D settings”, under the “Global Settings” change the value of the following:
    • Image Sharpening: Off
    • Ambient Occlusion: Off
    • Anisotropic filtering: Off
    • Antialiasing – FXAA: Off
    • Antialiasing – Gamma correction: Off
    • Antialiasing – Mode: Off
    • Antialiasing – Setting: None
    • Antialiasing – Transparency: Off
    • Background Application Max Frame Rate: Off
    • CUDA – GPUs: All
    • DSR – Factors: Off
    • DSR – Smoothness: Off
    • Low Latency Mode: Off
    • Max Frame Rate: Off
    • Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA): Off
    • OpenGL rendering GPU: Select your GPU
    • Power Management Mode: Prefer maximum power
    • Shader Cache: On
    • Texture filtering – Anisotropic sample optimization: On
    • Texture filtering – Negative LOD bias: Allow
    • Texture filtering – Quality: High Performance
    • Texture filtering – Trilinear optimization: Off
    • Threaded optimization: Auto
    • Triple buffering: Off
    • Vertical sync: Off
    • Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames: 1
    • Virtual Reality – Variable Rate Super Sampling: OffManage 3D settings in nvidia control panel
  5. Click the “Apply” button when done.
  6. Now, select “Adjust desktop size and position”, set the following setting as following:
    • Select a scaling mode: No scaling
    • Perform scaling on: Display
    • Override the scaling mode set by games and program: Uncheck the box
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (or whatever your monitor’s native resolution is)
    • Refresh Rate: 60Hz (Choose the highest possible value.Adjust desktop size and position option in nvidia control panel
    • Click the “Apply” button.
  7. Lastly, select the “Adjust video image settings” and choose the following settings:Adjust video image settings in nvidia control panel
    • Edge enhancement – Use the NVIDIA setting: + 0%
    • Noise reduction – Use the NVIDIA setting: + 0%

Best AMD Settings For Fortnite

If you have an AMD card installed on your system and have not touched any settings from the control panel, there are several options that you can use to optimize Fortnite as per your rig. Here is how you can do that:

  • Anti-Aliasing Method: Use application settings
  • Anti-Aliasing Mode: Multisampling
  • Morphological Filtering: Off
  • Anisotropic Filtering: Use application settings
  • Texture Filtering Quality: Standard
  • Surface Format Optimization: On
  • Shader Cache: AMD optimized
  • Tessellation Mode: Off
  • Wait for Vertical Refresh: Off, unless application specifies
  • OpenGL Triple Buffering: Off
  • Frame Rate Target Control: Disable

You can also create a specific application profile that offers advanced graphic settings on a single application basis. You can create the profile by:

  • While being within the Gaming section, click the “Add” button on the top right pane of the AMD Radeon setting window.
  • Select “Browse”.Browse Option of Radeon Settings
  • Head over to the folder where Fortnite is installed and select the game’s executable file and click the “Open” button.
  • Select Fortnite from the “Gaming” section and following the settings I have mentioned earlier for Fortnite.

Creating a new app profile will only apply the specific settings to just Fortnite. You might want to restart your computer.

If you are unable to get the extra performance even following every section of this article, make sure that your system meets the minimum and recommended system requirements. You can check them down below:

Fortnite System Requirements:

Competitive games are developed with one major goal in mind, to be able to run on as many systems as possible. Fortnite is no different. Check the minimum system requirements to run Fortnite down below:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3-3225 @3.3 GHz or AMD FX-6300 @3.5 GHz
  • GPU: Intel HD 4000 on PC or Intel Iris Pro 5200 or equivalent AMD GPU on Mac (2GB VRAM)
  • RAM: 4GB RAM
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64-bit or Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6
  • Network: Internet connection for Multiplayer
  • Storage Drive Space: 25GB

Below are the recommended system requirements for Fortnite. These recommended system requirements are for running the game at 60 FPS. If you want to run the game at a much higher frame rate, you might want to get a high-end GPU than the listed one.

  • Processor: Core i5-7300U @3.5 GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 @3.1 GHz
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or equivalent DX11 GPU (2GB VRAM)
  • RAM: 8GB RAM
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64-bit or Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6
  • Storage Drive Space: 25GB
  • Network: Internet connection for Multiplayer

Do I Need A Scuf For Fortnite?

People who play video games, whether it is a single-player title or a competitive game, should be familiar with Scuf. Scuf is the manufacturer of custom game controllers built specifically for competitive shooters.

Players need to press a lot of buttons while playing Fortnite if they are amidst a battle or just running to gather resources. When you are in building edit mode, you may face difficulty, With a typical Xbox or PS4 controller.

Scuf controllers offer extra toggle buttons on the back, which can make building edits way more easily.

You can also move your camera while you are in building edit mode, which you cannot do with a generic PS4 controller. It is not necessary to get a Scuf, but it certainly does help in pressing buttons in the game, which can improve the gameplay.

In short, the Scuf controller is better than the console controller in various ways.

Fortnite related guides:

My Final Verdict:

Fortnite is a third-person shooter game released in 2017. Its success does not need an introduction. It is one of the easier games to get into but hard to master the mechanics. It has one of the biggest players count in the game although, not as strong as in 2017 or 2018.

Naturally, everyone wants to become the best at the game and grab the Victory Royale title every time they queue for a match. The key to having the best competitive experience is to have a decent frame rate, if not high.

With the help of this guide, any Fortnite player can have a performance boost on their systems which eventually helps them in becoming decent at this easy-looking but hard game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What should I put my Fortnite settings on?

Fortnite is a competitive and one of the least demanding games in the world right now. It does not require a medium or a high-end system.

To have the best possible experience, you can set everything graphics related to low. You might want to set View Distance to “MEDIUM” or “FAR”.It will allow you to look at your enemies from a distance.

Question 2: How do you optimize Fortnite settings?

You can optimize Fortnite settings in several ways. The best and most reliable way to optimize the game is by tweaking the in-game settings regarding your computer’s hardware.

The other ways to optimize Fortnite include tweaking Windows 10 and Nvidia or AMD graphic settings.

Question 3: What are the best settings for Fortnite 2023?

The Window Mode should be set to Fullscreen and set the View Distance to “NEAR” or “FAR”. Turn everything else to “LOW” and “Off”. It will allow you to gain a performance boost in Fortnite, which is the highest priority of any Fortnite player.

Question 4: What are the best sensitivity settings for Fortnite?

It is hard to find the best sensitivity for Fortnite when there are mice with different DPI. To solve this problem, most Fortnite players use eDPI to find the best sensitivity that suits their gameplay.

You can calculate your eDPI by “Sensitivity * DPI”. The recommended eDPI value is 45-55.

Question 5: How can I get better FPS in Fortnite PC 2023?

You can get a huge performance boost in Fornite PC by tweaking your in-game graphic settings noticeably, Anti-aliasing, shadows, and Vsync. The only option that you can leave at “MEDIUM” or “FAR” is the “View Distance”.

Increasing the view distance will allow you to locate your enemies in the distance, with much more clarity.

Question 6: Who has the best aim in Fortnite 2023

There are many decent players in Fornite, and most people agree on Tfue being the best at aiming in Fortnite. Tfue is considered to be one of the best Fortnite players and content creators.

His crisp aim and tracking skills make him one of the best players in the game.

Question 7: How do I fix the aim lock on Fortnite?

You can verify if aim assist is on or not in Fortnite by going to Settings > Controller Options > Turn Advanced Options to On > Set Aim Assist strength to 100%.

If you think that aim assist is not working properly, try restarting the game and check again if Aim Assist strength is at 100% or not.

Question 8: How do I aim better in Fortnite PS4 settings?

You can improve your aim in Fornite by turning on Aim Assist from the Settings > Controller Options > Advanced Options. Tweaking the sensitivity settings of your controller will also allow you to improve your aiming skills in Fortnite PS4.

Question 9: How do you increase Aim assist in Fortnite?

The aim assist option can be found by going to Settings > Controller Options > Advanced Options. Make sure you have turned “Advanced Options” to On. After getting to Advanced Settings, you can change the strength of aim assist.

Question 10: Should I scale aim assist with FOV?

Users have reported that scaling their FOV to higher values has thrown off the aim assist. It is better if you scale aim assist with FOV; otherwise, it will throw off your aim assist.

The reason is due to FOV scaling the textures, models, and hitboxes along with FOV. It does not scale the aim to assist the region. You will have to explicitly scale the aim assist the region to resolve this issue.

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