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Black Friday Sale: Cheap Windows 10/11 & Office 2021 at Keysfan

Windows 10 & Office 2021 at cheap offers and discounts

Windows OS is the basis for the operation of the computer. The only problem: it’s too expensive for most people. Of course, there may be some free computer operating systems, and those versions cannot guarantee stability, compatibility, etc.

For the user, Windows OS is still your first choice. Keysfan Black Friday Sale, there is a way for you to get genuine Windows OS and MS Office at the lowest price! At

You can buy Windows 10 Professional key for only $8.44, If you want to buy two Windows 10 activation codes or more, it is more cost-effective, you can buy Windows 10 from $7.22 Per key!

Genuine Windows 10 Pro from $7.22!

Windows 11 is now available at the Microsoft Store for $199.99, but Keysfan is offering an even better price! Get Windows 11 Pro for just $12.22 during the Keysfan Black Friday Promotion.

ChatGPT technology is taking the world by storm, and tech giants including Microsoft have announced the integration of it into their products.

There are rumors that Microsoft will make major changes with Windows 12, focusing on AI and blurring the boundaries between cloud computing and edge.

Genuine Windows 11 Pro from $11!

Another software from Microsoft is also necessary for work and life. Whether you need to use Excel to analyze your data, or use Word to record your documents, or PPT reports, which are inseparable from work and study.

The official price of Microsoft Office 2021 is $439.99, and it is difficult to bear this high price. The good news is that Keysfan also offers you a great price, Microsoft Office 2021 for only $25, and Microsoft Office 2019 for only $23!

Top Sale: Genuine MS Office 2021 from $15.11

More Versions: 62% off on Office and Bundles (Coupon code: BKS62)

Keysfan has been serving for several years. Keysfan always maintains the concept of the customer first and brings the best products and services to the customers.

To improve the user experience, Keysfan’s shopping process is simple and easy to operate. After checkout, the software activation code and detailed installation instructions will be sent to your mailbox within a few minutes.

And in the process of installation and use, users can contact the Keysfan professional customer service team at any time if they have any questions, which is online 24/7 (contact email:

If you want to know more about Keysfan, you can enter Keysfan’s website through the above link.

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