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How To Fix Discord RTC Connecting Issue On Windows 10/11?

Discord RTC Connecting Cover

Discord is easily one of the best tools that you can use if you want to communicate with your friends or even a community because the software works wonders and is excellent overall.

However, every now and then, it does run into some issues. For instance, a lot of people have talked about Discord RTC connecting becoming an issue, and we are here to look into how you can sort that out.

Fixing the issue is not hard at all, but we have still mentioned a number of ways through which it can be achieved, so let’s not waste time and have a look, shall we?

How To Fix the “Discord RTC Connecting” issue?

Now, there can be a lot of reasons behind the Discord RTC connecting issue, and some might make sense right away while others might not.

We are going to take a look at all of them and remember, just because one works doesn’t mean the other will and vice-versa. This is not a step-by-step guide, so be aware of that. Let’s not waste time and have a look.

#1- Change Discord Server Voice Region

If you are running into the Discord RTC connecting and the issue does not want to go away, I would highly suggest that you try and change the voice region of the server, as that would help you in ensuring that there are no issues that might be coming in the way.

I know it might not immediately be a thing that people think about, but it can most certainly work in a matter of minutes, and before time, you are all sorted without any issues.

#2- Disable VPN Services

This is a common issue that I faced a lot of times. If you are running into Discord RTC connecting, and you cannot, for the life of you, figure out what is causing the issue.

You can disable VPN services, and that should get you running in no time, and you would not have any problems with the software anymore.

Just turn off the VPN, and restart Discord if that is what you need, and once you are done, you would be all good to go and won’t have any issues.

#3- Updating your Network Driver

Considering how RTC or real-time communication relies on a reliable internet connection, more often than not, people forget the fact that their network drivers might be causing the issue.

update your network drivers in windows 11

I would just suggest that you update or reinstall the network drivers, and you would be surprised just how many issues can be fixed this way. A simple way of ensuring that everything is in order.

#4- Change the Date and Time

More often than not, the incorrect date and time can also mess up a lot of applications that you are running. Especially when you are looking for applications that use the internet to stay up-to-date and functional.

If you are facing RTC connecting on Discord and want to be certain how to fix it, I would highly suggest that you change the date and time to the correct one and see if that works because, in most cases, it will work with ease and without any issues.

#5- Restart the Discord App and Your PC

I know this is going to sound strange at best, but if you are running into issues when it comes to your Discord app, sometimes, simply restarting it can help you sort things out and, in no time, at that.

This might not work for everyone, but hey, if you have been looking for a great and quick way out, you can simply go ahead and restart the Discord app and see if that works.

Alternatively, you can also go ahead and restart your computer and see if that works for you. If it does, you are golden, and you are good to go.

#6- Flush the DNS Cache

This is a bit more advanced, but it can definitely help you. If you are constantly running into RTC connecting on Discord, the one suggestion that I would give to you is that you go ahead and flush the DNS cache, as it can easily sort you out in no time.

I do understand that it can be a complicated problem, but working towards it is going to help you a lot more than you might think, and you will be sorted out in absolutely no time.

This means that if the rest of the methods are not working, you might want to try this out and see if this gets the job done.

#7- Whitelist Discord in Windows Firewall

Moving further, if you are still running into issues with RTC connecting being an issue that simply doesn’t want to go away. You can try something as simple as whitelisting Discord in Windows Firewall.

allow discord through windows firewall

This should already be the case by default, but you never know the type of issues you run into on Windows where programs just stop working the way they are supposed to, and if that is the case with you, you can just go ahead and whitelist Discord and see if that works.

#8- Log Out and Log In to Discord

Another suggestion that I have for you is that you simply go ahead and log out of Discord, let it sit for a while, and then log back in.

Alternatively, you can even try reinstalling the app and see if that works. After all, you want to be sure that everything is in order and things are not running into any issues either.

#9- Turn off Antivirus Temporarily

More often than not, an antivirus ends up messing with Discord, and while you might be stuck wondering how that can be possible, it is a rather obvious thing that most people run into, and the solutions are often easier than you might think, in the first place. So, if you have been wondering what needs to be done, this is an excellent way of trying.

#10- Disable QoS (Quality of Service) on Discord

Quality of Service, as the name might suggest, is supposed to improve your experience with Discord and other applications, not the other way around.

how to Disable QoS on Discord

However, you would be surprised how common it is that you run into such issues. If you are facing the same issue and you want to be sure that nothing goes wrong in the process, I’d suggest that you turn off the QoS, and you are good to go.

#11- Change Your DNS Server

The last tip that I will leave you with is that you change your DNS server. Again, it is not necessary that you are running into the issue because of the DNS server not being right, but hey, there is nothing wrong with trying it out, so go and give it a shot and see how it works for you.

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– My Final Verdict:

Considering just important as Discord has become over the past couple of years, it is safe to say that the software not working can cause issues for a lot of people, and in this post, we aim to make it clear for everyone.

If you have been running into issues with Discord, this is going to help you get it connected and your communications up and running.

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