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How To Fix Discord Stuck On Connecting?

Discord Stuck on Connecting Cover

In the modern day and age, where communication has become paramount in almost every aspect of life, Discord serves as an excellent platform.

Sure, it gained popularity mainly because of gamers, but ever since then, it has become a full-fledged communication tool for almost every profession out there and for all the right reasons.

However, despite its strengths, Discord often runs into some issues. For instance, a lot of people often experience Discord stuck on connecting, and while the issue seems simple, there are multiple ways of ensuring that it doesn’t happen regularly.

In this article, we share some fixes for this annoying error, so let’s get started.

What Causes Discord to Get Stuck on Connecting?

If you are wondering what causes Discord to get stuck on connecting, then there can be multiple reasons.

It normally ranges from network issues to issues with Discord itself but doesn’t worry, we have all the solutions listed for you in this article, so you will not really have any issues getting this fixed in no time.

discord client stuck on connecting in windows 11

I do understand how this can be annoying, especially if you are in the middle of a game or an important call, but hey, we are here to help.

How To Fix the “Discord Stuck On Connecting” error?

Below, we have all the possible fixes for Discord stuck on connecting. Remember, that all of these are not steps but individual steps.

There is a chance that the first one might end up fixing it for you, and there is a chance that somewhere in the middle, you will find a fix. For the most part, the entire process is safe, so there is not much to worry about.

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#1- Change the Network Settings

Considering how Discord needs the internet to stay connected. If you are having issues with the connection, I’d suggest that you check if the internet is working and if it still fails to work.

I’d highly advise that you check the network settings because, more often than not, some changed network settings end up breaking the functionality of a service. So, be sure to check if the settings are the same as they should be.

#2- Change the DNS Settings

If changing the network settings or working with them is not doing you much of a favor, you might want to look into the DNS settings.

DNS settings can often end up breaking the experience, as well. I remember the time when most of the websites would refuse to open until I shifted to Google DNS, and they would work just fine.

I would highly advise you to use Open DNS or Google DNS and then restart Discord to see if it makes a difference.

#3- Restart the Modem and Router

If changing the DNS and restarting Discord still is causing issues, and Discord is still stuck on connecting, then you might be dealing with an internet connection that simply is not in favor of working just fine. So, what do you do in such a situation? Well, nothing too complicated.

Simply go ahead and restart the modem or the router and wait for it to reconnect. After it connects again, you can go ahead and start up Discord to see if that has solved your issue.

#4- Allow Discord Running Through the Firewall

More often than not, Windows Firewall can end up blocking Discord, and while that might sound like a very technical issue, it is not really that confusing.

All you have to do is go ahead and allow or whitelist Discord, and for safety measures, restart the app, and it should start working again.

Allow discord through windows firewall

I do understand that it sounds almost rudimentary, but sometimes the most complicated issues have the simplest of solutions.

#5- Scan Your PC For Malware

Modern-day operating systems have become secure to the point that they rarely get affected by malware.

Still, we end up running into all sorts of weird issues that might break the experience, and while that might sound like something that your computer is not going through because everything else looks normal.

You would be surprised how, sometimes, Malware ends up targeting a specific app or service. So, I’d highly advise you to check that, too.

#6- Check Discord’s Official status

Discord works like any other service and, therefore, can be down from the backend. If you are running into issues where Discord simply refuses to work again, you might not be alone in this issue.

You can check Discord’s official status on Twitter and other channels to see if the service is down for everyone or if it is just you.

There is often a point where the service only goes down in specific regions, so it is better to keep that in mind.

#7- Update the Discord app

If Discord is working fine, and everyone seems to be connected, but you still can’t, it could be because of either a dated app or corrupted, for that matter. Now, in such a situation, I don’t really need to tell you what to do, but still.

I would highly advise that you should go ahead and update the Discord app and see if that does the job for you. In most cases, it should work just fine, and you will be up and running in no time.

#8- Turn off Your VPN

Although VPN is an excellent tool that you should have, it can often end up turning the tables on you.

Especially if you are using a free VPN, there is nothing wrong with paid VPNs, they are excellent, and I advise everyone to use them, but free VPNs can end up being a bane that you would want to avoid.

If you are running into issues with Discord not working, I would highly suggest that you turn off the VPN and then try to see if it that resolves the issue or not. Ideally, it should let you be up to speed.

#9- Try Discord Web

If, for some reason, the app is stuck on connecting, you might want to go ahead and try Discord Web.

If the web version is working fine and without any issues, then you might have some issues with the app itself, and that will help you narrow down where the issue is coming from, and therefore, allowing you to find what is causing the issue.

#10- Check Your Time and Date Settings

Although a bit far-fetched but sometimes, apps and other services might not work due to an incorrect date and time on your device.

Time and date settings in windows 11

This is common and is done to ensure there is proper security, and if you are facing this issue, you might as well check and ensure that the time and date settings are correct.

#11- Disable QoS (Quality of Service) on Discord

The quality of Service option is there to ensure that that the app is not running into any issues. But we have experienced some problems coming out of this feature being turned on, as well.

Discord QOS Settings

I would highly suggest that you are turning this off just to see if this is causing the issue or not. I cannot guarantee that it will fix it right away, but it doesn’t hurt checking, does it?

#12- Update Your Network Driver

Again, another thing that may or may not work but if you are running network drivers that haven’t been updated in some time, and you are also experiencing some other issues in other software packages, including Discord.

Then it might be time for you to go ahead and update your network drivers. These drivers normally update themselves thanks to Windows, but oftentimes, that doesn’t happen. So, just to be on the safe side, do that.

#13- Flush Your DNS Cache and Reset Your IP Settings

I wouldn’t want you to freak out at this point, but flushing your DNS cache and IP settings is another suggestion that I have for you.

However, I would also advise that you know what your settings are in case you need to reconfigure everything again.

#14- Uninstall and reinstall Discord

The last one is perhaps the most obvious one. If your Discord is messing up and, for some reason, the web version is working just fine.

You might want to go ahead and uninstall and reinstall Discord, as that will get you all sorted in no time. It hardly takes a few seconds, but you would be up and running in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why is Discord stuck on connecting mobile?

There could be a lot of reasons as to why Discord is running into such issues. You could be facing the issue because of your internet, the phone, or even the Discord servers. So, it could take some time figuring it out.

Question 2: Is Discord having connection issues?

If you think that your internet and your device are working perfectly fine, but Discord is not, I would advise running a quick check to see if the service is down around the world.

Question 3: Why does my Discord keep saying connecting on iPhone?

If you are running into connectivity issues on your iPhone or some other device, try and check all the things we’ve mentioned here.

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