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Do I Need A High-End PC To Play All Games?

Do I Need A High-End PC To Play All Games Cover

There are countless games in the world, and to play every single one of them, you might need an expensive high-end PC, but you are not going to play each and every game there is, are you?

Instead, ask yourself this,

“Do I need an expensive PC to play a good game?”

And to that, my friend, I can confidently answer

“No, you do not.”

A good game and the latest game are often not the same things. Nor is the game with the highest spec requirements necessarily the best game. Gaming is more than features and function, it is about fun and doing what you like.

There Are Lots Of Great Games That Don’t Need A High-End PC

Get surprised all you want, but many good games don’t need a beast of a PC, especially the ones from the last decade, which was an absolute golden era of games.

Looking back, if you are interested in stealth RPG, you can try the first editions of assassin’s creed, which any decent computer can run.

Or if Resident Evil or Grand theft auto: San Andreas is more your type, there’s nothing stopping you. For PVP, you have the Tekken series and one of the best games of all time, CS: GO, if multiplayer is your style.

In the open world genre, there are evergreen games like Minecraft and Skyrim which will never bore you. In truth, the list goes on and on, and it’s only a matter of decision.

There Are Some PC Games That Require A Newer High-End PC

While there are countless games that you can play on a decent mid-level PC but there are also ones that you can’t, and that’s the ugly side of it because you can’t expect an average PC to go beyond its limits and do everything.

Most of the said games are contemporary releases built while keeping the advent of this decade in mind. They are larger in file size, require higher specs, and run smoother than ones from the last decade.

guy playing overwatch
Credits: Florian Olivo

Some are good, some bad, and some exceptional, but nearly every new release is incompatible with an outdated build.

The only way they become eligible for use is if you decide to upgrade, which means spending money and going high-end.

How Do You Feel About Virtual Reality Technology?

Virtual reality is a way to make gaming more fun. It might just be your thing if you would love to be a bit more integrated with the games you play.

It is more immersive, engaging, and thrilling than conventional gaming, and as an added bonus, a VR set is not nearly as expensive as a high-end PC.

image of htc vive vr headset
Credits: Jesper Aggergaard

Though it lacks popularity among traditionalists, nearly everyone believes it to be the future of gaming because the connection it offers to the loaded world isn’t simply something that could be received from a screen.

Even if you are skeptical of it, it will not hurt to try and know what it would be like to be one with the game you are playing.

How About Streaming Online Games?

If you are not into RPG or single-player story games or just don’t get the same kick from playing alone, then why not double the experience?

You can double it or multiply it even more by playing with friends. Show people what you play by streaming it somewhere they can see. Try to include them, and many of them might even take an interest in what you play and your gaming skills.

a kid playing dota

There are many websites that offer a platform whereupon you can build your account and channel and make a following.

Among such websites, twitch and discord are the most notable but not the only two; you can even stream on YouTube if you want to. Even the most fun-devoid games seem jolly when there’s someone to share the experience.

So, Do I Need A High-End PC To Play All Games?

You would require a high-end PC to play all games as new games are being released every day, but you don’t need to play all the games there are.

There are a lot of games that don’t require you to be extremely highly equipped but are every bit worth your time and effort, and there are also games that are not as easy to obtain and run as many others, and that’s just how it is.

If you have a good setup, then everything is fine, but if you are in ownership of a lower-grade system, there are still a lot of games you could enjoy, but the harsh reality is that your system will never be able to run newer games will always be near.

– My Final Verdict:

More money buys better parts, and better parts construct a better setup. It is true that money makes the mare go, but still, many people are content with the builds they have even if they are not as advanced or privileged because something is always better than nothing.

In the end, having a PC is not about playing every game there is but the games that are fun and the games that you like, and it is a reality that to run many of your coveted games, you will need an expensive PC, but you will also be lucky enough to find some with lower requirements compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is it worth it to build a high-end PC?

Well, it depends chiefly on what things hold worth near you. Does the thought of playing every new game within days of release sound good to you? If yes, then I can safely assure you that it is every bit worth it to build such a PC.

Question 2: Does a high-end PC use a lot of electricity?

I will assume that the intended term is Electric Power. All systems have a power supply unit that provides them with the power it withdraws from the main circuit.

The wattage of this power supply unit differs, if you have an advanced PC, it is more than likely that it needs more power.

In short, yes, a high-end PC does consume more power than an average one, but the efficiency of the PSU should also be accounted for.

Question 3: What will happen if I play high-end games on my low-end PC?

The most probable result is that nothing will happen if the game is very high-end because your PC simply lacks the capabilities required to run that application.

A moderately high-end game might open, but it’ll play at a ridiculously low frame rate, and an even lower high-end game you might be able to run on reduced settings if you are lucky.

Question 4: Do any PC games require more than 16 GB RAM?

16 Gigs of RAM is good, 32 is even better for gaming though 16 is good enough even according to contemporary requirements.

As of now, there are no games of notice which require at least 16 GB RAM but more RAM is always welcome.

Even modern classics like Elden Ring & RDR2 need 12 gigs to run, while 16 GB is the recommended variant.

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