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Experience Las Vegas Right Here in Europe at These 4 Cities

Experiencing Vegas Like Magic in Europe

For decades, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Atlantic City, New Jersey have reigned supreme as prime entertainment spots. Bustling with resorts and casinos, these places promise a lush nightlife and have people flocking over from across the world to get a taste.

However, these coveted cities are not accessible to everyone, particularly in Europe. In recent years, this inaccessibility, and the desire to spend nights out at casinos, have led to several European cities emerging as similar entertainment hubs.

It is safe to say that these cities are giving Las Vegas and Atlantic City a run for their money, at least in the casino department, because after all, there’s only one “desert city.”

Let us go on a virtual tour and explore 4 European cities that bring Las Vegas to you without ever leaving the continent.

#1. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Located near the French Riviera, the city of Monte Carlo in Monaco has become a favorite destination in Europe for those wanting to try their luck at a casino.

It all began in the 19th century when the Prince and Princess of Monaco built a casino to get Monte Carlo out of the clutches of bankruptcy. When that became a success, they established a hotel for the guests to stay in.

Today, nearly two centuries later, this micronation is known for hosting the Formula 1 race and its casinos, several of which have been featured in famous movies.

If you ever get a chance to visit it, do not forget to enjoy a table at Casino de Monte Carlo, the city’s original casino. Some other casinos include the Monte-Carlo Bay Casino, the Sun Casino, and Casino Café de Paris.

#2. Bucharest, Romania

The Romanian capital of Bucharest boasts the most number of casinos in Europe with a total of 160. That is nearly 9 casinos per every 100,000 residents, earning Bucharest the fame of being the Las Vegas of Europe.

Not only are the casino hotels in this city luxurious, many also offer 4 and 5-star accommodations, allowing tourists to enjoy a comfortable place to stay and play.

Most of these casino hotels are also located in the heart of the city, making it very convenient to go sightseeing during the day.

image of harrods in europe

Some of the most popular casinos in Bucharest are the Platinum Casino, the Grand Casino Bucharest at the JW Marriott Hotel, the Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu, and the Queen Casino.

Whether you want a table, slot machines, or to play a game of poker, these casinos have it all, so if you’ve been to Vegas or played them online on websites like Casino, you’ll probably feel at home here.

#3. Prague, Czech Republic

With the second greatest number of casinos at 56, Prague is not only a gambling mecca, but it is also known for its 5-star rated nightlife locations.

The wonderful thing about Prague’s casinos is that most of them are free to enter and even serve drinks on the house. There are also several more affordable casinos, which means a trip to the slot machines is a regular night-out activity for residents and tourists alike.

The oldest casino in Central Europe is the Casino Savarin Prague, which has been operating since 1905. The high-end atmosphere of this entertainment spot, along with its wide array of card games and slot machines, make it one of the top casinos in the city.

Other famous casinos that you should visit include the Vegas Casino inside the 5-star rated King’s Hotel Court, the Banco Casino, the Ambassador Casino, and Viva Casino. Most of the casinos here have a dress code, so make sure to check that out before you enter.

#4. London, United Kingdom

London is known for its vibrant casino life and boasts a total of 53 casinos, ranking third on the list. One of the main reasons for London’s rich gambling culture is the diversity of casinos the city has to offer.

You will be able to find everything from historic old-school casinos that are elegant and cater to the uber rich and the high rollers to normal, affordable casinos for those just looking for something to do on their night out at town.

image of buildings somewhere in Europe

There are also casinos in every major part of the city. Many of the casinos offer wonderful cuisine and an atmosphere filled with history and culture, which makes gambling in London a unique experience.

Some of the most popular casinos in London are the Hippodrome Casino, the Ritz Club, Les Ambassadeurs, the Metropolitan Casino, the Empire Casino, Aspinall’s, and the private suites at Crockford’s.

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