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Exploring The Top Golf Video Games

Exploring Top Golf Video Games

Golf, a sport originating in 15th-century Scotland, has gained worldwide popularity over the centuries. Although not as prevalent today as in the ’90s and 2000s, golf video games continue to entertain players with their realistic experiences.

Tiger Woods, an iconic figure in golf, has played a huge role in many top-rated golf video games, bringing his expertise and excitement to virtual courses.

Surprisingly, another beloved character, Mario, has also ventured into the world of golf, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to the genre.

Whether you seek a true-to-life simulation or a delightful and entertaining experience, golf video games cater to various preferences.

Boasting realistic graphics, physics, and signature courses, these games offer hours of enjoyment for golf enthusiasts and gamers alike.

Here are the best golf video games to test your skills on the fairways.

Exploring Top Golf Video Games


CyberTiger Intro Screen

Introduced by EA Sports soon after the company released its first Tiger Woods game, CyberTiger stands out in the crowd with its unique play modes.

Apart from the classic practice range and power boosts, you can also edit players, and enjoy a series of animations, as well as digital analog controls.

Controls were introduced a few years after the official release, but they made the difference. The game would probably still be a hit today if EA Sports kept the battle mode, which allowed two different players to fight each other.

Mario Golf

Mario Golf N64 Game Cover

You can’t go wrong with a nice game of golf, excellent controls, and the world-renowned Mario characters. Released for N64, the game gained even more notoriety later on, as it can now be played on various devices with the right emulator.

Controls are extremely fine, giving you full control over the swing. Animations are incredibly funny as well, turning each hit into a nice episode of joy. While there are quite a few different games combining golf and Mario, this one is by far a front-runner.

Sid Meier’s SimGolf

SId Meier's SimGolf Gameplay Image

Sid Meier’s SimGolf is a bit difficult to categorize because it’s slightly different from other gold games. It doesn’t give you the classic experience of a swing and a nice hit. Instead, try to imagine a mix of Sim City and Roller Coaster Tycoon, with a touch of golf.

It’s a well made open-ended game and it works well as a simulator too. However, it requires more than just good direction, especially when it comes to the economic trade offs associated with the golf industry. There’s a bit of extra work required there.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Menu Screen

Get ready for a bit of a modern game, caddy options, all sorts of courses, and Jim Nantz’s unforgettable voice for the commentary. What else can you ask for? Introduced by EA Sports, this is the first golf game where you’ll find a caddy feature.

Of course, the caddy is not perfect and sometimes, you may get some wrong advice. But then, that’s just part of the game. Other than that, you have smooth digital analog controls, but you can also use various consoles to play it.

Golden Tee 2013

Golden Tee 2013 Gameplay

Golden Tee 2013 may not seem entirely new to avid golf gamers. After all, the original game was released in 1989 as an arcade game. Its popularity has skyrocketed, so a more recent version with modern upgrades was introduced in 2013.

The new game stands out in the crowd with its graphics, much better than pretty much any other game at that time. In fact, the game can even compete against newer games.

The movement is incredibly smooth. While everything seems to be based on simplicity, the developer has done a fairly good job of focusing on what truly matters for golf players.

Links 2003

Links 2003 gameplay image

Links 2003 is one of the best golf games ever made for a lot of players. It’s one of the few games out there that can still gather an impressive community for battles and tournaments. The 2003 game was the last in the series developed for computers and it was made by Microsoft Game Studios.

The game is still alive today, mainly thanks to all the packages and mods developed by players. Other than that, it was so simple that everyone could get used to it, but only the best could actually make the difference.

It has a perfect pinpoint control system, as well as an effective matchmaking system. It’s designed as a pure simulator, so there’s not much of an arcade experience in there.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 gameplay image

The Tiger Woods franchise introduced by EA Sports took golf games to another level with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004. This is the father of modern golf simulation games and one of the best ways to hit virtual links with a well calculated precision.

It’s not the first golf game introduced by EA Sports though, but the one that made the digital analog swing control perfect.

There are real time events, calendars, licensed equipment, and other realistic features in the game. Plus, this release also includes Gary McCord and John Daly, so there’s not much more you can ask for.

Hot Shots Golf 3

Hot Shots Golf 3 Cover

Hot Shots Golf 3, also known as Everybody’s Golf 3, is a beloved golf video game released in July 2001. Developed by Clap Hanz and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, it offers fast-paced golf action with a touch of whimsy.

With vibrant graphics and a cast of quirky characters, players can choose from 15 unique personalities, each with their own playstyle.

Hot Shots Golf 3 received positive reviews for its addictive gameplay and charming visuals, making it a hit among fans and critics.

Bottomline, the world of golf video games offers a range of options to suit every player’s preference, whether it is realistic simulations or whimsical adventures.

With stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and iconic characters, these games provide hours of enjoyment for golf enthusiasts and gamers alike.

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