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Backing up the iPhone backup..? in iPhone/iOS
  • King Mustard
CDPR reveals 'CYBERPUNK' sci-fi RPG in Gamers' Hangout
  • Muhammad Farrukh
[UK] Best SSD for £100 ... +/- £20 (ebuyer, scan etc) in Hardware Hangout
  • Technique
[Start page] Online Windows 8: Metrotize your web in OS Customization, Tips and Tweaks
  • Osiris
Medal of Honor: Warfighter in Gamers' Hangout
  • Muhammad Farrukh

Gamers' Hangout

Guidelines and Pointers for this Forum

Welcome to the Gamers' Hangout, here we have 5 sections that try to cater for your particular interest. Please use the main Gamers' Hangout forum (this forum) for discussion of cross-platform games or for discussions of Linux and Macintosh games. All Console and Windows game discussions should be kept in their respectively named forums.

Members may create [Official] game topics under the following conditions: 1) No previous Official topic may exist, 2) An effort is made to include details of the game including features, downloadable content, screen grabs, box art and/or trailers of the game. This feature is unique to Gamers' Hangout.

Please discuss topics respectfully. Attempts to bait others into flamewars will not be tolerated. The use of "fanboy" (or any similar derogatory term) when used against a specific member or group of members will be considered flame-bait and/or a personal attack. You also may not join a discussion for the purpose of destroying it by making lame and unhelpful comments. Such people will be dealt with accordingly. In summary, no flamebaiting, no trolling and no personal attacks.

Has the thread you started or participated in been moved or deleted? Check with the forum moderator via PM but under no circumstances should you start a thread asking why other threads were moderated. Forum moderation is not up for public debate, such threads will be deleted and the thread starter warned.



Tagging is a requirement, please use it

  Posted by Neobond

New Gamers' Hangout Policy, Zero tolerance

  Posted by Frank


Unread forum

NeoGamr News

All news posted to NeoGamr can be seen here.

  • 888 topics
  • 888 replies
  • Cyberpunk 2077 new name for...
  • By John Callaham
Unread forum

Computer Gaming

News, walkthroughs & troubleshooting for computer-based games all here.

  • 17,027 topics
  • 287,799 replies
  • Planetside 2
  • By PGHammer
Unread forum

Microsoft Console

Xbox 360, Xbox.

  • 7,882 topics
  • 165,452 replies
  • Halo 4
  • By GP007
Unread forum

Nintendo Console

Wii, DS/DSi (plus Gamecube, N64, SNES, NES and Gameboy).

  • 2,268 topics
  • 33,072 replies
  • Pokemon Back & White 2
  • By +DJ Dark
Unread forum

Sony Console

PS3, PSP/PSP Go, Vita (and PS2, PS1).

  • 8,041 topics
  • 150,467 replies
  • Recommendation for budget h...
  • By Dushmany
Unread forum

Mobile Gaming

iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Zune and others.

  • 159 topics
  • 1,210 replies
  • Has anyone else tried out F...
  • By kevpan815

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