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Blogging Faster Than Light


I've decided to blog; partly because I never have before, and partly because I have a lot of random stuff to say and this seems like as good an outlet as any. See, I seem to have become rather like an overactive child recently, I like to think of it as multitasking, but it's basically me getting bored of one thing and very quickly moving onto another thing. I'll have a youtube video on while playing a game, or I'll play a game on my phone and laptop at the same time, or I'll write a blog post while watching a rather fun football match.

So speaking of games, I've decided to play some of my many Indie games acquired through the many Steam sales, and I've decided I love them. Recently McPixel and Faster Than Light have found their way into my life. The former being ridiculously hilarious, the latter being incredibly addictive.

Why am I telling you this? Well one of the main ways I hear about new fun things in the world is by word of mouth. Hopefully by spreading the word of fun (and cheap) creations like these, sales go up, devs get happier and make more wonderful content. Indeed, I found out about FTL by watching a Let's Play by the wonderful and hilarious* Nerdcubed on YouTube. Watch it! If only to find out how the game somehow manages to be a real-time strategy game where most of the game is spent paused! And don't do what one of my friends did when I told him about the game and pirate it. It's £6, and it has so much potential! I know not everyone agrees, but I'm more than happy to pay for things I find fun, cool or useful -- I'm a Neowin subscriber after all.

I'd like to say I know what it's like to be a small-time self-employed developer. I tried freelance web development for a while at Uni but never really seriously, and the hardest thing was finding paying customers (once I'd done work for them they'd often come back). I'm now in a pretty secure middle management job at a faceless mega corporation, so I can't really speak for how it must feel to have your work stolen when it is the only thing keeping you able to afford to keep your team going, but it must really suck.

So by now you've watched that video, right? And its sequels? And you've bought the game, right? And completed it at least twice, right? Well in that case, think how awesome this game would be multiplayer. Co-op, MMO, 2v2. The gameplay would probably need to be slowed down a bit so that pausing can be binned (cause it would get annoying), but trying to co-ordinate attacks with a teammate against a gallery of AI rogues would be crazy fun. And teleporting your dudes onto your allied ships to help out, or being able to repair each others ships would make the heal beam useful.

Anyway, as you probably didn't buy the game, I'll stop pontificating about the game's future now and work out what to write about next. I've got a few things I fancy venting about. I'd write about more things I think are cool in this post, but I don't want my first post to spill absolutely everything I do with my free time. If this sort of thing is interesting, let me know and I might write more regularly about some more stuff that interests me -- be that games, movies, computer security, smartphones, sports, science, spongebob squarepants, or food. The real challenge would be a blog post about all those :D .

So over to you - can you guys recommend me any good new Indie games to play?

Over and out


*Watch his LP of Farm Simulator 2011. I was literally in tears laughing from it!

Jimmy Li
Sep 21 2012 01:56
I very like this the short joke, share it to you.

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    Blogging Faster Than Light
    By Jimmy Li
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