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How To Sync PS4 Controller Easily In 60 Seconds

How To Sync PS4 Controller

Do you know one of the best and most innovative things that Sony came out with, along with the PlayStation 4 console, is? It’s the PS4 Controller, also known as the DualShock 4.

Thanks to the out-of-the-box thought process of Sony to overcome all the wire issues and limitations that all the previous versions had.

But, to start with your new PS4 Controller, you need to read this “how to sync PS4 controller”.

How To Sync A PS4 Controller With Two Simple Ways?

If you are a console/gaming lover, you must be very aware of the struggle that comes with controllers with wires. You have to sit closer to the console, make sure that the cable is intact, and not to forget the limitation of the number of ports to connect multiple controllers.

Say no more, thanks to the Sony PlayStation 4 that now comes with two simple ways to sync your Controller.

Method No 1- Sync A PS4 Controller Via A USB Cable

If you are starting with the PS4 and its Controller, you’ll be needing a piece of hardware; a USB 2.0 Micro Cable. Although the console comes with a cable but literally any such cable can work, and even though you have 2 USB ports in the system, you can connect up to four controllers per player account (yay to the huge gaming party).

Firstly, plug the USB cable in the Controller and the other end to the console. Now, when you turn on your PS4, the Controller will be automatically connected to the console (obviously, thanks to the cable).

PS4 Controller Connected With USB Cable

Push the PS button (that you’ll find in the middle of the Controller); this will turn on the Controller.

To tell if your Controller is working, you’ll be able to see the LED light lighting up or blinking on the top of the Controller. For the first player, the light is going to be blue, for the second, it’s red, for the third, the light is green and pink for the fourth.

This USB cable is also used for charging the Controller. If the Controller is not turned on but charging, the LED light will be yellow.

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Method No 2- Sync A PS4 Controller Wirelessly

The bobby pins and the USB cables both have one thing in common, the superpowers to disappear when needed the most (just kidding).

If you have lost your USB cable or want to play from a more comfortable position at the couch, you can also connect the Controller wirelessly through Bluetooth.

To pair your Controller with the console, follow the steps given below:

  1. From your PS4 Dashboard, go to the Settings Menu. Locate the Devices option and then go to Bluetooth Devices. (you can do this with another controller or through the media remote for the PlayStation)Settings Icon of Playstation 4Main Settings Panel of Playstation 4Main Settings Panel of Playstation 4
  2. Now on the Controller, you want to sync, hold down the share button and the PS button at the same time for 5 seconds.PS4 Controller Showcasing How To Sync Wirelessly
  3. Then you’ll find your PS4 Controller on the screen of the BlueTooth device, ready to pair/connect.
  4. Select the Controller, and it is ready to sync with the console.

(Make Sure The Controller Is Charged Properly)

If you want to play wirelessly, you have to charge the Controller (obviously, it doesn’t have some magical powers). Charging your DualShock is pretty simple.

You only have to plug your Controller into the console, and it will automatically start charging. Even if the PS4 is on the rest mode, your Controller will continue to charge, and the light on top will turn yellow.

PS4 controller on Desk

It is essential to charge your Controller correctly, or else it will start acting up, i.e., lagging and turning off again and again. When the Controller is low on charge, the LED light will turn yellow. Also, an on-screen message will also appear to plug in your Controller.

When the Controller is fully charged, the LED light will flash different colors depending on which player you are. (blue for the first player, red for the second, green for the third, and pink for the fourth player)

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How To Sync Another Controller Wirelessly?

We all know how fun it is to be able to play games in multiplayer with your friends. Organizing a game night is just a dream if you are a gamer. No worries, PlayStation 4 allows four players to play at a time through different controllers.

Once you are done syncing one controller successfully to your console, you can easily sync other controllers wirelessly. To do that, keep following the steps given below:

  1. With your synced Controller, navigate to the settings, an icon that looks like a briefcase on the top of the PS4 home menu, click that.
  2. Now go to the devices and then select Bluetooth devices. This will display a list of the devices that are currently synced to your console.
  3. Now, press the PS button for 5 seconds on the Controller that you wish to sync with the console
  4. After 5 seconds, the new Controller will show up in the list, ready to be synchronized. Select the new Controller with the already synced Controller. The new Controller is ready to be used along with the old one.

How To Unpair PS4 Controller?

Game night is over, and now you have decided to go on all solo. Well, it’s time to disconnect all your additional controllers now as it is not recommended to have them all connected always.

To unpair the Controller from the console, here is what you can do:

  1. First of all, make sure that the Controller you want to unpair is turned off (you can do that by pressing the PS button on the Controller)
  2. Now, using the other Controller, go to the settings from the PS4 Home menu. Then navigate to the devices and select the Bluetooth Devices.
  3. Here, you’ll be able to view all the connected devices to the PS4. Select the Controller you want to disconnect and then click on delete. This will make your Controller be disconnected from the console.

How To Reset A PlayStation 4 Controller?

In case you are experiencing some issues while pairing the Controller to the console, you can always reset it.

Resetting the DualShock is pretty simple. Here is how you can do it:

  1. First of all, turn off your PlayStation 4 console
  2. Now, find the little reset button at the back of the Controller. You can locate it in the small home right next to the L2 shoulder button.Back of A Playstation 4 Controller
  3. Now with the help of an unfolded paper clip or something similar to that, try pressing the button in the hole. Hold the button for about 3 seconds.
  4. Turn on your console again. Now the console won’t be able to detect the Controller that you just reset unless it is plugged in.

Some Troubleshooting Issues When Sncing DualShock Controller To The PS4

Like all other electrical devices, Playstation 4 also suffers from a few troubleshooting issues. Particularly to the Controller, here are a few things that might go wrong while connecting along with the simple solutions:

There is a common issue that users face, the Controller not turning on after pressing the PS button. There is a possibility that the Controller is undercharged; make sure you charge it accurately.

Ps4 Controller With A Battery Icon

Even after plugging it in, the yellow charge light doesn’t glow, that’s a sign of the internal battery being damaged, or the USB cable is faulty. Try connecting some other USB cable, and see if it charges otherwise, take it to your nearest Official Sony Customer Support Service.

The second problem arises when you can’t seem to connect the Controller wirelessly even if it is fully charged. In this case, either there is a problem with your console itself or the Controller’s Bluetooth connectivity. If you have any other controller, try connecting that. If the other controllers work just fine, then your faulty Controller is to blame. However, you can always plug in your controller via a USB cable.

Ps4 Controller With A Bluetooth Icon

My Final Verdict:

Here marks the end of the article and our discussion along with that for how to sync the ps4 Controller. As discussed above, the two simple methods are easily implemented and require no prior technical knowledge.

The Dual-shock’s launch was one of the most prominent launches in gaming history. It gives you the ease to play PlayStation from any corner of the room through Bluetooth.

However, if there is some issue, there is always a USB cable for your rescue.

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