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What is Mouse Acceleration? And How To Turn It Off?

how to turn off mouse acceleration

If you are someone who is new to the field of gaming, then we are sure that you are engaging with some unique and new terms that you are unaware of, such as mouse acceleration..

You might have heard a ton of people discussing this point that weather using mouse acceleration is better for them or not, is it better for their gaming needs, or are they better off without this tactic?

Well, if you are someone who wants to try out this new trick that can open wonders to the gaming nation, but you are unaware of the fact that is it going to work appropriately with your needs or not.

Then don’t you worry because we are going to tell you all about it including what is it?

What are the benefits and the disadvantages of using it, and what will be better for you?

What Is Mouse Acceleration?

The mouse is the most prominent part of your desktop, especially when it comes it gaming. The speed of your mouse, the cursor speed plays an important role when it comes to aiming in your respective game.

The smoother and faster your mouse is, the better you can aim and react to the opponent player.

Gaming mouse on a Desk

But always keep this in mind that mouse smoothing and mouse accelerating are two completely different things. Mouse smoothing prevents jerky activity in the kind of mouse that is a low-resolution one, and the acceleration is where we customize the settings to increase the cursor distance when the mouse is shifted quickly.

But yes, every action and every step that we decide to take in the world of gaming has its own pros and cons. We have to choose wisely between them to get the best gaming experience, let’s talk more about the advantages and disadvantages of the mouse settings.

The Benefits Of Using Mouse Speed

As we earlier told you that increasing the speed of your mouse moves your desktop’s cursor to the distance and speed toured by your mouse. You must be thinking that how this can be beneficial for one and how they can use it positively.

Well, don’t you worry folks because we are going to note down all the benefits of this specific setting for you,

  1. This is a handy setting when you have less space to move your mouse around, and this is because instead of you lifting your hand up to move your mouse and getting irritated by the less amount of space, you just have to move your mouse a little bit and the cursor travels a long distance.Steelseries Mouse on a Small Mousepad
  2. Each and every task that you perform on your desktop will be executed as quickly and possible.
  3. It’s best for the people who are using their PC for their daily use and work, for example, working your office apps, random web surfing, programming, scrolling through lengthy files, or pretty much with any work that needs to be done quickly.

Does it seem tempting, right? But is this setting beneficial for the gamers out there? Are they happy with mouse speed or against the people who use it, and why? Let’s know the cons of this setting to know about this more.

Why The Mouse Speed Shouldn’t Be Increased

As we earlier mentioned that not all people are with the concept of increasing your mouse speed, especially when it comes to gaming. Are you eager to know why that is? Let’s dig in and see what disadvantages you get when you enhance the speed of your device.

  1. If you are a gamer that loves to play online shooting games in FPS (first person) mode and you have the speed enhanced, then you might want to turn that off because your cursor will move relatively faster than your own movement and that will mess with your aim a lot, you will miss the easiest shots when it comes to close of duty modern warfare gameplay image
  2. You will get killed more than the number of people you kill because your aim won’t be right, you will waste a reasonable amount of time on aiming, and that will potentially be a loss of the number of killings you would have done in that time frame.
  3. Disabling this setting will make you aim faster and with the exact focus.

The Gamers Perspective

If you are an avid gamer who loves to play online shooting games that require proper aim and focus, then you probably know what we are going to talk about here.

You see, a gamer likes to have full control of the situation that happens in the respective game, I mean that’s the whole point of playing the thing in the first place if you would have no control over the basic movements that are taking place in the game then you would not enjoy it at all.

Person playing video games

Mastering the art of aiming, building that muscle connection with your brain is a skill itself, and it takes years and years to make it, mouse speed-enhancing destroys the feel of that hard work when you lose all control over your movements.

The aiming gets a lot harder, the cursor moves way to much than you want it to move and you can’t shoot anyone correct in the first place, you keep losing and get frustrated instead of getting relaxed.

But yes, we can’t argue about the fact that not all gamers hate this feature; some of them, only who are using this feature from when they started gaming, are immune to it, so they don’t get bothered by it. But if you start using it out of nowhere then you will absolutely hate it and let’s be real here, we are talking about the kings of the real games around, for example, CS 1.6 and CS go.

Have you turned on the acceleration already? And now are regretting that decision and you also don’t know how to turn it off? Don’t worry, we will help you through it irrespective of what kind of window you are using, and we have a guide for everything.

How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration In Window’s 10

  1. Click start, then press the settings icon.Image of Setting Icon in Windows 10
  2. Now choose devices from there and then on the left click on the mouse.
  3. Go to additional mouse options from there.Additional Mouse Setting in Windows 10
  4. Then once you are into the mouse property box, go to pointer options; this will switch to the options tab.
  5. Clear the box that says enhance pointer precision checkbox.Pointer Option Tab in Mouse Properties
  6. Press on ok, and the work is done.

How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration In Windows 7,8.

  1. Go to your control panel from the start menu that you can find in the bottom left corner.Image of Windows 7 Control Panel
  2. Then type in mouse in the search bar situated in the top right corner of your control panel.
  3. Now click on the mouse.Search For Mouse in Control Panel
  4. Press on the pointer options tab.
  5. Uncheck where it is written enhance pointer precision.Windows 7 Pointer Option
  6. Click apply and then click OK.

My Final Verdict:

In this read, we educated you throughout all about what is mouse speed, why people use it, the advantages of using it, and why you should also avoid it.

I would like to suggest that if you are someone who uses their desktop for daily use such as office work, etc., then enhancing speed won’t bother you in any way. It will make your job much more comfortable and more fun to work with.

If you are a gamer who is mostly into games that do not require aiming and much focus, then enhancing the speed won’t hurt a bit.

But if you are someone who takes a keen interest in shooting games, tournaments, and online competitions, then I won’t suggest you enhance the speed at all.

Being an avid gamer myself, I feel that enhancing the speed will destroy the essence and the feel of the game itself, and sooner or later you will get tired of getting used to if because you will no longer feel in control of the situation. If you want a realistic and better gaming experience, then go on without it.

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