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How To Update ASUS Motherboard BIOS? (Safe Way)

How To Update ASUS Motherboard BIOS Cover

I do understand that the whole process of updating BIOS on a motherboard can be a difficult ordeal, but once you realize that it is an important aspect of owning a PC, you will start realizing that you should go ahead and update your BIOS.

Not only it adds stability, but it also makes sure that your motherboard remains free of any vulnerabilities and other similar issues.

But how to update Asus motherboard BIOS? That is one question that most people tend to ask all the time, and we are going to look into how to get things done because it is important to figure this out.

I would not suggest any newcomer to update the BIOS without knowing how to do it, so let’s not waste time and have a look.

How To Check If Your ASUS Motherboard BIOS Up to Date?

This is not something that is complicated at all. You can do this using multiple methods, but I am going to tell you the easiest one that barely takes a few seconds.

On your computer, search for “System Information”, and once that opens, look for “BIOS Version/Date”, and it should tell you the version and how recent your BIOS is.

how to check if my bios is updated

You can then match the BIOS of your motherboard to the one that is available on the website to see if there are any latest updates available.

How To Update BIOS On ASUS Motherboard?

Now when you are talking about updating the BIOS on your Asus motherboard, there are a few ways through which you can achieve that, and for the most part, they are pretty easy, to be honest.

Now, yes, there is a risk associated, and you have to make sure that you do not lose power during the BIOS update process, or it can end up bricking your motherboard.

Thankfully, most modern motherboards do have dual BIOS just for this, but I would still suggest that you check this beforehand

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How To Update Asus Motherboard BIOS in Windows with AI Suite III?

Asus has this really handy tool called “AI Suite III”, and while not all motherboards support it, you can actually get your BIOS flashed using this handy tool. All you have to do is download and install it.

Once it is installed, you just choose “EZ Update”. Then go ahead and click “Check Now > Connect”, the suite will start looking for new software updates, along with new BIOS and drivers.

update asus motherboard bios easily

If it finds the BIOS, simply “click Update” and click OK” to restart the system and let the BIOS installation process complete itself. I do understand that it sounds too good to be true, but I have been using this tool for the longest time, and it really is that easy.

Again, I would highly suggest that you make sure that you have uninterrupted access to electricity and that your computer does not turn off during the process.

Another thing to note here is that your PC will restart numerous times during the BIOS update process, and that is normal. So, let it take place, and you will be good to go in no time.

How To Update Asus Motherboard BIOS with EZ Flash 3?

If you are a bit more technical in terms of BIOS installation, then another way to flash the BIOS is use the EZ Flash 3 utility that is baked into the motherboards. Now, this process requires you to go through a number of steps.

You will have to go get the BIOS from Asus Download Center and make sure that you are entering your motherboard information correctly.

Once the BIOS is downloaded, you should extract it, and you will get a . CAP file. Copy that file onto the USB drive and plug the USB into your motherboard’s USB port.

Now, go ahead and “restart your computer” and boot into the “BIOS menu using the DEL key. Once you are in that menu, press F7 or click Advance Mode“.

Look for EZ Flash 3 Utility and press enter. You will be shown a number of devices; simply select your USB, and inside the US, select the .CAP file.

You will be asked if you want to go ahead and read this file. Confirm to it all, and the installation process will begin. Remember, your PC will restart a couple of times, and that is normal, and there is nothing to worry about.

How To Update Asus Motherboard BIOS with USB BIOS FlashBack?

Another really cool way of updating BIOS on Asus motherboards is using BIOS flashback USB. You just have to repeat the same process as the last step, which involves downloading the correct BIOS file, using the BIOS renamer to make sure it changes the name of the bile on its own.

Move the BIOS to the USB drive that you are going to use. Now, power off your computer and connect the USB to the USB FlashBack port, this is going to vary from motherboard to motherboard, but you can always check the manual.

Once done, simply press and hold the BIOS FlashBack button for three seconds until the LED blinks three times, this will indicate that the process has started. You will just have to wait until the light goes off, and that will indicate that your process is complete.

What is The Easiest Way To Update ASUS Motherboard BIOS?

Honestly, the easiest way to update BIOS is by using the BIOS FlashBack method, but for that, your motherboard needs to have the support for this feature.

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– My Final Conclusion:

Updating BIOS on Asus motherboards can be difficult, but with this post, we have made it easier for you because you now know all the methods that you could require to update the BIOS on your computer, and yes, it is that easy.

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