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Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay In 2023? (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox)

Dead By Daylight Crossplay

You can probably tell by looking at the name that this game is a horror game where your main objective is to survive the clutches of a deranged killer.

This game has slasher elements to it, and it reminds you of classic horror movies where a group of teenagers is hunted down by a mysterious killer.

A fun concept for multiplayer, it is even more fun when you consider that this game is multiplayer, and every character in this game is controlled by a player.

You think that there must be some AI-controlled bots, but this is not the case. And this is what makes this game an absolute delight and fun experience. 4 survivors vs 1 killer, it’s all about your teamwork and clever strategies that will let you see the start of a new day.

Choose from various traps to slow down innocent players or use a hook as bait to lure other players in.

Survivors can choose weapons and utilize the environment to their defense, or if you want to play safer, just lay off the radar for a while. Be stealthy, and you might win.

One of the best things about this game is how much it is inspired by pop culture media. Not only does it have a major classic horror movie influence, but there are 27 different killers that you can choose from.

Those killers belong to horror franchises or other video games, and every now and then, they introduce new killer characters, which add to the hype and excitement of fans.

A game like this is a treat for multiplayer fans, and it is best played among a group of friends. I mean, who doesn’t love to kill their friends in-game and then laugh at their frustration? It isn’t just me, right?

Crossplay is one of the features that is desired by many, and it allows you to pair up with your friends who are playing on different platforms. So, is Dead by daylight supporting crossplay or not?

Let us find out, moving forward

Is Dead By Daylight Cross Platform/Crossplay?

Good news for my gaming friends, Dead by daylight is indeed now cross-platform supported. If you asked me this same question a year ago, I would have said no, but thankfully, devs updated this game with crossplay, and now everyone can join, queue, and play with each other.

It is a good step towards building trust and loyalty between fans, especially new gamers who are just joining this gaming community.

Cross platform play is never a bad thing, and it is a major plus point in any game that allows it, given that you have the option to disable the crossplay. A choice for everybody.

Dead By Daylight gameplay

Dead by daylight is available on PC, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series x/s, and Mobile devices ( android/IOS) Nintendo Switch.

So any player who owns a copy of this game is allowed to join with other platform players without any restrictions except for mobile users.

Mobile users don’t have the privilege to play with big platforms, and they are restricted from joining.

The Mobile versions can be downloaded on IOS and Android marketplaces, but the good news is that mobile players can join each other lobbies. They are allowed to crossplay and matchmaker.

So to summarise this whole situation, the community is divided into Two Groups. For mobile players and Non-Mobile players, no player can join either of the platforms. They are restricted to their groups as of now.

Developers are quite supportive of crossplay, and even though it took them some time, they introduced cross platform support, and this is all I want.

Any developer or studio that listens to what their fans want has a place in my good book. Not only that, the advantages that crossplay brings are healthy for the game’s growth.

You have a lot of players willing to play this game because now that crossplay is active, there is nothing stopping you from playing with your friends.

For new players, this is a welcome sign because now they are free to choose and buy this game on whatever platform they want without any fear of being left out from playing with friends. Or, if you are someone who travels a lot, you can still make time for your friends by going portable on Nintendo Switch.

Playing dead by daylight on switch
@Nintendo World Report TV

However, there are still some issues left that can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Despite the addition of crossplay and how it encourages teamwork to defeat mutual evil, there is no feature for in-game communication.

You can play, you can fight together, but the most important key of teamwork is missing. PC players can utilize third-party apps like Discord, but if you have console players in your team, you have to adjust or figure out another way. One can hope that devs notice and figure out this issue as soon as possible

My Final Verdict:

I have to appreciate what developers did to this gaming community. They listened and introduced cross-play updates so players can have an even more exciting experience with their friends in an already fun game.

I have to address the elephant in the room, there are still some issues that should be highlighted sooner or later.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no place to criticize this game or the developers but think about this, this is a game where helpless innocent people are looking for survival, and they have to team up against an evil psycho killer.

Communication is a must in this scenario, and for our cross-platform players, this is the feature that is currently missing.

Of course, experienced players would know what to do even without someone telling them on voice chat but for most players who are new or still learning.

It will be an exciting feature, and I hope in the future we see some sort of progress. Also, don’t forget about our friends on tiny mobile devices; they also need love and crossplay support with other platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Does Dead by Daylight have a mobile cross-platform?

Dead by daylight is available to download on mobile platforms such as Android and IOS, but they have no access to crossplay for non-mobile platforms.

However, mobile players can join each other and play in the same lobby. Mobile versions support crossplay

Question 2: Is Dead By Daylight Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Yes, Dead by Daylight is crossplay enabled on all platforms it is available for purchase, so PC and Xbox players are allowed to play with each other.

Only mobile variants have no access to the platform, and as of now, they can only crossplay with each other

Question 3: Is Dead By Daylight Cross-Platform PC and Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is a portable console that is considerably weaker on hardware, but this is one of the few cases where a PC game is available to buy on the Nintendo Switch, and it supports crossplay too. This is convenient for people who travel a lot

Question 4: Is Dead By Daylight Cross-Platform Android and iOS?

Dead by Daylight is on the play store and Itunes for purchase on Android and IOS devices, respectively.

Players who own Dead by Daylight on mobile have access to crossplay with other mobile platforms, and they can play with each other. However, non-mobile platforms can’t crossplay with the mobile platforms as of writing

Question 5: Is Dead By Daylight Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

In most cases, Consoles that belong to the same manufacturer are allowed to share a player base in a game.

This is what we call cross-gen support, where different generations of the same console brand give access to players in multiplayer mode. Players can join each other and have fun without any worries

Question 6: How To Turn Off Cross Platform Play?

Developers have also provided the ability to turn off crossplay in case someone doesn’t want to queue up with random players from a different platform.

Go to the settings option and look for the online tab. There is an option named crossplay which can be unchecked in case you don’t want crossplay enabled multiplayer matchmaking

Question 7: How to add new Dead by Daylight friends?

To add friends in your friend list, look for the + sign on your menu screen. It will be on your bottom left side. Click on it and write a person’s IGN in the search bar.

If your IGN is correct, you will find that person’s profile in no time, and you can add them to your friendlist whenever they accept your request

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