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Little Nightmares 3 on the Horizon? Bandai Namco Job Postings Hint at New Release

Little Nightmares 3 on the Horizon Bandai Namco Job Postings Hint at New Release Cover

Little Nightmares is one of the best indie series in many gamer’s opinions including mine. When Little Nightmares 2 was released back in 2021, the Tarsier Studios took the Little Nightmares franchise to new heights by adding new innovative features and scarier environments with bosses that you will never forget.

Tarsier Studios was acquired by the Embracer Group in December 2019 during this acquisition, the sequel Little Nightmares 2 was still under development at the studio, with Bandai Namco being the publisher.

When the sequel was released in 2021, Tarsier Studios was ripped from the franchise while Bandai Namco maintained the ownership.

Many Little Nightmares were crushed from the inside due to this issue, and questions started to arise about what will happen to the franchise now, but luckily it seems Bandai Namco does have plans to continue working on this IP.

Bandai Namco Europe has recently published a job listing on Linkedin. The two required job titles are intern and producer to work on IP: Little Nightmares. It seems the IP is not dead and, in fact, is being developed over at Bandai Namco Europe located in Lyon, France, and not by the Tarsier Studios.

I have added the screenshots of the job listing down below:

Bandai Namco Europe Mentions New Little Nightmares In Job Listing
Little Nightmares 3 Leaked

As you can read, one of the listings states, “You are responsible for managing the product development from concept until the release date to help us to continue to increase the success of the IP.” Reading this kind of confirms that the new game is still in the very early stages of development.

We can also expect to see the release of Little Nightmares 3 very soon because the previous titles were developed by a tiny team of 70+ employees at the Tarsier Studios. Now that Bandai Namco Europe is developing the game with a much bigger group, the next title won’t take long to release.

Now I know a lot of you guys would say that it could be some sort of DLC and not a new title in the franchise, But hear me out here if you have played the game before, you might know that Little Nightmares 2 does seem to indicate a third title, in the end, I won’t go into details too much in case you have not yet finished the game, but I can say that game does leave a door open for the third entry.

In another case, it is possible we won’t see a continuation of the series, and the new Little Nightmare is just a spinoff. It’s still very early to speculate anything. All we can do right now is just wait and see what Bandai Namco can do with this incredible IP.

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