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Merax Gaming Chair Review 2023 – Should You Buy It?

Merax Gaming Chair Review

If you are an occasional gamer, this might be a pass for you. However, for a pro gamer, who loves to play day and night, a gaming chair is more than a necessity.

Imagine yourself getting indulge in gameplay whose storyline is long enough and then finding yourself fatigued and stressed after hours.

Here’s when the gaming chair comes into the play. Keep reading to know about our Merax Gaming Chair review.

Merax Gaming Chair Review

The Merax chair is going to make a place for itself in your home and gaming room with its easy to assemble, affordability, and highly durable features. This chair will make your long gaming sessions comfortable.

Unlike all the other cheap yet boring and dull chairs, this chair is both good for the price point and a luxury racing car-like aesthetics as well.

Also, even if you are not a gamer and want a chair for work or study, this might be the one for you! Now, keep reading to give a deeper look at the details of the chair.

Image of Merax Gaming Chair in Different Colors


Following are the technical specifications for Merax Gaming Chair:

  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 52.4” Height, 21.7” Width and 20.1” Depth.
  • Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Type: High-back.
  • Materials: PU Leather.
  • Recline: 180 degrees.
  • Style/Design: Racing/Gaming.
  • Color options: Black and red, black and blue, and black and green.
  • Warranty: 1 Year.

– Advantages:

  • The design is stylish and attractive.
  • Excellent for light to moderate daily use as it is well padded and suited.
  • The 180-degree recline range is amazing.
  • Great in terms of adjustability.
  • The chair is very sturdy.
  • The price point is great, and it is best for those who don’t want to spend a hefty price for the gaming chair.
  • It comes in three different colors, including red, green, and blue.

– Drawbacks:

  • The height adjustment and the maximum supported weight don’t match accordingly. And it is not a good option for bigger gamers.

#1- Design, Style, And Color

The design and color of the chair plays an important role in many people’s decisions about whether to buy the chair or not. People look for that extra oomph factor rather than a dull and boring option. Also, they want something that can make their room easily in your gaming section.

So, if you are into the aesthetic of the chair, this section might answer all your questions related to this chair.

From the outer look point of view, Merax gaming chair comes with a design of the racing car with a high-back (Obviously attracting all gamers). This chair is rightly designed with the growing market of gaming chairs with racing car designs.

4 different color Merax chairs

Talking about the color, this chair comes in four different colors blue, red, green and white. However, the base color remains the same for each color option, which is black.

(As to my opinion, making a black base color is not feasible, as it makes the other color pops out. This might be a bummer for the gamers who love the minimalist design!). So, if you are into the colors, pick out your favorite one and bring it home.

#2- Comfort

If you are a pro gamer, you are going to spend most of the time on the gaming chair. Even if you are not gaming all the time, many people use gaming chair for streaming movies and napping in between the breaks as well.

Therefore, comfort in lengthy gameplays or while watching movies or napping is one of the crucial factors as well (that’s why you decided to go for a gaming chair in the first place, duh!)

Showing the comfort of this chair

So comfort wise, to be honest, this isn’t the best chair out there in the market. It is covered with PU leather and moderately padded with block foam, which makes it good for light to moderate use (it is not that bad either!).

Other ergonomics features that aid in comfortability is the headrest pillow and lumbar support pillow. It provides a decent head and back support. It is not the cutting edge kind of good but comes close with the other options available in the market.

#3- Performance

Wait, does it pay off? Is its performance worth the money? We know all these questions are rattling in your mind. But don’t worry! We are here to answer it all.

If you ask us one thing that makes this chair stand out, the only word that will come out will be the performance. If you are looking for an affordable, comfortable, and high-performance gaming chair, Merax gaming chair won’t disappoint you. This is your buddy for the long gaming sessions.

Merax Chair Durability

It has gained popularity in the market due to its amazing design, as well as the capability to accommodate the gamers stylishly and comfortably for long hours.

We know the struggle of being seated in on leather for long hours in the summertime (it surely is the most discomforting and annoying thing ever!). However, this gaming chair is made of PU leather that makes it handle this issue effortlessly.

The material is breathable, which means it won’t make your pants sticky and uncomfortable (this is one of the features mostly gamers go for). Also, not to mention the durability of PU leather of this chair is outstanding.

#4- Capacity And Dimensions

This section answers your questions like is the Merax chair reasonable dimension wise? Does it have enough capacity to hold?

As all other features, dimensions of the Merax gaming chair surpass all other options in its price range.

To be precise, the gaming chair heights 52.4 inches, 21.4 inches wide, and 20.1 inches in depth. Please note that these are the maximum measurements, as both height and the width of this chair are adjustable.

And for the capacity, this chair claims to hold 250 lbs. Which, to be honest, is fairly low as there are other options that can hold over 300 lbs. So, if you are a large gamer, this chair might not be suitable for you, and we recommend to look for options that fit your frame perfectly.

That being said, many users have reported a complaint of the seat is too narrow as well.

Even though the overall width of the chair is 21.4 inches, the armrests also take some room too. Also, the seat is designed in a buck-style; the true width of seating is somewhere between 14-15 inches. So, again if you have a larger build or wider hips, look for some other options.

An Overview Of The Merax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Previously, you’d have known Merax for making top-notch CD and DVD cases, and they were good at it. However, the company’s landscape has been shifting in recent times. Who would’ve thought the company would shift to making office furniture?

That said, some of their furniture models outclass many competitors, ranking way above their actual weight class. Unfortunately, the model we’re currently discussing fails to fare this high against its competitors.

We consider Merax’s High-Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair to be above average, which isn’t quite bad if you consider others.

An overview of this chair

Considering the chair from its price, you might not be pleased with the quality you get either. If you take a look at Merax’s sales in the past, you’d see this chair show up quite often because of its unpopularity amongst the masses and other famous models.

Quite honestly, the model is a steal if you can find it on sale since the low price makes it worth a buy (considering the fact that you can still ignore the low points of the chair.)

There are a couple of factors to talk about (some good and some not.) So, let’s get started:

  1. Style-wise, it’s a fairly good chair. It looks very modern and fashionable, as it provides a variety of color schemes (blue/black, red/black and green/black.)
  2. If you are looking for a lightweight option, the Merax gaming chair is here for the rescue! You won’t have to struggle to move this chair from one place to another. However, the wheels in the chair might get stuck or need a little more effort on thick plush carpets.
  3. The height adjustment and weight capacity do not match. That means the height adjustment shows that its ability to accommodate big and tall users; however, the weight capacity shows otherwise. That is possible because the base is made of non reinforced nylon. If the chair had more ruggedize nylon or aluminum or steel base, it would have been capable of handling more weight.

Additional Features:

Along with the basic features discussed above, the Merax gaming chair has something more to offer. Below are the additional features that come with this gaming chair:


Many users’ first consideration is the price point (which is fair enough). There are many high-end gaming chairs, and then there are some affordable options as well. We have said before, we’ll say it again, this chair is very much affordable.

Considering what you get at the price, the features are amazing. If talking comparatively, with the options at the same budget, the Merax chair marks number one. So, if your budget is low and yet you still want the best (duh! Everyone wants the best), go for this one!

180 Degree Recline

If there’s one thing all gamers can unit on, it’s the comfort gaming brings in our life. Just the ability to recline back in our comfy chairs and game away is a great feature. Not to mention, gamers don’t just play video games on their systems.

They indulge in all sorts of activities, be it streaming, watching movies, or jamming to music. In most cases, it doesn’t involve the user to play an active part, so reclining brings real comfort in play. These chairs are, therefore, quite relaxing and cater to these needs from the users.

Merax's 180 angle recline

Now, it’s quite obvious, no one would love to keep sitting in a straight position while gaming. We frown and recline, focus, and sit up, so there are loads of moods at play here. A good gaming chair should definitely be flexible!

So, with Merax Gaming Chair, you’ll get a bit more flexibility, making your long gaming sessions more comfortable throughout. Also, the chair can be reclined 180 degrees, and this makes it a perfect place for taking a nap break in between your gaming session or movies. Obviously, this isn’t the factor most people will look for.

However, the reclination gives this chair more value than most of the chairs at this price don’t offer.

High Back And Lumbar Support

There are many gaming chairs (especially the racing car style ones) that make the back pretty straight up and down. For a normal user, this might not sound like an issue; however, for someone who wants lumbar support, these chairs might not be suitable.

To cater to this issue, the Merax Gaming Chair comes with a lumbar support pillow as well as a headrest pillow (cherry on the top.) These pillows are attached at the back of the chair with the help of straps, and they are adjustable as well, in one way or another.

Upper part

However, the main question is the quality of the pillows. As reading the reviews of the many users, they have claimed that the pillows are not too comfortable and are rather firm. Also, it is reported that the lumbar support in this particular chair is not adjustable as in some high-end options.

As in the high-end options, the pillows can be adjusted by just dragging up and down. However, in the Merax gaming chair, the support is attached by the straps that mean you have to go to the back of the seat every time you want to adjust the support.

In conclusion, the lumbar and headrest support of this chair would be fair enough for many users. However, if you are very conscious about the support pillows, we recommend you to look for some other options.

Merax Lumber Support

Is The Merax Gaming Chair Right For You

Just to be clear, I am not here to make your mind. Although, i’ll give you as many facts as possible for this chair to make your decision process a bit easier.

Also, for every user/consumer preferences and demands are different. And considering those preferences, this chair might make sense to some and might not for some. So, I won’t clearly remark this product as “bad” or the “best.” It always depends on your budget, and secondly on your needs.

So, now the real question Is Merax Gaming Chair Right For You? After reading all the above details of the chair, you might have got a picture of the chair. Still, here I have jotted a few factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding it Merax chair right for you or not.

  • Your budget is somewhere around $100-$200.
  • Your preference is a high-back chair.
  • You are ok with the blue, green, and red color schemes.
  • You want a racing car style gaming chair.
  • Your body frame is average, not larger in build.

My Final Verdict:

To be very fair, we wanted to like the Merax gaming chair as much as you wanted. But, this chair would be more of an office chair kind rather than the “actual” gaming chair that most pro gamers demand.

But, then again, many users don’t want to spend a hefty amount on a gaming chair, and that makes the Merax Gaming Chair the best in the price range (also if you buy it in the sale, it’s a great deal!). So, make up your mind as this gaming chair isn’t all that bad!

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