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Minecraft Not Using GPU (Updated Fixes 2023)

Minecraft Not Using GPU Error

No matter how old you get, Minecraft is fun. Exploring the world, mining for resources, and creating new things in this game never gets old. But what if one day you restart your PC and find that Minecraft is running at extremely low frame rates, and you cannot get it working back like it once ran.

Minecraft is not running well on your computer because it is not using your GPU and drawing the graphics horsepower it needs to run. So here in this article, I will explore the issue of Minecraft not using GPU and tell you how you should solve this problem.

Why Does Minecraft Be An Integrated Graphics Card Instead Of A GPU?

This problem usually arises when there are two GPUs inside of them. One of the GPUs is usually the Intel HD Graphics with your Intel processor, while the other is a discrete GPU from Nvidia and AMD.

These two GPUs are used when they are needed as the integrated GPU normally works on battery while the discrete GPU works when your Laptop is plugged in or you need its power while using the battery.

This dynamic switching of GPUs can sometimes cause game problems, which is why you experience lower frame rates.

Fixing Minecraft Not Using GPU In 2023

Now that we have understood the problem, let me give you some solutions to this problem so that Minecraft once again starts using your discrete GPU so that you can play your game once again with smoother frame rates and high settings.

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#1- Select High-Performance Via Settings

The first method we will use is to enable your graphics card in the power options. Sometimes, your windows go through a soft reset after an update installs.

This reset applies to your power options, which disables your graphics card. Now, to enable it, we would need to go to the control panel.

The first thing that we will do is go to the “control panel” and select the “power options .” If you cannot find it, search for “power options,” and you will find it.

Change the power plan to high performance

Over there, you will be asked to choose a “power plan.” Over there, select the “High Performance” plan, and you are done. Launch Minecraft and see if the GPU is being used or not.

#2- Use The Nvidia GPU For Minecraft

If you are using a GPU from Team Green, follow these instructions so that the discrete graphics could be enabled.

  1. First and foremost, Open up the “Nvidia Control Panel” and find “Manage 3D settings”.
  2. There will be two tabs over there. Under the Global settings, set your preferred GPU to “High-Performance NVIDIA Processor .”
  3. Once you are done with that, move on to program settings and click on “add” and then “browse.”Use the Nvidia GPU for Minecraft Java Edition
  4. Find your Minecraft directory and go to the bin folder. You will find “Javaw.exe” in the bin folder and click on “Add Selected Program .” Video of how to Javaw.exe .
  5. Once selected, scroll down in the menu underneath it and select “High Performance NVIDIA Processor” as your preferred GPU. After doing this, click on Apply and run the game.

#3- Select the AMD Radeon GPU for Minecraft

For the people using an AMD GPU, this is how you select it for Minecraft.

  1. First off, go to AMD Radeon Settings. Once that’s opened up, click on the “system” tab in the options you are given.
  2. On the top right, you are going to find and click an option called “Switchable Graphics Tab,”.
  3. Over there, you will look for an option called “Installed Profile Applications,” where you are going to find your Minecraft executable by browsing in your system directory.
  4. This executable will be located in the Minecraft bin folder named “Javaw.exe.”
  5. Select the executable and then select “High Performance” mode for it. Launch the game and check whether or not the solution has worked.

#4- Add Minecraft Java Application To GPU Settings

The Java version of Minecraft can sometimes become a pain for users as the graphics drivers do not recognize it as a program that needs the GPU to work, so they need to do this step manually.

Doing this will allocate the required computational power to your game, and you will enjoy smoother frame rates.

  1. First off, you will create a new profile and select “Keep the launcher open” near the Launcher visibility settings.
  2. Once you create the profile, launch the game using that profile. Switch out of the game by simultaneously pressing Tab and alt.
  3. Open up the Minecraft launcher and go to the launcher log tab, where a line that starts with the “half command” will point you towards the java executable required to start Minecraft.
  4. Once you have found the required executable, go to the Nvidia control panel and in manage 3D settings, go to the Tab called “Program Settings.”
  5. Click on add and look for the Java application or executable required to launch Minecraft.
  6. Now, scroll down, and in the preferred GPU, choose the “High-Performance Nvidia Processor.”
  7. Restart the game and check if the solution has worked for you.

#5- Add Java SE Binary To Windows Graphic Settings

Now, the next step you need to do to fix the problem of Minecraft not using GPU is to add the Java SE binary to Windows Graphics Settings.

Having dual GPUs sometimes can be tricky, and this step will ensure that your windows allocate enough resources to your game.

  1. First, you will find the Java application that serves as the executable to launch Minecraft, following the steps I mentioned above.
  2. Once you have found the executable titled “javaw.exe,” go to the settings and select the first option called “system.”location of graphics settings in windows 11
  3. Over there, go to the “Display option” and then scroll down to find “Graphics settings.”Graphics option in windows 11
  4. Over there, click on browse and find the “Javaw.exe” and add it to the list.add minecraft to high performance mode in windows 11
  5. Once it has been added, click on options, and in the “graphics preference” tab, select the “high performance” option. And save it.

Launch your game and check to see if your game worked.

How To Check If Minecraft Is Using GPU?

The following steps will help you to check if Minecraft is using GPU. The quickest way is to launch the game and then switch out using Alt+Tab. Now, open up the “Task Manager” and maximize it.

How To Check If Minecraft Is Using GPU The Easy Way

In the processes tab, look for “Minecraft.” On the extreme right of the task manager screen, you will see the “GPU Engine” column. If it says GPU-0, then you are using the discrete graphics card.

You can also use MSI Afterburner to check if your game uses the GPU you intended for it to use. You will need to set up the benchmarking tool in the built-in afterburner. However, once you are done, you will be able to see which GPU you are currently using in-game.

What Does A GPU Fo For Minecraft?

GPU or a Graphics Processing Unit is that component inside a computer that drives the graphical workload done by that computer. Without a GPU, you can not run tour games properly.

For Minecraft, a GPU can be the most integral component as it gets all the horsepower it needs to run for it. Without a discrete GPU, your game will either not run, and if it does run, you will face severe stutters and lag and abysmal frame rates.

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Final Verdict:

Those are some of the solutions you need to know if Minecraft stops using the GPU in your computer. There may be specific reasons you might be facing this issue; however, as long as the problems are rooted in software, fixing these issues will be extremely simple if you follow my guide.

However, if the issue persists in Minecraft and other games, there may be something wrong with the hardware side of things, so it would be better to take your computer to a repair center to be checked out by a technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Does Minecraft use CPU or GPU?

However, Minecraft uses both the CPU and the GPU simultaneously in different capacities. The CPU is used to calculate the back-end processes in the game, while the GPU is used for the graphics.

#2 – Can you make Minecraft use GPU instead of CPU?

Yes! The Integrated GPU within your CPU does not have enough power to game well, so it is better to use the GPU. The above guide gives you all the answers on enabling it if it is not activated automatically.

#3 – How to Play Minecraft without a graphics card?

You can play Minecraft by only using your CPU by going into the power options and selecting the low power mode.

Your gaming experience while using your CPU as the main chip will not be very good due to low frame rates and low settings.

#4 – Why does Minecraft use 30% of my GPU and lag?

This issue might be because you have enabled low power mode in your power options. Follow the steps I listed in my guide above to correct this issue.

#5 – Do Minecraft shaders use GPU?

Yes! The shaders that are required in Minecraft do use your GPU.

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