Kickstarter campaign launched for "old school RPG"

Kickstarter has been used to help fund a lot of upcoming PC games, and today two more well known veteran PC game creators launched their own fund raising effort on the Kickstarter site to help fund at least one game, and maybe two.

The Kickstarter page simply calls the game the "old school RPG" project. It's being fronted by LootDrop's Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall. Brathwaite helped to create the many games in the classic Wizardy series, while Hall helped to found id Software and later made the underrated sci-fi RPG Anachronox while he worked at the now defunct Ion Storm.

Brathwaite and Hall both feel that the kind of game they want to make isn't really being created anymore by other game developers. They state on their page:

Like boss monsters in a dark dungeon, RPGs are a challenging genre to make. A devious mix of many systems - combat, magic, character development, quests - they require expertise, both in design and in development. This is, of course, on top of what it takes to design and develop a game in the first place! Kickstarter backers need to know that they can count on our proven experience to deliver what they pledge for.

The campaign is asking for a rather high amount of money, $1 million, to help fund "Old School RPG" within 32 days. The team also has a stretch goal of $1.9 million that, if it is reached, will allow Brathwaite and Hall to each make an fantasy RPG game of their own, in completely different fantasy worlds. People who donate at least $15 will get both games if the stretch goal is reached.

Source: Kickstarter | Image via LootDrop