"Pay what you want" Humble Indie Bundle 6 launched

By John Callaham, 7

The team at Humble Bundle started the trend of offering games for a limited time on the "pay what you want model". So far the five previous bundles have generated millions in revenue that are shared by various game developers. Today, the team has launched Humble Indie Bundle 6 with a new set of games to get on the cheap or as much as you can afford.

According to the site:

Name your price and dive into the critically acclaimed action-RPG Torchlight; the rugged sci-fi action platformer Rochard; physics-based brick breaker Shatter; top down space combat sim Space Pirates and Zombies; and steampunk puzzle platformer Vessel. Customers who beat the average price will also get the incredible frantic acrobatic platformer, Dustforce!

Normally buying all six of these games together will cost about $86. The games are all DRM free and come in PC, Mac and Linux flavors. Indeed this Humble Indie Bundle also represents the Linux debut for all of these titles.

Buyers of Humble Indie Bundle 6 also get Steam keys and the game's soundtracks as well. As with the previous Humble Indie Bundle events you can also choose to donate money to two charities, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play. Humble Indie Bundle 6 will end two weeks from now.

Source: Humble Bundle website

Comments (7)

+BeLGaRaTh Reply

I already own these games, but I purchased them anyway for $10 I have bought every single Humble Bundle thus far, including the android ones, they were both awesome

compl3x Reply

Humble Bundle is something in the gaming industry that isn't a cynical money grab. I'll be getting mine soon.

Shane Nokes Reply

I'll be snagging my set tonight from the site once my pay goes into the bank.

PurpleHaze420 Reply

$1 for Steam key, nice.

+Pwrmad Reply

I got it! Really nice games in this bundle - like in the ones in the past.

IceBreakerG Reply

Torch Light alone is worth me getting this bundle. I passed on the last one because I already had most of the games, but I'd really like to play Torch Light.

astropheed Reply

This will be the third copy of Torchlight I own, but still it's worth it (Bought it when it came out, received it with TL2 pre-purchase and just yesterday with Humble Bundle). Still worth every cent, besides the other games look fricken awesome.