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Latest News


World of Warcraft hackers kill lots of in-game characters  

· By John Callaham, 25

Hackers apparently found an exploit in the servers of Blizzard's hit MMO World of Warcraft that allowed them to kill lots of player characters and NPCs all at once. Blizzard says it has now fixed it. More...

Blizzard has "no particular fear" of Windows 8  

· By John Callaham, 20

Blizzard senior software engineer Darren Williams says that the game developer has "no particular fear" of Windows 8 as the company gets ready to launch its latest World of Warcraft expansion. More...

Blizzard watermarks WoW screenshots with player info  

· By Nathan Tsui, 12

Astute players of World of Warcraft have discovered that watermarks are being inserted into screenshots taken of the game. The watermark data includes identifying player and server information. More...

World of Warcraft banned in Iran due to US sanctions  

· By John Callaham, 8

Blizzard has now admitted that its games, including its hit MMO World of Warcraft, are banned from being accessed by residents of Iran due to the sanctions against that country by the US government. More...

Diablo III to add Paragon system for level 60 players  

· By John Callaham, 19

Blizzard has announced plan to put in a new Paragon for Diablo III, allowing players at level 60 a new way to increase their character stats while also increasing Magic Find and Gold Find. More...

Battle.net accounts compromised  

· By Nathan Tsui, 5

Battle.net has been breached, and encrypted passwords, email addresses, personal security question answers, and authenticator information has been taken. Update your passwords. More...

World of Warcraft loses 1.1 million users in Q2 2012  

· By John Callaham, 19

Activision Blizzard has revealed that the fantasy MMO World of Warcraft currently has 9.1 million subscribers, a loss of 1.1 million users in the second quarter of 2012. More...

StarCraft II gets big 1.5.0 update  

· By John Callaham, 0

StarCraft II has received a major new update, bringing the RTS game up to version 1.5.0 with a number of new features, including the Arcade game discovery mode and more. More...

Teen dies after playing Diablo III for 40 hours  

· By Tyler Holman, 21

An 18 year old from Tainan, Taiwan reportedly collapsed and died after playing Blizzard's Diablo III for over 40 hours at an internet cafe without even taking a break to eat. More...

StarCraft II home made arcade controller revealed  

· By John Callaham, 2

The fighting game fan site Shoryuken sponsored a contest for people to design a arcade-style controller for Blizzard's RTS game StarCraft II, and this week the winner was selected. More...

The Art of Blizzard hardcover book coming in October  

· By John Callaham, 1

Insight Editions will publish The Art of Blizzard in October, a 352 page hardcover book with nearly 800 art pieces from Blizzard's many game franchises, along with commentary from team members. More...

Players survive Diablo III in Hardcore Inferno mode  

· By Tyler Holman, 3

Blizzard has announced that two players have managed to finish Diablo III under the Inferno difficulty while playing in Hardcore mode, which means they did it at the highest difficulty and didn't die. More...

New Diablo III patch makes some gameplay changes  

· By John Callaham, 3

A new client patch for Diablo III has been released which makes a number of gameplay changes to the action-RPG, including reducing the difficulty level for Inferno players in acts 2-4. More...

Diablo III was first developed as an MMO game  

· By John Callaham, 7

Max Schaefer of Runic Games has revealed that while he worked at Blizzard, the plan was to release Diablo III as a full massively multiplayer game before scaling back to its current form. More...

"Several thousand" Diablo III cheaters banned [Update]  

· By John Callaham, 14

Blizzard has announced that the company has now banned "several thousand Diablo III players" that Blizzard said violated the terms of its Battle.net service by using bot programs or by cheating. More...

South Korean government launches Diablo III probe  

· By John Callaham, 5

The government of South Korea has launched an investigation into Diablo III after receiving complaints from many of the game's players about the issues surrounding the launch of Blizzard's action-RPG. More...

Diablo III stats and hotfixes discussed  

· By John Callaham, 0

In a new update on the Diablo III web site, Blizzard reveals some stats from the recently released action-RPG along with information about upcoming hotfixes and changes to the game. More...

Some Diablo III accounts already being hacked  

· By John Callaham, 20

Reports are coming in that a number of Diablo III accounts on Battle.net have already been hacked and taken away from their rightful owners. Blizzard has yet to comment. More...

Diablo 3 starter guide and FAQs  

· By Nathan Tsui, 2

Get a head start in Diablo III with our starter guide, covering all the important information you need to know before jumping into the game. Includes a FAQ covering basic questions. More...

TechSpot: Diablo 3 Performance Tested, Benchmarked  

· By Julio Franco, 0

After 11 years in the making and more setbacks than we care to count, Blizzard has finally unleashed a third installment to its cult classic dungeon crawler. Having waited over a decade, the arrival.. More...

Diablo III delays launch of auction house feature  

· By John Callaham, 7

Blizzard has announced it has decided not to launch the real money auction house portion of Diablo IIII on May 22nd, as the company tries to keep up with the huge influx of online gamers. More...

Diablo III launch day issues hit some players  

· By John Callaham, 2

The long awaited launch of Diablo III today was hit with a number of issues, mainly due to the massive rush of players trying to sign onto Blizzard's Battle.net servers. More...

Diablo III installer now available  

· By John Callaham, 3

Blizzard has now unlocked the installer for Diablo III, allowing people who pre-ordered the action-RPG to install the game on their PC rig ahead of its official launch Tuesday. More...

Diablo III free starter edition announced  

· By Nathan Tsui, 6

Every boxed copy of Diablo III will include a Guest Pass key, which will allow players to give Diablo-less friends the opportunity to play a "Starter Edition" of the game. More...

Blizzard and Valve settle DOTA trademark dispute  

· By John Callaham, 6

Blizzard and Valve have settled their DOTA trademark dispute, with Valve still able to use DOTA 2 for its upcoming action-RTS game while Blizzard will now called Blizzard DOTA Blizzard All-Stars. More...

Diablo III: Wrath animated short released  

· By John Callaham, 2

Blizzard has released a six minute short animated movie, Diablo III: Wrath, that's designed to be a prequel to the storyline of the upcoming and long awaited action-RPG sequel. More...

Diablo III to offer global online play  

· By John Callaham, 3

Blizzard has announced that Diablo III gamers will be able to play against other people outside the player's home region, although they will have to create new characters for those regions. More...