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Latest News

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlet DLC coming next week  

· By John Callaham, 3

Gearbox Software will release the DLC pack Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty for the recent FPS Borderlands 2 on October 16th for $9.99, following this week's release of the Mechromancer class. More...

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC available now  

· By Tim Schiesser, 0

The fifth playable character in Borderlands 2, Gaige the Mechromancer, is now available to download from Steam; either for $9.99 or free with the Premiere Club edition More...

My thoughts on Borderlands 2  

Editorial · By Tim Schiesser, 5

A couple of weeks ago Borderlands 2 was released; I got a copy on my PC, played it, an enjoyed it a lot. Here's some quick thoughts on the game after I completed the majority of it. More...

TechSpot: Borderlands 2 GPU & CPU Performance Test  

· By Julio Franco, 11

Borderlands 2 builds on the foundation laid three years ago, delivering new characters, more weapons, smarter foes, and the same addictive gameplay. We put it to the test on today's finest hardware. More...

Borderlands 2 DLC Season Pass announced  

· By John Callaham, 5

People who purchase the upcoming first person shooter-RPG sequel Borderlands 2 will soon be able to sign up for a "Season Pass" to get all of the game's planned DLC content at a lower price. More...

Borderlands 16-bit browser remake launched  

· By John Callaham, 2

Gearbox Software has launched a web browser version of its hit action game Borderlands, but in its "original" 1989 16 bit-version that's titled "The Border Lands." More...

Borderlands 2 "finished"; DLC work remains  

· By John Callaham, 2

Gearbox Software has completed work on Borderlands 2 but the team is now working on the Mechromancer character class DLC pack for the first person shooter-RPG sequel. More...

NeoGamr's most anticipated games of E3 2012  

· By John Callaham, 4

We offer up our picks for the games we most want to see and play in Los Angeles as we start up our E3 2012 coverage, including Halo 4, Elder Scrolls Online and more. More...

Borderlands 2 special editions revealed  

· By John Callaham, 3

Gearbox Software has announced it will release two special editions of its upcoming first person shooter-RPG hybrid sequel Borderlands 2 when it is released this fall. More...

Borderlands 2 designer: Consoles dictate the PC  

· By Tyler Holman, 8

Once upon a time, it was the PC gamers who scoffed at 'inferior' console ports, but the tables have turned, according to Borderlands 2's lead designer, who says that consoles now dictate the PC. More...

Gaming news round-up: November 29  

· By John Callaham, 1

In today's gaming news round-up we find out about a big upcoming firmware update for the Playstation 3, a casting call for a live actor for Borderlands 2, more sales numbers for Battlefield 3 and more More...

Borderlands 2 officially announced  

· By John Callaham, 6

Developer Gearbox Software and publisher 2K Games have finally announced plans to release Borderlands 2, the sequel to the successful 2009 sci-fi shooter-RPG hybrid game. More...