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Latest News

Electronic arts

EA Origin error gave out tons of free games to users  

· By John Callaham, 17

Electronic Arts accidentally allowed users of its Origin PC game download service to download games for free for a brief time this weekend, thanks to an error with a code meant for just one game. More...

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill release dates announced  

· By John Callaham, 6

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, the next DLC release for the first person shooter, will be released for PC Battlefield Premium subscribers September 11th, and for everyone else two weeks later. More...

PopCap Games confirms layoffs of 50 team members  

· By John Callaham, 6

One day after PopCap Games announced plans to release a sequel to Plants Vs Zombies, the casual game developer announced plans to lay off a number of its team members. More...

Plants Vs Zombies 2 announced; coming in 2013  

· By John Callaham, 10

PopCap Games has announced it will release a sequel to its hit tower defense game Plants Vs Zombies. The game will be released sometime in the spring of 2013 but details have not been announced. More...

Sign up for the SimCity beta  

· By Nathan Tsui, 7

Want to try out SimCity early? Electronic Arts is taking applications for a closed beta of the upcoming city-building simulation, for Windows PC only. More...

Paul Steed, industry legend has passed away  

· By Todd Tanner, 5

Paul Steed may well be an unknown name to most, but if you played Quake or Wing Commander, you've seen his work. Sadly he passed away recently. Exactly when is not clear though. More...

Battlefield 3 to get new "Matches" feature  

· By John Callaham, 6

Digital Illusions has announced plans to offer a new "Matches" feature for multiplayer games in their 2011 first person shooter Battlefield 3 that is designed to offer more customization. More...

EA sees its future as a "100% digital company"  

· By John Callaham, 9

In a new interview, Electronic Arts' EA Labels head man Frank Gibeau says that the publisher is slowly making the move to become "a 100% digital company, period." More...

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut to be released June 26th  

· By John Callaham, 3

BioWare has announced that the Extended Cut DLC pack for Mass Effect 3, which is designed to offer more info on the game's ending, will be released for the PC and other platforms on June 26 for free. More...

GoG.com offers two free Worlds of Ultima games  

· By John Callaham, 4

GoG.com has announced it is now offering two free games from Electronic Arts. These are the two Worlds of Ultima RPG games that were spin-offs of the main Ultima series. More...

E3 2012: EA's E3 press event live blog  

· By John Callaham, 0

We are here at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles to attend Electronic Arts' E3 press conference, which will begin at 1 pm Pacific time (4 pm Eastern time). More...

E3 2012: Battlefield Premium service revealed  

· By John Callaham, 6

EA will soon officially announced a new service for Battlefield 3 players called Battlefield Premium, which will offer its players some extra benefits for the price of $50 a year. More...

Crysis 2 returns to Steam's library  

· By John Callaham, 4

After being pulled from Steam soon after its release, Crysis 2 now returns to Valve's PC download service. The Crysis 2 Maximum Edition includes the game's DLC content in one bundle. More...

New Need For Speed Most Wanted game outed  

· By John Callaham, 6

An E3 2012 schedule of events from a third party company has apparently confirmed that EA will be announcing a new Need For Speed Most Wanted game at the expo in early June. More...

Layoffs hit Star Wars: The Old Republic team  

· By John Callaham, 17

BioWare has admitted that some of its Star Wars: The Old Republic team members at its Austin offices have been laid off, although specific numbers were not officially announced. More...

Dragon Age Legends to shut down June 18th  

· By John Callaham, 3

BioWare and EA have announced that Dragon Age Legends, their spin-off of the fantasy RPG for social networking sites like Facebook and Google+, will shut down on June 18th. More...

Respawn Entertainment won't reveal game at E3 2012  

· By John Callaham, 0

Respawn Entertainment, formed by the fired co-founders of Infinity Ward, has revealed it won't be making any announcements about its first game at E3 2012 in June. More...

New Dead Space game coming from EA  

· By John Callaham, 1

Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will release a new game in its sci-fi survival horror-themed action game series Dead Space sometime in the first quarter of 2013. More...

Star Wars The Old Republic shedding subscribers  

· By John Callaham, 6

Electronic Arts announced that its MMO Star Wars The Old Republic only had 1.3 million subscribers in the last quarter, well below the 1.7 million users it had when the game launched in December 2011 More...

Minecraft creator slams EA's "Indie Bundle"  

· By John Callaham, 10

Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of the hit indie PC game Minecraft, has slammed big publisher Electronic Arts for offering six EA games as an "Indie Bundle", saying EA is "destroying" gaming. More...

EA stock rises on Nexon acquisition rumors  

· By John Callaham, 3

Electronic Arts' stock went up over six percent today as rumors floated online that Korean-based game publisher Nexon had made some discussions towards acquiring EA. More...

Full Crysis 3 gameplay trailer revealed  

· By John Callaham, 10

Crytek and EA have released the full reveal trailer for Crysis 3, showing off in-engine gameplay from the first person shooter sequel that's due out in spring 2013. More...

Crysis 3 announced for spring 2013; pre-orders begin  

· By John Callaham, 8

As promised, Crytek and EA have announced plans to release the first person shooter sequel Crysis 3 in spring 2013. Pre-orders for the game are already being taken for early unlocks of content. More...

New Medal of Honor Warfighter trailer released  

· By John Callaham, 1

Electronic Arts has released a new gameplay trailer for Medal of Honor Warfighter. The modern military shooter will be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms later this fall. More...

Crysis 3 to be officially announced April 16th  

· By John Callaham, 1

Electronic Arts has admitted that Crysis 3 is in the works and will officially be announced April 16th, after images of the game's box cover were leaked to the Internet today. More...

Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack coming April 10  

· By John Callaham, 6

BioWare and EA will release the Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack on April 10 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC, which will add two new maps, six new characters and more to the game. More...