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Latest News


Kickstarter UK will launch on Halloween  

· By Vlad Dudau, 1

Kickstarter has announced earlier this year that they would be coming to the UK and now we have an official launch date. The crowd-funding service will go live in the United Kingdom on Halloween. More...

Kickstarter makes changes; says the site is "not a store"  

· By John Callaham, 15

The popular crowd sourcing website Kickstarter has announced that it is making some changes in its policies to ensure that projects posted on the site list risks and challenges, among other changes. More...

New Broken Sword Kickstarter campaign launched  

· By John Callaham, 1

Revolution Software has launched a new Kickstarter fund raising campaign to help develop a new game in the acclaimed and long running Broken Sword adventure game series. More...

Wasteland 2 to include original game  

· By John Callaham, 2

inXile Entertainment will include the original 1987 Wasteland game, previously published by EA, for everyone who buys the post-apocalyptic RPG sequel, Wasteland 2. More...

Ground Branch Kickstarter campaign launched  

· By John Callaham, 12

A recently launched Kickstarter campaign from developer BlackFoot Studios is seeking to raise $425,000 to fund the development of their hardcore shooter Ground Branch. More...

Two more Kickstarter game projects hit their goals  

· By John Callaham, 3

Two more game projects seeking funding on the Kickstarter website, one for a Tex Murphy revival and the other a new game from Space Quest's co-creators, have reached their fund raising goals. More...

Carmageddon coming to mobile devices this summer  

· By Paul Ferson, 3

Carmageddon is coming to Android and iOS this summer as a showing of gratitude to Kickstarter backers. Now you can finally mow pedestrians down from the palm of your hand. More...

Carmageddon Kickstarter campaign exceeds funding goal  

· By John Callaham, 5

Carmageddon: Reincarnation, the upcoming revival of the car action game series from Stainless Games, has exceeded its $400,000 Kickstarter fund raising goal with 10 days remaining in its campaign. More...

Apple helps Kickstarter project break App Store rules  

· By Tyler Holman, Hot! 11

Despite their unforgiving reputation when it comes to the App Store, it turns out that Apple is helping Kickstarter projects get around their own rules by giving away more free apps to supporters. More...

Two more Kickstarter games complete their campaigns  

· By John Callaham, 0

Two more game projects on the Kickstarter site have completed their fund raising campaigns; the action-RPG Grim Dawn and the adventure game Moebius from creator Jane Jensen. More...

Tex Murphy revival gets Kickstarter campaign  

· By John Callaham, 2

The Tex Murphy adventure game franchise is looking to Kickstarter backers to help fun a revival of the series. The campaign is asking for $450,000 to fund Tex Murphy: Project Fedora. More...

Kickstarter bug exposed unreleased projects  

· By John Callaham, 0

The Kickstarter website has admitted that an API bug, now fixed, allowed unreleased funding projects to be seen by others. Kickstarter claims no financial information was exposed. More...

Xenonauts Kickstarter campaign successful  

· By John Callaham, 0

The Kickstarter campaign to help fund Xenonauts, the sci-fi turn-based strategy game from developer Goldhawk Interactive, has exceeded its $50,000 goal well ahead of schedule. More...

Republique exceeds $500,000 Kickstarter goal [Update]  

· By John Callaham, 1

Republique, the upcoming iOS-PC-Mac game from developer Camouflaj, has now exceeded its $500,000 fund-raising goal on Kickstarter with just a few hours to go before the campaign ends. More...

Battle Chess revival gets Kickstarter campaign  

· By John Callaham, 6

Game developer Subdued Software has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a revival of Battle Chess, the classic game franchise originally started by Interplay. More...

Nekro Kickstarter campaign ends with $158,733  

· By John Callaham, 0

Darkforge's Kickstarter campaign for its action game Nekro has ended with $158,733 raised, well over the project's planned goal of $100,000. The extra money will be used to add new features. More...

Mythic Kickstarter game campaign cancelled [Update]  

· By John Callaham, 2

A Kickstarter fund raising campaign for a game called Mythic has been cancelled after its organizers have been accused of trying to run a fraudulent scheme to get money from unsuspecting backers. More...

République now confirmed for PC and Mac  

· By John Callaham, 0

Developer Camouflaj has confirmed that it will now developer PC and Mac versions of its upcoming iOS game République, which is current in the middle of its Kickstarter campaign. More...

Weird Game Weekly: Ron Paul Road to REVOLution  

· By John Callaham, 0

In our first installment of Weird Game Weekly, we look at a fully funded Kickstarter project to make a game featuring -Republican congressman and US presidential candidate Ron Paul. More...

One Kickstarter game project ends; another is halted  

· By John Callaham, 0

The Banner Saga, an upcoming PC RPG-strategy game, has ended its Kickstarter efforts with $723,886, compared to its goal of $100,000. Meanwhile, the Police Action Kickstarter project has been halted. More...

Grim Dawn Kickstarter campaign launched  

· By John Callaham, 0

A new Kickstarter funding campaign has launched to help finish Grim Dawn, an action-RPG that's been in development for the past two years at developer Crate Entertainment. More...

Interview: inXile's Brian Fargo on Wasteland 2  

· By John Callaham, 2

We get inXile Entertainment's Brian Fargo to reveal more about the plans to release a sequel to the 1988 RPG Wasteland via its Kickstarter campaign plus some other topics. More...

Crimson Skies could get Kickstarter campaign  

· By John Callaham, 0

The alternate history flying action game series Crimson Skies could be revived under a Kickstarter campaign, if the person behind the successful Shadowrun campaign has his way. More...

Republique - an innovative mobile experience  

· By Tyler Holman, 0

Republique, a project from a new mobile studio called Camouflaj, is seeking KickStarter funding to help make its innovative, ground-up gameplay and serious themes a reality. More...