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How To Fix “Overwatch Rendering Device Lost” Error?

Overwatch Rendering Device Lost

Hey overwatch players! We know how much you love this game and how annoying can it get when it gets foul and lousy errors such as ”your rendering devices has been lost in overwatch”.

Sometimes when playing overwatch, a black screen appears in front of you out of nowhere, and the game crashes and doesn’t open again.

This can really annoy the player because most of the time you are between a very intense game and having to pause between that to fix the error is really frustrating.

But don’t you worry people because we are going to guide you through every step to fix this ”your rendering devices have been lost” error.

Why Your Devices Has Been Lost In Overwatch?

This may seem like a very complicated problem, but don’t worry, you don’t have to take your device to a repair shop to get rid of this issue. You can do it on your own by a little guidance, and we are here to help. But before getting further into the issue, it’s essential that you know what is causing the issue.

Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost Popup

Once you know the root problem of this whole situation, it will eventually be easier for you to tackle it and don’t you worry we have all the solutions for you but first let get into the problems.

There can be a lot of reasons due to which you are facing this error, every respective problem comes with a solution of its own, we have all the possible issues noted down here for you,

  1. Team viewer is a kind of software that is used to share your screen and get them all access to your device, the other person can use your device from where he/she is sitting. Sometimes the game crashes with this software and the game stops.
  2. There can be one more reason due to which your game keeps crashing, and the error keeps appearing and that is, maybe you have overclocked your CPU or GPU due to which it is causing issues.
  3. Maybe you are facing a problem with your super fetch, and super Fetch is a component that is present in your windows, windows memory manager. If you are trying to play overwatch with this component off, you can’t play it. It should be turned on if you want to play overwatch.
  4. Sometimes the issues are not as hectic as they look, for example this rendering device error can also be caused by something as simple as a network driver not being updated. Especially when it comes to your chipset or graphics driver, they should be updated and working properly, only then will your game run in any way.
  5. There are certain settings that you need to look in your GPU when playing overwatch, and those settings being turned on or off can also affect your gameplay in numerous ways. The biggest example is that your GPU scaling should be turned on if you want to play overwatch.

How To Fix ”Your Rendering Devices Has Been Lost In Overwatch” Error

There are many ways that you can fix this respective error and don’t worry you don’t have to look here and there are havoc and scan through many sites to do so, we are going to help you out through everything.

We have listed down somewhat 11 techniques that you can try out when fixing this error and we are sure you will be able to get ahold of it. The solutions are available in points for your ease, let’s dig in and find out how can we fix this.

#1- Disable Your Overclocking

Many of the times users face this error because their device is overclocked, which means that the user has forcefully programmed the device to work beyond its limits. Now when your PC is working more than it’s capability then it may and it will cause problems in other areas of your work, for example, playing a game.

MSI Afterburner

Now if we take overwatch as an example, it is a pretty heavy game to launch and when your device is already in so much burden, working beyond its capabilities then it will force stop the game so the other actions can continue smoothly, to play overwatch you have to make sure that your overclock is disabled.

Having an issue in disabling it? Don’t worry, this guide below will help,

  1. You just have to follow this simple step but with focus.
  2. Just hold your SHIFT key while pressing the SHUTDOWN button all at once.
  3. And after that select RESTART.

#2- Close Your Background Programs

There are sometimes certain programs running in the background of your PC that cause problems with your game by clashing with it. It can be a very stressful problem when something like this happens.

But if you have the perfect guide to solve it and how to tackle it with expertise then no matter what the problem is you will be able to get through it with ease and you don’t have to worry about carrying out any solution because we are here to help you through every step.

Let’s see how we can close all-out background programs so that our game can work effectively.

Clock Background Apps Via Windows Task Manager
  1. Use the X button control window.
  2. Right-click on the taskbar icon.
  3. Then use the task view window.
  4. End the task via task manager.
  5. Use the title bar context menu.
  6. Use the Alt+F4 keys.

#3- Reset The Frequency Settings Of Your Hardware Components

There are some problems that we might even not know of that would be going on in our device, this can severely damage the PC in so many ways and we have to take care of it. The first one might be some kind of setting that you might have triggered that is stopping your access to the game and you have to take care of it before it causes more trouble.

But as you folks know that you don’t have to worry about any kind of problem as long as we are here available to help you, by following the steps that we have jotted down below you will be able to reset the frequency of your hardware.

  1. First of all, you need to turn off your PC, unplug your power cable. Flip the switch on the power supply to ”off”.
  2. Now press the button where it is written power, it will be located on the front of the case.
  3. Now you have to remove the screws and slide the cover panel off the case, this will reveal the inner hardware. Touch the metal casing on it, now you have grounded yourself.
  4. Now scan the motherboard so that you can find the lithium coin-cell battery.
  5. Now you have to work around the battery to find the jumper shunt.
  6. Once you have found the jumper shunt, remove it from the pins.
  7. Now place that shunt in the second or maybe the third pins. Wait for a bit, and then return the shunt to the place it was before, this will reset all the settings.
  8. Place the case back, reconnect the power cable, and then turn your desktop on.

#4- Make Sure That The Super Fetch Service Is Enabled

As we already told you earlier in this read that if you have the super fetch, a software that is present in the memory of your windows if this is off you won’t be able to access the game.

If you will access it anyhow then you will sooner or later come across the problem of the rendering device so it’s better to take care of this problem earlier because you won’t really want to pause a super hyped game to resolve this.

How to make sure that it is turned on? Well, leave the research to us because we have already done it. Just follow these steps down below so that your issue can be resolved easily.

  1. Press the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard, this will run the dialogue.
  2. Now type ”services.MSC” and press enter from your keyboard.Type Services.msc in Run Dialog Box
  3. Lastly, check the status of the super fetch/sysmain and make yourself sure that it is running.SuperFetch Or The SysMain Option in Windows 10
  4. If it shows not running, then right-click it and then go to properties.
  5. Set the startup type to automatic and click on the start button, after that click on OK.Super fetch Properties Window
  6. Now restart your desktop.

#5- Exclude Overwatch From Antivirus Scanning

Sometimes your antivirus scanning can scan your game as a threat to your desktop and you know what happens then. It will try it’s best to get your game closed again and again over and over and that can be really annoying. To make sure that none of this happens, simply exclude overwatch from your antivirus scanning.

Are you confused about how to carry out this exuding process? Why worry when we are here. We have noted down these simple steps down below for you. Follow them clearly and then you will be able to resolve your issue in no time.

  1. Open your antivirus application.
  2. Then go to the virus and threat protection settings.Avast Antivirus Main Dashboard
  3. Then you should click on add or remove exclusions.
  4. Now add overwatch and save the settings on your PC.Exclude App From Antivirus

#6- Removing Faulty Drivers From Your Workspace

Drivers or network drivers as we can call them are responsible got driving our PC, yes, it transmits the actions that needed to be done so in actual they are driving and operating our PC, getting one message from one thing to the other. Imagine what would happen if you have a faulty driver on your hand, you won’t be able to deliver anything properly and that can also be a problem.

You have to make sure that you have no faulty drivers in your hand if you want to play this game. This is how you can get rid of them.

  1. Click on Start, type ”uninstall a program” and then press on enter.Type uninstall program in Search bar
  2. When the uninstall window will appear, go through the list very carefully and find out the driver or the drivers. Double click on the entry process and the uninstall will begin.

#7- Ensure PSU Is Working And Turn Off Overwatch

Sometimes after launching overwatch, your desktop can go in a state where it undergoes short powerful bursts and this may further lead to you not being able to play your favorite game. To fix this issue you would have to disable your overwatch, let’s see how we can carry this out.

  1. You have to shut down your computer but remember to hold the shift button when shutting the computer down.
  2. Then click on restart.
  3. Now go to the settings.
  4. Click on Change PC settings.
  5. Hit the General tab and press on restart now.
  6. Click on the troubleshoot option.
  7. Then hit on the UEFI firmware settings and click on restart again.
  8. When your device opens again, the BIOS menu will appear.
  9. Then click on advanced and then on performance.
  10. Then turn off overclocking.
  11. Press F10 to save the settings.
  12. Now see if your PSU is working properly and is it providing the right amount of energy that is needed or not if it’s not providing then make sure that you change your power switch.

#8- Update Your Drivers

More driver talk, we have already told you why your driver plays such an important part when it comes to overwatch. A not updated driver will cause the same problems for you.

So make sure that you have your drivers updated and if they aren’t updated, then here is how you can update them easily.

  1. In the search box situated in your device bar search for device manager, then select it.type device manager in search bar
  2. When you see a list of devices, press on it to update it.
  3. Select Search automatically for updated driver software.
  4. Select update driver.

#9- Renaming. EXE Trick

This is a technique by which you can trick the anti-virus of your device to make it act on any other file.

You just have to name your malware filer as EXE and your work is done. Now any kind of antivirus won’t really affect your game and you will be able to play it smoothly without any problem.

#10- Tweaking GPU Settings

GPU is your graphic card and changing some settings here and there according to your game will surely enhance the gaming performance and it will resolve any possible error.

Some people would suggest you to actually overclock the graphics card entirely but we wouldn’t suggest that because overclocking always has foul results and you don’t want to waste so much time for nothing.

Just tweaking some settings accordingly will make a vast difference.

#11- Update Your GPU

Again, updating the basic things on your desktop should be your first priority as it is very important to make sure that everything is working up to date.

By following the steps below you will be able to update your graphics card.

  1. Open start and click the windows logo down on your screen.
  2. Run the “DXDIAG” command.
  3. Click yes once it’s running and prompted.Type DXDIAG in Dialog Box
  4. Click on the Display tab.
  5. Find the name of your graphic card.DirectX Diagnostic Tool
  6. Open start again and find your device manager.
  7. Expand the ”display adapters”.
  8. Select your graphic card.
  9. Click on the update button.Display Drivers Option
  10. Click Search automatically for updated driver software.Update Your GPU Drivers Automatically
  11. Then allow your graphics card to update.

My Final Verdict:

If you are an active overwatch player then you might face situations like these many times over a span of time but if you have a site that you can trust for solutions then you don’t have to worry about anything.

This read right here has all the possible reasons and all the possible solutions for your problems. If you are facing some other technical problem then tune in because we sure have a solution for that too.

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