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Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of Ancestors A Beginner’s Guide

Path of Exile Trial of Ancestors A Beginner's Guide

Path of Exile’s latest expansion, 3.22, introduces the exhilarating Trial of Ancestors, an autobattler mode where strategic team formations clash for supremacy.

This beginner’s guide will navigate you through the intricacies of this mode, from understanding its mechanics to maximizing your rewards.

Understanding Trial of Ancestors

The Trial of Ancestors is an innovative sports-inspired autobattler mode set in the Karui afterlife. Here, players form a team of valiant fighters to battle against ten unique tribes, each boasting distinct strategies and specialties.

Engaging in Trial of Ancestors: The Process

Entry to this realm requires collectible Silver coins, which are scattered throughout the game world. These coins serve as your gateway to the Karui afterlife and the starting point of your adventure.

Path of Exile Trial of Ancestors gameplay

Initially, you’ll command a trio of Karui warriors, selecting tribes to challenge based on the rewards they offer.

Pre-battle, scrutinize the enemy’s battlefield setup to position your warriors strategically. Success hinges on destroying the opposing team’s totems, a task that requires tactical prowess and unity between you and your warriors.

Accruing favor with each tribe through tournament participation unlocks the ability to recruit more warriors and acquire field items and equipment, essential for enhancing your team’s capabilities.

Experiment with warriors from various tribes to forge a lineup that resonates with your strategic approach.

Maximizing Rewards in Trial of Ancestors

Progressing through Trial of Ancestors not only tests your strategic mettle but also rewards you handsomely. As you advance, you’ll earn PoE currency, equipment, and unique items, enriching your Path of Exile experience.

By investing time and effort into understanding and mastering the Trial of Ancestors, you’ll enhance your gameplay experience in Path of Exile 3.22, emerging stronger and more skilled. So, gather your Silver coins and embark on this journey of strategy, combat, and rewards.

Guidelines for Conquering Path of Exile’s Trial of the Ancestors

To dive into the enthralling world of Path of Exile’s Trial of the Ancestors, your first step is to encounter Hinakora, a revered figure among the Karui gods.

Path of Exile Hinekora's Lock

Hinakora bestows upon you the Totem of the Ancestors, a mystical artifact that serves as your entryway into the competitive realm of the Trial.

Embarking on the Trial of the Ancestors

Upon entering the Trial, you will be affiliated with a Karui tribe randomly. This initial assignment is crucial as it influences your starting point in the competition. You then have the liberty to select your tribal opponents, guided by the rewards they promise.

Understanding the Battlefield Mechanics

The Trial of the Ancestors battlefield is strategically bifurcated, with each side safeguarding its own totems. Your task is to deploy your warriors tactically across the battlefield, pitting them against the enemy.

Path of Exile vanquishing the rival warriors

Victory is achieved by vanquishing the rival warriors, consequently inflicting damage on their totems. The ultimate goal? To obliterate the opponent’s totems before they can decimate yours.

Harvesting the Rewards

Engaging in the Path Of Exile Trial of the Ancestors brings a bounty of rewards:

Silver Coins: The backbone of the Trial, Silver Coins are essential for recruiting new warriors, securing upgrades, and acquiring various items. Efficient management of these coins is key to progressing in the Trial.

Favor: This valuable currency is earned through victories and completing challenges within the Trial. Amass Favor to unlock fresh fighters and enhancements for your team, adding a strategic edge to your gameplay.

Unique Items: Exclusive to the Trial of the Ancestors, these unique items are potent tools that can significantly tip the scales in battle.

These items not only enhance your performance in the Trial but can also be a significant asset in your overall Path of Exile journey, potentially opening up opportunities for PoE trading.

– My Final Verdict:

The Trial of the Ancestors is not just a test of combat prowess but also of strategic planning and team management. It’s an excellent opportunity for players to challenge themselves and enrich their team with new additions.

For those seeking to test their mettle and expand their Path of Exile experience, the Trial of the Ancestors awaits. Dive in and discover the rewards and challenges that lie in wait!

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