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How To Fix PS5 Won’t Turn On? (Quick Fixes)

PS5 Won't Turn On Cover

The PS5 is one of the best consoles that you can get your hands on, but at the same time, we cannot overlook the fact that there are issues that can come in the way of the overall functionality of the console, including the console not powering on.

If you are wondering why my PS5 won’t turn on, then this post is for you as we are going to help you sort things out so you do not run into any problems.

I do understand the complication that can come in your way, but hey, we are here to help you. Before you freak out and send your console in for repairs, go through this post and see what could be the issue.

Why won’t my PS5 turn on? The Causes

It is more than safe to worry about the PS5 not turning on; after all, you have spent a good chunk of money on your console, and for it to fail on you is never a good thing, is it?

There can be several reasons behind the PS5 not turning on, and in this post, we are going to take a look at all of them so you can have a better understanding of what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided.

How To Fix “PS5 Won’t Turn On” Issue

We are going to look into a few solutions that should fix the issue where your PS5 won’t turn on.

I do understand that this might not be something that everyone wants to get into because sending the console back for a warranty claim is an easier option, but if the fix is an easy one, why not go ahead with it?

#1- Manually Reboot the PS5.

If for some reason, your PS5 is not turning on, then I would highly suggest that you are rebooting the PS5. Not many gamers are aware of this, but you can just go ahead and reboot the PS5 manually with a simple trick.

image of ps5 console and dualsense

All you have to do is press and hold the power button until you hear a beep, and if that beep is there, it means that the console still has power and has rebooted as it is supposed to do.

Give it some time and wait for it to boot back up and once the console is turned on, you should be good to go.

#2- Try To Insert A Game Disc

I do understand that this sounds strange, but a lot of times, I have heard people talking about how at times, the console stops working if there is no disc inside of it.

Now, this solution, as reported by some people, is only for the disc version of the console, and if your PS5 is not turning on, you can try inserting a game disc to see if it works the way it is supposed to work.

Again, this varies from game to game, but it actually is a decent enough way to ensure that things are doing their job the right way.

#3- Check The HDMI Cable Connection

I remember this one time I turned on my PC, and while it booted and everything was on, there was no display.

After fiddling with multiple components, a number of times, I realized that the HDMI cable was loose. This happens with HDMI cables a lot as the cables are not that secure.

The point is, if your PS5 is displaying such behavior, you might want to go ahead and check the HDMI cable connection because if it is loose, then you will not be getting any display, and you will be spending your time wondering what’s wrong.

#4- Update the System Software in Safe Mode

A lot of users have no idea about the fact that the PS5 and even the PS4 have safe modes. This, honestly, is completely fine because, under normal, day-to-day use, you would need to be entering this mode in the first place, and if you are wondering about it, you can easily do so.

ps5 safe mode options

Now, if your PS5 is not turning on, you can actually update the system software in safe mode. If, however, you are afraid that something might go wrong, I’d suggest you take it to a professional.

#5- Use a Different Power Cable

This is more common than you might think. I have seen that a lot of times, people end up running into their consoles or other equipment not turning on because they have a different power cable.

I do understand that this is an issue for several people, even when you are talking about other devices. Simply change the power cable and see if that solves the issue you are facing.

#6- Perform a Power Cycle

A power cycle is when you remove any stored power from a device (removing all cables etc) and turn it back on.

If your PS5 is exhibiting issues with being turned on, you can do a power cycle to make that work, and that should solve the issue you are facing.

If you are wondering how to perform a power cycle, just leave your console completely unplugged for 20 to 30 minutes and then replug it and turn it on to see if it works.

#7- Initialize PS5

Moving further, if you are running into issues with your PS5 and the console simply refuses to turn on, I’d suggest that you factory reset the PS5, and if you are facing issues with it, take it to a professional store where they can troubleshoot the issue for you.

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– My Final Verdict:

If you have been trying to get your PS5 to turn on, this post is for you. We have looked into almost all the aspects of how to make the console turn on.

If you are having issues and your PS5 won’t turn on, you can use this article and find the right method for you.

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