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How To Fix “PUBG Servers Are Too Busy Please Try Again Later”

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Players’ Unknown Battleground or PUBG has been a very popular game around the globe for the past couple of years.

There are around millions of people playing this game regularly, and for that reason, PUBG makers have set up their servers in different regions such as Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, and others.

Even Though there are various servers around the world, users often get an error “PUBG servers are too busy” when matching the game.

Being locked out in the lobby of the game is quite frustrating when the error itself doesn’t speak, but there are quite a few fixes that have worked for some people.

Here, in this article, we’ll discuss what causes this error and how to fix it in no time. Keep reading!

What Causes “PUGB Servers Are Too Busy” Error Message?

To understand and fix the issue, it is important to dig some dirt on it. Therefore, we investigated some root causes for this error and decided to share it here:

  1. Incompatible Programs or Softwares: There are a few software PUBG doesn’t go along with. And, to run the game smoothly, it is recommended to close that incompatible software in order to prevent any sort of blockage for the game or the Steam.
  2. IP Settings: If you don’t know already, there are two types of IPs IPv4 and IPv6. Among these two, the most common type of configuration is IPv4, which is set by default too. However, sometimes the changes are made, and it gets altered. Thus, not creating a stable connection to match you with the servers.
  3. Server Maintenance: One thing that comes with popular games is continuous updates and maintenance. It is possible, at that time, the servers are under maintenance and displaying this error message. So, have some patience.
  4. DNS Cache: The corrupt DNS is sometimes a culprit, too, when making a stable and secure connection with servers. If the DNS is not cleared, the game won’t be able to establish a secure connection, and this error will be triggered.

Solution No 1: Change The Server Zone

At times, a specific server that you are using becomes very crowded. So, it is recommended to switch to some other server zone, for say, if you are using a Europe server, move to the Asia server. This basically means you are moving from an overly crowded server to a less crowded server to play the game smoothly.

To change the server region in PUBG, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the “settings,” the small settings buttons are located on the lower right corner of the error screenshowing how to change PUBG servers
  2. Now, a menu will pop up displaying all the server options available
  3. Then, choose any other region other than yours
  4. Try to reconnect the game

However, there are a couple of factors to consider when choosing a region, such as latency and ping. Latency is an important factor to take into account, and this means choosing the right server. If you are in the Asia server, it is recommended to opt for a European server when you get this error rather than North America because of the distance.

Also, look out for the ping as well. Ping is the time taken to generate the request from your PC to reach the PUBG server and come back. Thus, the higher the ping (>500), the more your games lag. Therefore, choose a server that has lesser ping to make your gaming experience totally worthy.

Solution No 2: Reset Your Mobile Data (For PUBG Mobile) Or Modem

Sometimes the “Pubg servers are too busy” error is not related to the game itself, but your internet configurations. These internet configurations can mess up a little bit without your knowledge. So it is recommended to reset your Internet, be it your Wi-Fi modem or your mobile data.

Reset means that you have to turn off your modem and then turn it back on after 5 minutes to avoid poor connection issues. Also, you can hard reset the modem. For that, find a tiny reset hole on your modem, preferably at the bottom of the modem, press that button to reset the modem completely. This solution has proved to work for PUBG users as well as Steam users.

If you are using the PUBG mobile and you are facing this issue, you can turn off the mobile data from settings and then turn it on. Alternatively, you can put your phone into airplane mode for a few seconds and then turn it back on.

Once your modem or mobile data connection has been reset, relaunch the PUBG and try connecting to check if the “PUBG servers are too busy” error goes away.

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Solution No 3: Change Your Proxy Settings

If you are playing PUBG on your PC and using windows 10, this method might work out for you. Many users who have faced this error have reported that turning off the proxy settings for the computer has solved the problem for them.

Here is how to turn off proxy settings on windows 10:

  1. First of all, go to the windows search option. You can find this option on the bottom left of the screen along with the windows option as a magnifying glass icon.
  2. Type the word “proxy” in the search bar
  3. Now, in the searched list, you’ll be able to find “Change proxy settings” option. However, if you can’t find the option, just search for it. Then, click on “Change proxy settings” optionshowing how to change proxy settings in windows 10
  4. In the proxy window, you’ll find two sections “automatic proxy setup” and “manual proxy setup”. Turn off the “automatically detect settings” toggle switch under the automatic proxy setup and also turn off the “use a proxy server” option under the manual proxy setup.
  5. Once the settings are done, restart the PUBG to check if the error is gone.

Solution No 4: Shutdown The Incompatible Software

There are certain applications that can be the culprit behind this error as well. If Steam and those applications are running at the same time, there is a possibility that they cause some trouble when playing games. Now, to handle this situation, it is important to check if there are any incompatible software running in the background. And, if there are any incompatible software, we need to stop those.

To shutdown the incompatible software, follow the given steps below:

  1. First of all, you need to identify the software that is causing the trouble. The main culprits can be Antivirus software, VPNs, Proxy, Firewalls, Anti-Spywares, IP filtering programs, and many more. You can search for these online.
  2. Now, once you know the software, press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys at the same time to open the task manager
  3. In the task manager, navigate to the “startup” tab. This will list you the names of the programs that run on startup of your computer
  4. Now find that incompatible software in this startup listshowing How to disable app in task manager
  5. If there are any incompatible software, click on them one by one and then click the disable button. This will stop them from running on the startup.
  6. Once you have disables this software, restart your computer and start PUBG again to check the error.

Solution No 5: Reset DNS Configurations

For playing PUBG, you need a stable connection. However, there are many DNS configurations on your computer that might result in being corrupted and become a hindrance in establishing a stable connection. Just to be on the safe side and put your DNS configurations to its default, you need to reset these configurations.

  1. To reset the DNS configurations on your computer, follow the method below:
  2. Firstly, open the Run Dialog box by pressing Windows + R key at the same time
  3. Now, type cmd in the dialog box and press enter to open the command prompt
  4. Now type the given commands below. But, make sure you type them one by one and press enter after typing each.
  5. ipconfig /flushdns
    netsh int ipv4 reset
    netsh int ipv6 reset
    netsh Winsock reset
    ipconfig/ registerdns

The commands given above will reset your DNS configurations. Now, launch your PUBG and check the error.

Solution No 6: Change IP Configurations

It is important that your IP settings are in place for PUBG to work properly. And, there is a possibility that something might be wrong with the IP configurations that are leading you to this error. Therefore, in this solution, we will fix your IP configurations to make your PUBG work smoothly.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. First of all, open the Run dialog box. For that, press Windows + R key at the same time
  2. Now in the dialog box, type “ncpa.cpl” and then press enter
  3. This will open a window with networks displayed. Locate the network that you are currently using and right-click that. Select “properties” from the drop-downHow to toggle ip 4 and ip 6 settings in windows 10
  4. In Wi-Fi properties, locate “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPV4)” and check that option
  5. Also, uncheck the option named as “Internet Protocol Version 6(TCP/IPV6)”

Once the IP configurations are done, relaunch your PUBG and check for the error.

Solution No 7: Turn Off Anti-Virus

Having an anti-virus installed on the computer has its own benefits as it stops any malicious activities from happening. But, it can be a little troublesome to your games sometimes. Anti-virus blocks update on the Steam, and it prevents steam servers from connecting to your PC. It is recommended to turn it off temporarily.

There are various anti-virus available, and all have different ways to turn them off. However, the most common is “Windows Defender,” which comes pre-installed on your computer with the Windows Package.

Here is how to disable the Windows Defender anti-virus temporarily:

  1. Go to the Windows Search Bar, type “Windows Defender,” and select to open it
  2. Once the Windows Defender app opens, select “settings” located on the top right cornerturn off real time virus threat protection settings off in windows 10
  3. Here you’ll be able to see an option named as Real-time protection, turn off the toggle for it

This will disable the windows defender temporarily, so you can play the game smoothly.

Solution No 8: Turn Off VPN

As much as VPN is useful at times for connecting with foreign servers and mask your address when doing something on the Internet, it is not great in accordance with Steam. VPNs prevent steam clients from connecting to their network.

Meanwhile, PUBG also needs a strong network capability, and VPNs can be interference in that. So, if you have any VPN such as NordVPN, Express VPN, or Tunnel Bar installed on your computer, turn it off!

Turning it off will ensure that there aren’t any server-side errors, and if that is what’s becoming a hindrance, the error will go away.

Solution No 9: Check Your Internet Ping

Your Internet might not be “up” anymore. However, you can’t fix this, but still, you can check if it’s the one causing you the PUBG servers are too busy error.

To check if your Internet is not down, You have to check the ping of your Internet. And to do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the command prompt by searching it on the search bar of windows
  2. Once the command prompt opens, type the following command “ping” and press the enter key to run the commandtesting ping in command prompt windows 10
  3. Now, if you see a reply in return of the ping request, this means that your Internet is up, otherwise check your Internet connection again.

Solution No 10: Check Your Internet Speed

Along with good hardware, the Internet-connected games require some good internet speed to work lag-free and smoothly. If the internet speed is missing, playing PUBG is no less than torture.

“PUBG Servers are too busy” error can also be the result of poor internet speed, which is preventing you from connecting to the main servers. Therefore, check your internet speed by running an OOKLA test.

Solution No 11: Update PUBG

Most of the time, the real culprit is the new update that you haven’t installed. There might be some configuration changes done in newer updates, and therefore, the outdated version is no longer compatible to connect you to the main servers.

If you are playing PUBG on the phone, look for updates in the App Store or Google Play. Or, if you are on PC, don’t forget to check Steam for updates. Once you have updated your game, make sure to restart it and connect it again.

Updates are necessary even if it’s just a minor bug fix.

Bonus Tip: Check PUBG Server Status Online

If you are impatient or you have a feeling that the game is only causing an error to you, there is a quick check you can run. To verify if the servers are actually down, you can check about the PUBG servers’ status online.

There are many websites available to do so, you just need to google it. Here you’ll find a list of all the servers of PUBG around the world along with their pings currently. This will give you an idea of if the server is down or busy all over or is it just a personal issue.

My Final Verdict:

The “PUBG servers are too busy” error is temporary and goes away with the above fixes. However, if nothing works for you, take a chill pill for some time and enjoy some time around. The traffic will get low in a while, and then you’ll be able to play PUBG with your team again.

We hope that this guide was sufficient for you. If not, then you can also contact customer support for PUBG for some extra help. Happy gaming!

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