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Star Wars Jedi: Survivors New Game Plus Mode Brings a Fresh Challenge

Star Wars Jedi Survivor New Game Plus Mode Is Here

EA has announced that the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will have a fresh New Game Plus mode with the launch due by tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s the direct sequel to the Fallen Order and promises everyone a very versatile and better performance-based gaming experience compared to its predecessor.

As we know, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order got a mode New Game Plus a few months back after the launch. The new Star Wars Jedi: Survivors is going to surprise everyone this time, with the mode being available from the very first day.

So the players can start the new game with all their transfer data, including the unlocked skills and perks, lightsaber colors, cosmetics, and much more, after completing the 100% game for the first time.

Upon reaching the end credits of the game, you will get an option to start the game once again in the New Game Plus mode. So, instead of starting the game from the start, you can play right from that progress level.

There are some more options available too to the players when jumping into the New Game Plus, like new perks and all-new lightsaber colors. Let’s see what are the three new Perks that are going to be available for the players hovering over this exclusive mode below:

  • Purity

With this perk, you will get a huge increase in damage for both friends and foes.

  • Warrior

While using this perk, the common or standard enemies will be replaced with the all-new enemies, thus more hardest combat encounters you can expect.

  • Trendsetter

It will randomize your cosmetics every time you respawn after the death.

Not only this, but you are going to see a very wide range of accessibility options as well, where players can easily remap the controls, combat, and things like the HUD for the game.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be released tomorrow, April 28, on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. So without wasting further time, you guys can now preload the game on all platforms as the pre-loading is available. For players who haven’t purchased it yet, you guys can still have the time to buy it and start preloading it asap.

So, Does Star Wars Jedi Survivor have a new game plus?

The answer to this question is answered now, and yes, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is going to have a New Game Plus mode right from the very first day for the players with 100% completion.

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Source: EA Star Wars on Twitter

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