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Tarisland – First Impression Overview

Overview Of Tarisland A Fresh MMORPG Experience

In a gaming landscape that often seems saturated with modern MMOs, “Tarisland” emerges as a breath of fresh air, reminiscent of a time when the journey and exploration were as significant as the destination.

Developed by Level Infinite, this new entry in the MMORPG genre is currently making waves in its beta phase, promising a nostalgic and novel experience.

Given its vast universe and variety of class builds, Tarisland may at first seem to be comparable to games like World of Warcraft. However, this comparison is not entirely unwarranted.

Early reviews imply that the game has succeeded in carving out a distinct niche for itself, exceeding expectations and providing a satisfying, well-developed experience that tends to be positive.

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P2W or not?

Available on both PC and mobile platforms, Tarisland rejects the pay-to-win model, instead opting for a vast, immersive world ready for exploration.

Players can look forward to embarking on epic adventures, where the allure lies in the journey itself, filled with exciting raids and the promise of untold treasures.

There are just three main currencies in the game so far, as follows:

  • Silver Coins – This is the main currency in the game, used for everything ranging from buying potions, buying items from the Reputation Association, and crafting. Silver coins can be obtained only by playing the game, from quests and killing monsters.
  • Gold Coins – Gold Coins are the currency used mainly for player-to-player trading and can also be required while crafting items. They can be obtained exclusively by playing the game. Gold Coins can also be exchanged for silver coins at a rate of 1 to 10.
  • Itemshop Currency – Obtained only by purchasing with real money, it can only be used to purchase cosmetic items that won’t affect the game in any way except the appearance.

Knowing all this, we can say that, for the time being, Tarisland is a non-P2W game filled with excellent systems and features ready to be explored.

Classes – Main differences

character classes in tarisland
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  1. Ranger: Rangers are closely connected to nature and beasts. They rely on their instincts to hunt and are known for their proficiency in archery. Their ability to tame beasts and set traps makes them a formidable ranged DPS option.
  2. Paladin: Paladins are the guardians of life, standing against evil forces. They are characterized by their unwavering devotion to justice and light. With their protective abilities, they play a crucial role in shielding allies and dealing damage to adversaries.
  3. Warrior: Warriors are the embodiment of courage and faith. Their experience is marked by countless battles, and they wear their sword and shield as badges of honor. These frontline fighters excel in close combat, taking on enemies head-on.
  4. Mage: Mages harness the arcane powers to cast spells and inflict damage from a distance. Their knowledge of magic allows them to control elements and unleash devastating attacks on their foes.
  5. Priest: Priests are the spiritual leaders in Tarisland. They possess the power to heal and support their allies. With their divine magic, they can both mend wounds and smite enemies.
  6. Bard: Bards are the musicians of Tarisland, using their melodies to inspire and empower their allies. Their songs can both heal and harm, making them versatile support characters in any team.
  7. Barbarian Fighter: Barbarians are fierce fighters known for their raw strength and aggressive combat style. They can take on multiple enemies at once, relying on their brute force to overpower foes.

In addition to these seven classes, there are hints of an eighth secret class, rumored to be Shadow Swordsman, but the details are yet to be unveiled.

Each class in Tarisland offers players unique abilities, origins, and dual specialization talents. Whether you prefer to be on the frontlines as a Warrior, support your team as a Priest, or deal damage from afar as a Mage, Tarisland has a class that fits your playstyle.

Dungeons vs Raids

Dungeons in Tarisland:

  • Team Composition: Dungeons are typically designed for a team of five players. This smaller team size allows for more intimate gameplay, where each player’s role is crucial.
  • Match-making Changes: Tarisland developers have hinted at upcoming match-making changes for dungeons. These changes include looking for replacement players if a team member needs to prepare and ensuring that teams are always at full strength.
  • Variety: The game plans to introduce several dungeons throughout its seasons, keeping the content fresh and challenging for players.

Raids in Tarisland:

  • Larger Teams: Raids are more extensive endeavors intended for ten players. This larger team size demands more coordination and strategy, making raids challenging even for seasoned players.
  • Mini-Raids: Tarisland is set to introduce two mini-raids for ten players, offering a different challenge than the main raids.
  • Class Dynamics: With classes like Priest, Bard, and Barbarian, players need to have a good grasp of each class’s abilities and strengths. This understanding is vital when teaming up for raids, as the synergy between classes can make or break a raid attempt.

Universal Hall

The Universal Hall is a one-player challenge with variable difficulty that can be played as often as desired. When you open the Universal Hall menu, it will show you the current floor and tower, the best record, the ranking, and the rewards you can redeem when you complete a floor or later.

First, you need to choose the tower zone, and then you must select the difficulty (floors). Each floor becomes more challenging than the one before. You will gain points for each floor completed, the points being affected by the affixes chosen.

The affixes, named “whispers” in-game, will provide the boss with additional power, so depending on your strength, you can choose either the minimum amount of whispers to complete the point requirement or challenge yourself to slay the boss with the most powerful affixes selected.

The rewards for completing floors include silver, materials needed to upgrade the Rubik’s Cube, and chests. The player will be incentivized to choose harder affixes as they reward more points, being able to claim rare goods faster from the Universal Shop.

Professions and crafting

Life Crafting Menu in Tarisland

There is only so much information about professions in Tarisland. Once you choose your profession, we know you cannot constantly change it, as it will have an active cooldown.

Each profession is created with a balance in mind, each one of them being needed in an equal amount for the crafting process. This balance was created so every profession would become helpful and incentivize players to trade among themselves.

Crafting is pretty straightforward. The Crafting window shows the player the materials needed to craft the chosen item and the chances of it being from 1-star quality to 3-star quality.

The chances of obtaining a higher star quality item can be increased by using higher-tier tools, materials, and having a high level proficiency, providing the crafted item with special attributes or set affixes.

Reputation System

The Tarisland Reputation system is essential to the game, providing the player with lots of content and great rewards. Here’s a list of ways to increase the reputation points so you can claim the rewards associated with each rank:

  • Reputation events – These events are composed of different easy mini-games that reward the player with reputation and exploration progress.
  • Reputation totems – These totems are scattered around the map and can be gathered and donated for 100 points of reputation each. Your progress can be checked by simply opening the map and seeing how many you have collected from the total number.
  • Opening the hidden chests – Like the totems, several chests are hidden throughout the map, which will reward the player with an exploration bonus and have a high chance of providing reputation totems.
  • Screenshot location – These locations have a scenic view, and taking a screenshot will provide an exploration bonus.
  • Fast Travel Points – The fast travel points are recommended to be unlocked as fast as possible, and besides the ability to save time, you will also obtain exploration progress.
  • Daily donations – Obtained from daily quests, these donations will significantly increase the reputation.

Note: Some activities listed above may only increase the exploration progress and not the reputation progress, but that’s okay since the exploration bonus ranks will reward reputation points.

Player vs. Player Combat

At this time, Tarisland’s PvP is composed firstly by a battleground mode. This mode should be familiar to anybody who has played MMORPGs or shooters.

From what we have seen, it’s a 10v10 arena, with the primary objective being either escorting the payload to the end as fast as possible or capturing resource points.

The second component of Tarisland’s PvP is Arenas. This mode’s only goal is eliminating your opponents in a 3v3 battle.

The result of the fights will mostly be impacted by the classes and the players’ skill in your team, so the best strategy would be to find the perfect combination of aggressive and defensive playstyle.

The last component is the classic duel, where two players battle each other head-to-head. In our opinion, this is the best option for your PvP needs since you don’t have to rely on anybody else.

– My Final Verdict:

Tarisland has undoubtedly made a significant mark in the MMORPG landscape, even in its beta phase. The game’s commitment to a non-P2W model, with its intricate class system and diverse gameplay options, has undoubtedly caught the attention of many players with mixed opinions.

However, like any game in its early stages, there’s potential for growth and refinement. If you want to stay ahead of everyone when the game launches, consider getting a power leveling service from here:

In conclusion, Tarisland looks very promising, and we can’t wait to play it once it hits the live servers!

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