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Tarisland’s Global Ambitions: Challenging World of Warcraft

Tarisland's Global Ambitions Challenging World of Warcraft

China is a separate territory and a separate niche from the point of view of the gaming industry, which has its own strict rules and requirements.

For example, not only adult content is prohibited, but also blood, bones and skulls, and any depiction of dragons in a disrespectful or inappropriate manner according to the Chinese government.

The Blizzard company, which has been supplying its games to the Chinese gaming market for many years, but in compliance with all the rules and the adaptation of all content and fulfillment of all conditions if the studio wants to work within the borders of China.

The reason for the ban and the decision to leave the market and withdraw the most famous MMO RPG in history was the release of the Dragonflight update, which added a new race of dragon people, the ability to explore, kill and conquer dragons in order to ride them.

Naturally, the Chinese regulatory committee did not like this and a ban was imposed on the update, which prompted Blizzard to leave the gaming market in China.

Introducing Tarisland: China’s New MMO RPG

The Chinese are very fond of MMO RPGs and spend many hours farming, raids, PVP and PVE, and naturally an empty niche cannot remain empty for long.

Tencent has prepared and released Tarisland a new MMO RPG that will focus on PVP and raids, will receive regular updates and development to fully replace the departed World of Warcraft and present Chinese players with a separate project that will captivate them for months and years.

Exploring the Diversity of Tarisland: Classes and Races

7 classes and a couple of races await you, although for now the concept of race here is all very conditional, at least for the moment.

Not all of them are good from the point of view of tarisland powerleveling, but we will look at this in the following sections.

Tarisland some of the characters

Each class has two development variations that will allow you to use the hero in different ways and provide greater variability in PVP, PVE and raids.

Each class has two development variations that will allow you to use the hero in different ways and provide greater variability in PVP, PVE and raids.

You can choose:

  • Ranger
  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • Healer
  • Barbarian
  • Paladin
  • Bard


An archer who can go the route of damage, or control and traps and taming wild animals.

When choosing damage, you will receive a strong attacking class that combines its attacks to cause single and massive physical damage in PVP and PVE.

When choosing control, you will receive several attacking skills and the ability to shoot, but the main emphasis will be on summoning wild animals, setting traps and essentially keeping the distance from the target and shooting it yourself and with the help of summoned creatures.


A melee class that uses normal attacks and physical damage in mass skills. Essentially, the hero gets into the thick of things, hits 5 or more enemies at once, accumulates rage and uses it to increase damage of all types.

The second branch of development will be the defensive mode, where you can keep a large number of enemies on yourself through provocation.

This is not the best hero for tarisland power leveling alone, but any group will take you with pleasure to speed up their leveling and yours at the same time.


This is a class that definitely does not need to order a tarisland leveling boost; rather, it needs gold and in large quantities in order not only to attack enemies painfully, but also to withstand their damage.

You will be able to inflict a large amount of damage to enemies with both single and mass magic, but you will have to choose your direction – towards ice or fire.

  1. Fire stable and massive damage that not only causes damage, but also imposes a negative burning effect that continues to remove the enemy’s health even if you do not deal damage in the future. Provided it works, of course.
  2. Ice is an alternative way to develop the class, which is aimed more at raids, or PVP. Through attacks, you will deprive the enemy of important characteristics, slow down his movement and attack.

This specialization is designed for single targets and battles, but it is especially effective in raids, since it reduces the strength of the boss and his retinue and contributes to the victory over the retinue.


In Tarisland, the healer is presented in two variations – an attacking magician with the power of light and faith, or a full-fledged defensive magician.

By the way, in terms of leveling up, healers are also divided into two types – some play with a group and quickly gain development in exchange for healing their allies, and others play alone, but turn to the tarisland leveling service due to the difficulties of developing a full-fledged healer to level 30.

  1. The attack class is another variation of the mage, which simply attacks enemies using light magic.
  2. Defensive class – heals allies and applies regeneration effects and removes negative effects. In fact, this is a full-fledged classic healer, like in any MMO RPG.


The Barbarian is an attack class that is a bit like the Warrior, but with a couple of significant differences.

  1. He uses axes rather than swords for his attacks.
  2. He can add a lightning or storm effect to his attacks to accelerate single or mass attacks.

It’s funny that it is the barbarians that many companies often use for tarisland powerleveling service.


A classic tank and warrior of light, known to everyone from all kinds of fantasy and games. He attacks enemies with light and skills with physical and magical effects, and destabilizes enemies with negative effects such as shield bash.

If you choose to become a full-fledged defender, then you will have the skills to protect the group, switch all incoming damage to yourself, protect against magical attacks and self-heal if necessary.


Mage and buffer mixed with an attacking ranged hero. Not a single raid and tarisland power leveling can do without it.

You can go the route of ranged attacks using musical instruments, or harness the power of melodies and songs to strengthen your party and improve their characteristics, as well as restore their health and mana.

– My Final Verdict:

The new project needs time to achieve an advantage over the departed World of Warcraft from the Chinese gaming market.

In general, the basis is now ready with 30 levels of pumping, two races, a developed raid system and PVP activities.

The main emphasis is on quests and a new update will be released soon, which will continue the development of the entire universe.

The main emphasis in leveling up comes down to quests and raids, but it is better to pay attention to all the local NPCs, since they can give out tasks that are not indicated on the map in any way, but will bring a large supply of gold and experience.

It is not yet clear whether Chinese players will be ready to spend time on Tarisland, but the presence of cross-platform will make the project due to the ability to switch between a smartphone and a PC.

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