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iPhone Mastery: Essential Tips for Proficient Use

Tips to Use Your iPhone Proficiently

iPhones are known for their unique apps and versatility. All iPhone models, available today, have been loaded with a ton of exciting features that users must take advantage of.

Despite the phone’s user-friendly interface, many users are not aware of its advanced features and capabilities.

If you’re a new iPhone user and don’t know how to get the most out of it, here is your guide. The following are the most useful tips that assist you with the most proficient use of your iPhone.

Edit an iMessage

People using iPhone 2017 or later models with iOS 16 or new versions can edit a sent iMessage. Open iMessage and keep pressing the required message.

image of imessage app

Click Edit in a Quick Actions menu appearing on the screen. Select Edit and tap the blue check mark after making edits. The message can be edited within 15 minutes after sending it.

Create Regular Backups

There are many situations when you need to back up your iPhone. For example, switching to a new iPhone model, transferring content to a new device, or bringing your device to factory settings.

Visit online guides on how to take backup of contacts in iphone for detailed information and follow instructions carefully.

Unsend an iMessage

You can unsend an iMessage up to 2 minutes after sending it if the receiver has iOS 16 or later versions. Open iMessage and long-press the required message until a Quick Actions menu appears.

Click Undo Send. The receiver will get a message that you unsend a text message and this can be a useful feature, particularly if you have kids at home.

Enable Battery Percentage Indicator

Turn on the battery percentage indicator to check your iPhone’s battery percentage. Open Settings and click Battery. Now, turn on the Battery Percentage toggle.

Check the battery percentage inside the battery icon, which appears on the right-hand side. Charge your phone on regular intervals and keep the battery percentage below 80%.

Undo a Mistake with Three Fingers

If you make any error while composing an email or typing a document, you can undo them effortlessly. Swipe your three fingers to the left.

Now, you’ll see a tiny Undo option at the top of the screen. Tap three fingers once on the screen and menu, and Undo appears on the top. The feature helps when you are composing a formal message.

Switch off Touch ID or Face ID

Turning off biometric IDs is easier on iPhones. Keep pressing the side button and either volume button for around 2 seconds. Your iPhone will vibrate slightly and show 3 slides.

Once you get the sliders, tap the side button to lock the device. Enter your passcode and then Face ID or Touch ID will be switched off.

Delete Old Screenshots

When you click on the Albums button in the Photos app and reach the Hidden section, you will find various sorts of media. These are automatically separated out by the app.

Delete Old Screenshots in iphone

Removing screen recordings and old screenshots by clicking on those areas can free up some storage and clear random junk.

Quickly Charge Your iPhone’s Battery

Never use an old charger to recharge your iPhone’s battery. You can charge the iPhone 8 or the latest models by 50% in half an hour using a 20W adapter with USB-C to lightning cable charger.

Moreover, you can turn on low power mode and reduce your screen brightness for better battery conservation.

Check iPhone’s Battery Health

The iPhone has an in-built tool that helps prevent your phone’s battery from reducing its efficiency. This tool makes your device charge comparatively slower depending on your routines.

Turn off this feature by opening Settings and clicking Battery > Battery Health & Charging. Now, turn off Optimized Battery Charging.

Delete Duplicate Photos

Tap Albums in the Photos app and scroll down to reach the Utilities section. In this section, click Duplicates to find duplicate matches. Click Merge to remove duplicate photos.

photo gallery in iphone

To delete multiple photos at once, pick the Selection option in the top right corner. You can also choose the Select All option to merge all duplicate pictures.

Quickly Share Screenshots

Do you need to share any webpage or some portion of a document with many people? Take the screenshot and click, hold, and release the preview which appears at the lower left of the screen.

In the Share menu, tap Share to share the screenshots without opening the full annotation screen.

Deleted Unwanted Apps

To delete unnecessary apps from the App Library, click the search section. Click and hold the app icon and click Delete App. Click Delete again.

To remove the app only from the home screen and keep it in the App Library, long-press the app. Hit Remove App and then click on the Remove from Home Screen option.

– My Final Verdict:

The iPhone looks like a completely different mobile phone for new users switching from Android to iPhone. The abovementioned tips will help you use your iPhone proficiently and easily.

However, there are many more features to be explored. Try using them to use your iPhone like a pro.

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