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What Is A Good Amount Of Storage For A Gaming PC?

What is a good amount of storage for a gaming PC Cover

Storage is perhaps one of the most important prerequisites for any application or program because if you can’t store it, then you can’t run it.

In the context of electronics, storage is the retention of accessible digital data on a device and can be simply thought of as a place allocated for a program where it is kept.

Storages can be of many types, but all of them can be classified under the heading of either “Internal storage,” like an HDD or SSD, or “External storage,” for example, A USB flash drive or a computer disc.

Storage plays a critical role in your system because it houses your applications and allows the processor to access them indefinitely.

Computers need to access storage multiple times, and the faster they get what they want, the faster they operate.

The speed of storage systems determines the speed of your PC, and lack of accommodation for programs can most likely bring out bugs, glitches, and meltdowns in your computer.

What Is The Average Size Of Video Games In 2023?

Video games have only ever increased in size ever since the first of them were programmed in the 90s.

Game size can never truly become a factor to tell you how good a game is, but it can reveal other interesting information amid comparison.

A game with a larger size will have a bigger, better-quality video and audio file, more features, and probably higher requirements. A 2 GB game can never be as good as a 30 GB game in terms of graphics and audio.

image of a person putting 990 pro in pc

The size of games will always continue to rise, though, because developers everywhere are intent on making their new projects more immersive and breathtaking than the last and will continue to do so with the next ones.

Since 2023 has only just begun, to determine the average size of contemporary video games for PC, we shall consider the top 10 most popular games of last year, i.e., 2022.

GameSize (GBs)
Halo Infinite50
Elden Ring60
Ghostwire: Tokyo20
Overwatch 223
Metal: Hellsinger15
God of War70

Calculated average using mean formula = 29.4 ~ 30 GB.

Would 500 GB Be Sufficient For Video Games?

For Fortnite? Or overwatch? Maybe Call of Duty? All three of them? The answer is Yes. 500 gigs is more than enough storage for many people, and it can fit around maybe a dozen or more decent-sized games (granted, there isn’t much else on the computer), but any more than that, and things will get cramped.

You should always have at least some free space on your PC so that things continue to run smoothly because an overflowing storage system doesn’t run as fast and is more glitchy.

Would 1 TB Be Enough Storage For Video Games?

Yes, hell yes. 1 terabyte is an enormous amount of space, perhaps even greater than you thought. To put it into perspective, consider this, a 1 terabyte disc can fit a gigantic game like Red dead redemption 2 over six games, and RDR2 is 150 gigs.

Gamers make do with 256 GB SSDs, which, although it might not be as comfortable but works. With 1 TB, you are not likely to run out of storage, even if you are a hoarder.

Is A 2 TB Capacity Too Much For Gaming?

To answer such a question from the perspective of a common gamer, I would say that it is an obscenely excessive amount of space. You’ll only be able to completely fill the 2 TBs you have if you download every single game you see.

And let’s be brutally honest, a 2 TB SSD is not cheap, average game size in 2022 was 30 gigs, and even if you are a hoarder, 1 TB is more than enough for you.

The money you spent on all that useless space could have augmented your budget for other things like a GPU or processor.

Should I Use An HDD Or SSD For My Gaming Pc?

SSDs are the future of storage devices, while HDDs are the traditional storage devices of the past. HDDs read and write data, while SSDs store data on instantly accessible memory chips.

SSD will always be the better option for your PC. They are faster, smaller, more efficient, and more durable than conventional hard drives.

When it comes to gaming, operating, and processing, the speed of the function is significantly important, and even a small improvement in that speed can produce noticeable positive changes in your gameplay.

They might cost more than a drive, but their purchase is every bit worth it.

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– My Final Verdict:

A good amount of storage is necessary to have on your computer so you can accommodate the necessary data and files.

There are two types of storage devices, i.e., conventional hard drives and modern SSDs. SSDs are a better option for gaming as they are better, faster, and superior.

And as for the amount of necessary space available, it can differ from person to person, but 1 terabyte should be more than enough to let you comfortably indulge in all of your vices.

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