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The Best PDF Editor for Mac in 2023 (macOS Sonoma Compatible)

Introducing the Best PDF Editor for Mac in 2023

As Apple’s gadgets, especially MacBooks, are increasing in popularity, it is becoming extremely necessary to find good PDF editors for them.

MacBooks are becoming the new trend. Apple users are generally inclined towards simple and attractive applications offering good functionality. UPDF is one such application that has won millions of hearts with its ground-breaking performance.

This article will unveil the magic of the UPDF and its amazing features. So, hold on tight because you have signed up for something amazing! It’s time to dig into the details of the best PDF Editor for Mac.

Introducing the Best PDF Editor for Mac in 2023

Apple users are scattered all around the globe. With their increasing ratio, it’s high time to create more applications with greater cross-platform support.

As for now, UPDF is leading its way to become the best PDF editor for Mac because of its exceptional performance. Incredible user design, fantastic slate of editing tools, and versatile sharing options make it the top PDF application.

However, what lets UPDF stand out from the crowd is the stellar features that allow seamless editing, organizing, and AI. With a few clicks, you can create professional-looking files. Here is an insight into some of its amazing features:

#1. Edit Text, Images, and Links in PDF on Mac

Edit Text

UPDF makes it super fun and easy to edit PDFs on Mac. It converts a PDF to a simple Word-style format to easily manipulate the text. You can play with text color, shape, size, formatting, or basically anything you like.

Manipulate Image Design

As for the images, they can be formatted too. Add new images or fix the old ones with image editing tools. You get an entire suite of features to edit PDFs as you like.

The cherry on top is that you can hyperlink text to add references and quotes of respective things. Linking the text in PDF helps readers easily associate things and improve understanding. Additionally, you can style to inflate the appearance and make the links noticeable.

Changing Title of a PDF File in UPDF

#2. Edit Watermark, Background, Header, and Footer in PDF on Mac


PDFs are usually bland with white backgrounds. However, UPDF instigates your creativity and lets you play with background colors for files. Modify the background themes while controlling their opacity and color ratios.

Header and Footer

The header and Footer are crucial step to give your files a professional touch. Like a Word document, UPDF allows users to add Header and Footer text to the files.

Whether you want to make the file navigation easier or add a header to publish research, UPDF has got it for you!

Add and Remove Watermark

Watermarks improve the credibility and ownership of a document. UPDF helps users seamlessly add three types of watermarks to their documents: texts, images, and PDF files.

Use the slick editing tools to alter their opacity, size, style, and other visual properties. Besides, UPDF has also mastered the trick of removing a watermark from a document without deranging its formatting.

Add Watermark to the File in Mac

#3. Edit PDF Pages in PDF on Mac

Add, Remove, and Arrange Pages

If you love organizing files, UPDF’s PDF organization features will wow you! Add, delete, or rearrange page order in already created PDFs. Select the thumbnail and drag the page to arrange them in a new order.

Besides this, UPDF for Mac also assists in rotating, cropping, or extracting pages. One-click and rotate the page on your command. If too much information is cluttered on a single page, seamlessly split it into two. UPDF lets you crop a page too! Just select the dimensions, control the margins, and resize it.

File Merging

But what seems to be the highlight here is the merging tool. Combining two different PDF files is a complete breeze with UPDF. Users can also extract one or multiple pages. Isn’t that awesome?

Image Extractor feature of UPDF

#4. Edit PDF Forms on Mac

Did you know UPDF can effortlessly create, fill, and sign the forms?

Create Fillable and Non-fillable Forms

Whether it’s a feedback form or a survey, create forms with UPDF on the go! Customize your forms and make them interactive for customer’s attention. With a plethora of tools at your disposal, create the most fun fillable and non-fillable forms.

Secure files with Digital Signatures

You can also easily fill out pre-existing forms and even digitally sign them. Secure your personal information with a digital signature at the end.

Use the screen or mouse to scribble your sign on the document lucidly. (Note: This feature is available on the Windows version of UPDF currently, and the Mac version will release this feature soon.)

Share Forms

With forms so digitized, save yourself a lot of carbon footprint. UPDF can send forms via QR codes, emails, and links directly.

UPDF also creates Fillable PDF Form

#5. UPDF AI on PDF Documents

Dealing with large amounts of PDF files feels cumbersome. No worries because AI-powered UPDF makes it child’s play.

Summarize PDF Files

It would be great if someone could read out the PDF content to you or summarize everything. The UPDF AI genie will do this all for you in a fraction of the time! It can summarize lengthy documents in the blink of an eye with keen precision for key points.

Understand the Content

The AI explain feature briefly decodes any important graphs and charts with accuracy. Additionally, it offers easy alternatives for difficult words.

Translate and Rewrite Files

The revolutionary translation option allows handling multi-lingual scripts a walk in the park. UPDF AI is handy to rewrite an entire PDF within minutes. AI offers professionally written files in under 5 minutes while strictly following all rules. Incredible!

UPDF AI Feature

Why UPDF is the Best PDF Editor on Mac?

That was an extensive walkthrough of UPDF’s amazing features. But what about when we compare it to Mac’s two most popular PDF editors: Preview and PDF Expert?

Read on to see why UPDF still outshines them as the best PDF editor for Mac.

UI Design

User Interface is a key feature for any application for targeting a larger audience. UPDF is modern and offers an updated UI design. It is rated a whopping five stars for its user-friendly interface. In contrast, PDF Expert has a cluttered and slightly outdated design.

Cross-Platform Support

UPDF seamlessly works on all devices, be it Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. However, PDF Expert and PDF Review are limited to Apple devices only. Getting a lifetime subscription means you can work with them till you endorse an Apple device.

Document Sharing

PDF Expert has minimal offerings with its free version. The Expert and Preview both have limited file-sharing options. At the same time, UPDF allows collaboration via emails, links, or even QR codes.

Performance Score

UPDF has an incredible speed with a performance score of 4.5. There have been rare incidences of lagging or glitches.

Isn’t it already evident why UPDF is considered the best PDF editor for Mac? It’s a one-stop solution for all PDF problems. It has stepped up the games of PDF editing with its stellar features and incredible design. We believe that it is a tool from the future!

– My Final Verdict:

Finding a powerful PDF Editor for Mac is challenging. However, don’t need to look too far because UPDF is bridging the gap with its incredible features.

Practical features and integration for cross-platforms make it a bang for the buck! Seamlessly edit documents on any device. It is a step up in the competition with AI integration that offers dedicated support for PDF editing.

Download it now for a free test drive. For upgrade features, enjoy an exclusive 61% discount on UPDF Pro. And with your subscription, get a chance to win big surprises at the Jackpot! Your ticket to the lucky draw awaits – Hurry up!

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