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Which Is Better Gaming PC Or PS5? (In-Depth Guide)

Which Is Better Gaming PC Or PS5 All Your Answers At One Place

PCs and consoles have been battling it out for as long as we can remember, and although one might get tired of all this, it is safe to say that there is nothing wrong with a healthy competition.

It can actually be argued that without one, the other cannot exist in the market. Therefore, the competition is a must. It is a lot like how Samsung and Apple have been at it for years.

But this article is not about Samsung and Apple. We are going to answer the age-old question about which is better gaming PC or PS5?

Now, if you are wondering why this question is being labeled as “age-old,” and that is because previously, it was the PS4 being compared to the PC.

We are going to look into every aspect of this comparison and find what’s right.

PS5 vs PC In 2023: Game library

The first thing that we are going to focus on is the game library. After all, what even is the use of having a gaming system when you cannot even play the games that you want because they simply are not available.

It is safe to say that you would be able to tell the victor without really struggling much, but hey, let’s make your experience much simpler.

PS5 vs PC In 2023

Let’s start with the PS5 the console is relatively new in the market and, therefore, does not have as many games available as you might hope. Sure, the exclusives are there, but the PS5 has roughly 500+ games on the platform.

A number that will drastically increase going forward, considering how at the time of writing, PS5 is a little over two years old. So, in the coming future, you can expect the number to go up drastically.

On the other hand, we have the PC. The numbers are astonishing at best because, there are approximately 67,821 games on Steam, with 10,696 games released in 2021.

Not just that, you have to count the games on other platforms such as GOG, Origins, Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Store. In addition to that, emulated games also count, so there is that.

PS5 vs PC In 2023: Backward compatibility

Okay, we know that PC has a lot of games, but how is the backwards compatibility going to work with both systems?

While it might seem like something little and insignificant, it is worth noting that for a lot of people, backwards compatibility matters a lot because the experience of playing older games is something people are not willing to let go of.

Thankfully, PS5 does have backwards compatibility, and you can play a large number of PS4 games on your console without any issues. However, that is as far as the compatibility is concerned.

ps5 vs pc backwards compatibility

However, the PS4 library on its own is massive, and you will be able to enjoy most of the games with ease. Yes, I am talking about the games that are on both platforms.

On the other hand, the concept of backwards compatibility is a bit vague on PC because you are not really seeing generational software upgrades.

The games that used to run back in 2001 on a PC will still run in 2023. Provided you have the game in your library.

PC is clearly the king in terms of backwards compatibility, and you can have a lot of fun with it, as well, especially if you like to play retro games.

PS5 vs PC In 2023: Online services

Online gaming is something that has been very popular for some time now, and with each new release, everyone is looking for solid online services.

After all, what is the point of playing online when you are stuck in the process of finding players, to begin with?

On PS5 and PS4, for that matter. You are going to need to have a PS Plus subscription in order to play online.

Sure, there are some games that are exempt from this, but for the large part, you are going to have to pay for online services on top of the games that you are buying.

The subscriptions are normally monthly and yearly and aren’t as expensive, and even come with other benefits such as free games and more.

On the other hand, if you have a PC, online services are free. So, if you are going to spend $60 on the game, and you don’t have to pay for online gaming. Sure, loot boxes still exist, but you don’t have to go ahead and pay for online services.

PS5 vs PC In 2023: Performance & Comfortability

We are halfway through, but we still have some important discussions to go through. Performance and comfortability are one of them.

The PS5 was the first console from Sony to get options such as a variable refresh rate, something PC gamers have been enjoying for a long, long time, and while it is still not all there, it is great to say.

The PS5 does allow you to play games on 100+ frame rates, but for that, the game needs to support that, and if it doesn’t, there is nothing you can do to get higher performance.

On the PC, as far as the performance is concerned, there is no upper limit as to how far you can go. That is what makes PCs so much better in terms of performance.

As far as the comfort is concerned, both PS5 and PC are great. If you want to go ahead and do some couch gaming, it is all possible with a controller, and you are all good to go.

PS5 vs PC In 2023: Upgrade options

For any gamer, the whole idea of having a solid upgrade option is something that you will always appreciate.

So, it is safe to say that most people do want this feature in their systems, but how does it work on PS5, and how does it compare to PC?

Well, if you want to upgrade your PS5, there is not much you can do, to be honest. You can go ahead and upgrade the SSD on your PS5 and replace it with another PS5-compatible SSD, but that is about it.

Outside that, you can use official 3rd party controllers if you are looking for a slightly better experience, but aside from that, there is not much you can do in order to upgrade and improve your experience.

pc vs ps5

PCs, on the other hand, have limitless upgradeability available to you. No matter what component you are thinking about upgrading, you can upgrade.

This also makes it difficult because you have so much to choose from, and without proper planning, things can easily go out of hand, and we are not really a fan of that.

But if you have been doing it with proper planning, then you should not really have any issues that you might face.

Simply put, PCs are definitely the winners when it comes to upgrading, and that is definitely something that you should be looking into.

PS5 vs PC In 2023: Price and Value

We are finally at the end of this comparison, and we are going to discuss the pricing and value of both gaming systems.

PS5 and PC for a lot of people, the pricing and value alone determine what you should be looking getting, in the first place, and that is why the emphasis on this all there because without any understanding of the pricing and value, you are left wondering what needs to be done.

The PS5 has a $100 price difference between the disc version and the digital version. Anything that you spend on top of that is going to be on games, and a controller or two, along with a PS Plus subscription.

However, that is not the case with PCs, as when it comes to PC, gaming can be expensive. Aside from paying for games, you are going to pay for an entire system, including several parts.

And since you have limitless customization, people often end up going ahead of the line and spending way too much on making their PCs the fastest, flashiest, and fanciest.

In terms of the price and value, the PS5 wins and wins without fault. There is no denying that when you are looking at the value proposition, the PC simply cannot compete in that category.

– My Final Verdict:

There you have it, gamers. If you have been spending most of your time wondering which gaming system you should be picking up, the answer is right here for you.

You are going to get benefits on both, but if you genuinely want good performance, and money is not the concern, then going for a PC is the right thing to do.

However, if value and budget is what you are looking for, then nothing can beat PS5 because you are getting a lot of gaming power for the price you are paying, which is what makes this console an excellent choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What gaming PC is equivalent to PS5?

If you want a gaming PC equivalent to PS5, you are going to need something that can run the games the same way while staying within the same budget.

Something that can be very, very difficult, and even if you manage to pull that off, you will have to sacrifice on quality settings in games.

Question 2: Is PS5 faster than a PC?

Nope, the PS5 is not faster than the PC. However, the games that are built for consoles are often better optimized than they are on PC.

But still, you see a lot of examples of games that run poorly on consoles. Take Cyberpunk 2077 as an example.

Question 3: Do PC gamers have an advantage?

When comparing consoles and PCs, yes, PC gamers do have an advantage because even when the exclusives arrive on PC later than they do on PS5, the quality, and experience is usually a lot better and allows for much better gaming in general.

Question 4: Is RTX 3080 better than PS5?

Yes, the RTX 3080 is much, much better than PS5 and allows for gamers to truly experience an excellent performance in raytraced applications, along with upscaling technologies such as DLSS, which just make the whole experience even better to enjoy.

Question 5: Can I run PS5 games on a PC?

Sadly, at the time of writing, there is no unofficial way of running PS5 games on a PC. However, if a PS5 exclusive is announced for PC, as well. Then you can go ahead and run it without any issues coming in your way.

Question 6: Is RTX 2070 better than PS5?

Sadly, that is not the case. Even the engineering sample of PS5 manages to outperform the RTX 2070 as well as the RTX 2070 Super.

So, if you are looking into this alone, you should be looking to get a console or go for an upgraded GPU. You will need at least an RTX 2080 to get better performance going forward.

Question 7: Is a 500-dollar pc better than a ps5?

Theoretically, it should be. But when you buy a $500 gaming Pc, you are not going to get the same level of performance on it as you would get on a PS5, and your gaming experience would be subpar, at best. Therefore, it is best if you are avoiding it at all costs.

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