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13 Facts Why You Should Build Your Own PC

Why You Should Build Your Own PC Cover

The joy of successfully building your own PC is something that cannot be described properly—the process is rewarding.

From the moment you start selecting parts to finally ordering them and waiting impatiently for the parts to arrive, to unboxing and assembling the PC and getting the first successful boot. All of it is very rewarding.

Simply put, if you have been wondering why you should build your own PC, there are a lot of reasons behind that, and we are going to start looking into them today because this will help a lot of people have a better understanding of it. In this post, we are going to look into all the reasons for you to start building your own PCs.

Why You Should Build Your Own PC? (13 Top Reasons)

Honestly, there are a lot of reasons as to why you should build your own PC, and there are a number of them.

PC enthusiasts who have been doing it for years don’t need these reasons, but they might be needed to convince others who are just getting started.

#1- Choose All the Specific High-Quality Components You Want

The first reason is rather simple. When you are going ahead and building your own PC, you get to take part in choosing all the parts for yourself, and while this might seem like a small thing, this actually helps a lot because if you are looking to build a PC that is color-coordinated, then you end up with something that looks symmetrical and uniform across the board.

image of gaming pc parts all in white color

Sure, the whole process of going with your own parts is a complicated one, but the benefit here is that you will not have to stay and wonder what you are going to get in the box because the entirety of the PC will be made based on your requirements and your style.

I believe this is one of the most convincing reasons as to why people choose to go with prebuilt computers in the first place.

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#2- This Often Allowed You To Save Money

This is another thing that most people seem to misunderstand about building a PC for yourself, but it actually ends up saving you some money.

Now, the money that you save is not massive by any means, but it is more than enough to buy you a couple of games from Steam.

So, how do you save money? You see, system integrators need to be able to turn up the profit, and they can’t do that if they add all the parts from the shelf, assemble it and send it to you.

They charge you for their service, shipping, and labor. All of this is something that you can avoid if you just go ahead and assemble the PC for yourself.

#3- Quite Easy To Upgrade

Another benefit that has become obvious over the past couple of years is the fact that when you are looking at when it comes to building your own PC is that it is a lot easier to upgrade.

Now, I do understand that a prebuilt, in almost all cases, is the same, but the benefit here is that you are not limited by compatibility issues.

image of a guy plugging his gpu into pc

For instance, a prebuilt one might have a casing that is too small for your GPU or a new cooler you are trying to install.

These things happen, but when you are building your own computer, you really do not have to deal with any of this, and you end up with the perfect PC that you envisioned yourself.

#4- Grab The Knowledge Of How Gaming PC Work

For the longest time, I would pay others to build a PC for me because I did not have enough knowledge to do things on my own.

However, ever since I started building my own computers, I have realized just how rewarding the entire experience is because it lets you gain all the knowledge you can about a gaming PC without really having any problems that might come in the way.

Think of it this way, when you are building your own PC, you can learn how things work and how some things need to be done in a specific manner.

This helps in the future in case you need to go ahead and troubleshoot because you never know what issues you might run into.

#5- Better Chances For Reliability

If you are familiar with the tech industry, you will also be familiar with the fact that in the past, we have seen several prebuilt PCs that were shipped in such bad conditions that they were barely holding on together.

pc build in cougar gaming case

Everything ranges from proprietary parts, to cheap power supplies and cases with zero airflows. These are all the reliability issues that we have faced as PC gamers.

With enough knowledge, however, if you go forward and build your own gaming PC, the chances of running into such an issue drastically drop, leaving you with something that you can truly use without any issues.

#6- No Pre-installed Bloatware

Another thing that I dislike about prebuilt gaming PCs is that they often come with pre-installed bloatware.

Now, ideally, the pre-installed software should have offerings such as Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store, MSI Afterburner, and other accompanying software for the components.

However, anti-viruses and other browsers that you will have to manually reinstall are a big no, and that is why building your own PC is better since you get to stay away from this issue.

#7- Good Resale Value

This is a bit of a hit-and-miss, to be honest because this might not always be the case. However, in certain situations, custom-built PCs normally have a better resale value, especially if you have spent time building the PC with careful curation of parts that you have picked up.

This is not the case with all computers, however, but in general, custom-built PCs compare better when you are talking about the prebuilt offerings in the market.

#8- Fastest Performance For Your Money

This is another thing that I have noticed a lot of times. When you are building your own PC, you have higher control over the components you are going to choose, and if your budget allows, you can always go for the fastest available components that you can then use for performance.

image of rog theme 3090 and psu with motherboard

I do understand that the difference, in some cases, at least, is marginal at best, but you are getting a good, faster overall performance and nothing to worry about.

#9- Better Cooling

Moving further, another reason why I urge everyone to build their own gaming computers or even computers, in general, is that it will help with the cooling. How will it do that? That’s simple, to be honest.

With custom-built PCs, you are going to get better cooling overall as compared to the normal offerings since you can change the cooler, ensure there is more airflow, and make adjustments on the fly without having to plan more and wait for more.

#10- Design And Features You Want

When you are getting a prebuilt PC, in most cases, you are going to be stuck with the design and features that you are going to get, and while there is nothing inherently wrong with that, some people want to take it a step further and ensure that you are getting the best PC you can without any compromises and the best thing is that you can still do everything well within your budget, allowing you to truly have something customized.

#11- Easier To Fix

Considering how you will be learning a lot about building a PC when you start building one on your own, it is safe to say that you will have a great level of understanding of how things work, and that becomes your edge going forward.

With this understanding, you will be able to build your own PC with ease, and in case something does go south, you can always, easily, fix whatever needs fixing.

However, it is worth noting that getting there takes time, so you will have to give up a good chunk before finally getting to a point where you know everything.

#12- No More Waiting For Tech Support

Tech support is one thing that most people dislike dealing with, but the thing that you have to understand is that if you are looking to get things sorted, having tech support is always a good idea.

a guy installing 990 pro ssd in his pc

If you end up buying a prebuilt and you are new to this, assuming you do not have a lot of knowledge about PCs, in the first place, you might have to deal with tech support a lot, and that never goes your way, especially when you are trying hard to explain the issue you are facing.

#13- Complete Control For Customization

This is something that I talked about even at the start of the article. When you are going with building your own PC, you will have complete control of customization. Every small detail can be customized by you, and that gives us the real experience of building a PC.

Sure, some people don’t have the time on their hands to go ahead and customize their PC, and for such people, a prebuilt is a great idea, but for those who truly want to feel what they are building, it is always good for customizations because it works really well.

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– My Final Verdict:

There you have it, folks. I do understand that there are benefits of prebuilt computers as well, and we have discussed them in the past, but this entire article is strictly about why you should build your own PC.

The experience alone is worth it, and while you should expect some hiccups in the middle, you will be glad to know that you get to learn a lot.

So, if you are looking for a good experience and an even better PC out of this, you should get your tools and start building the PC you have been planning for so long.

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